For Sale 3M K100 Mini Driver w/ Hose and Case

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The seller assumes all responsibility for this number.
Listing : # 4266319

  • circumstance: Used – Good
  • sword : 3M
  • MPN: K100


This item is considered “ Specialty Equipment ” and is unseasoned ”.

Terms and Conditions: This whole is considered “ Specialty Equipment ” and unseasoned. As a “ courtesy only ”, sometimes we can power on a unit, and although it may show functionality, it alone extra information presented to help the customer to make their decision on the purchase. By no means, are we saying this device will be functional or functional in your application and ascribable to a light or other function indicating its possible functionality? It is just a courtesy and by no means indicates it has been tested. We can not test “ Specialty Equipment ”.

Paying for this unit of measurement indicates you are agreeing to the term and conditions of this unit.

If the detail arrives damaged different from the photos, we require pictures of the away of the package prior to opening the software and once opened, extra pictures if the detail is damaged. besides, should the item be damaged and need to be returned, the buyer must repackage the unit suitable for shipping and packed well before returning for cargo. If needed, the buyer could take the box to a local anesthetic UPS packaging memory and have them pack the item properly for travel. Upon receipt of the item and by rights packed, we will issue a refund when requested. If the item is new in the box and you open the box alone to find out it doesn’t work in your application through no fault of the items sent, we reserve the right to charge an open corner render fee.

DISCLAIMER: Regardless of the origin of the equipment, the documentation provided, or identification appearing upon the equipment, the equipment described and offered hera is in no direction certified for, recommended for, or offered for any specific practice. The buyer agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages, whether attendant or consequential, associated in any room with the equipment. The buyer, by bidding on this equipment, indicates their recognition of, and agreement to the terms of this disclaimer.

Payments :
We use PayPal for almost all transactions. sometimes high-value items may be larger than PayPal can accommodate. early options may be available through eBay. Buyer agrees to all the Terms and Conditions when making payment. The embark method acting is standard UPS Ground unless modified by the buyer and extra fees may apply.

Shipping information.
Buyer agrees to all the Terms and Conditions when making payment. The shipping method acting will be standard UPS Ground unless modified by the buyer and extra fees may apply or depending on weight, may have to be shipped using cargo which must be set up by the buyer.

1. The sale of this token may be subject to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and submitted and local regulative agencies. If so do not bid on this token unless you are an authoritative buyer. If the item is submitted to FDA regulation We will verify your status as an authorized buyer of this item before shipping the item.
2. This item is Being Sold in AS IS condition & the seller assumes no duty for the proper or improper use of the product. If the detail is to be used in concurrence with the patient’s wish and/or diagnosis, it is the duty of the buyer to get proper certifications/licenses for the use of the item. It would be highly recommended and wise to have a bio-med wholly check the merchandise for its performance and safety parameters before actual practice for patient management and/or diagnosis.
3. medical skill is an always-changing battlefield and Information provided, may be, outdated, partial, or incomplete and may be inaccurate or useless or control mistakes. Seller disclaims any duty, duty, or indebtedness, which concerns or relates to any information, intersection, or services and is not liable for any target or indirect call, loss, or damage resulting from the habit of this product, web page, and/or any website ( s ) linked to/from it. It is stated that nothing on this page should be taken to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation and the seller exclude all representations and warranties relating to the contents.

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