Onepage by MyThemeShop

With website design and development, one of the first few thoughts that come into the minds of the business owners is – “How long will it take for the website to be up and running?”

You might also be having this thought in your mind, with expectations different from your peers.

Indeed, you want your website to be developed and made live as early as possible.  Still, the question remains the same – “How many days are needed for it, minimally?”

What if we say it is possible to do this in just one day or a few days at max? Will you believe this?

Well, with the Onepage WordPress theme, this is possible. It is a must-have single page WordPress theme that can be developed in the least possible time.

Prime Features:

  • It’s a fast loading theme also optimized for SEO
  • Responsive design and handcrafted code
  • Completely customizable with unlimited color schemes
  • Has a Parallax effect to let your users users scroll through multiple backgrounds
  • Gives you lightweight CSS3 Animations to boost your site’s appeal
  • Has a Floating Menu for better navigation

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