hypertext transfer protocol : //live.staticflickr.com/65535/51763340728_1f4885ab8a_b.jpg hypertext transfer protocol : //live.staticflickr.com/65535/51763963680_c33b3f418d_b.jpg hypertext transfer protocol : //live.staticflickr.com/65535/51763960335_2abc5da2fa_b.jpg hypertext transfer protocol : //live.staticflickr.com/65535/51763094726_610396550f_o.jpg hypertext transfer protocol : //live.staticflickr.com/65535/51763960275_7b70c11221_b.jpg hypertext transfer protocol : //live.staticflickr.com/65535/51763960215_94e4f05b21_b.jpg hypertext transfer protocol : //live.staticflickr.com/65535/51763340533_952d2f0a77_b.jpg Product name : Japanese-made authoritative fret pot-coffee ( 3000ML ) post : 4TH MARKET
Material act : 2-15023 material : clay Commodity capacity : 3000ML product burden : about 6.1kg product size : approximately diameter 27CMX stature 12cm ( without handle ) beginning : Japan Precautions
1. The right to enjoy the appreciation period when the merchandise arrives. The taste period is not a trial period. They hark back merchandise must be in a trade name new state of matter and the carton and product accessories promotion must be complete. Once the product has been used or assembled, it can not be returned or exchanged.
2. due to the different resolutions of the panel screen, the color of the pictures of web products will be slenderly unlike. Please refer to the actual product discolor.
3. The product is manually measured, and the error is slenderly within 1~3 centimeter, please use the actual product as the independent product.
4. If the product is damaged or cracked when it is received, please do not use it, and please report the status of the intersection to the purchase platform within 24 hours.
5. The product visualization is a conventional diagram of the site, and the content of this product does not include ornaments.
6. After cleaning and wiping, please invest it in a ventilate home to dry naturally.
7. Please place it in a vent and dry place, away from excessively humid places.
8. During the clean procedure, please use a neutral detergent, sponge, or fabric to wipe, do not use rough products to clean, which may cause surface scratches.
9. desirable for direct fire/microwave/; not suitable for IH stove/oven
10. Don’t burn it empty
11. Do not use it for frying food, the frying oil may seep into the potentiometer and cause a bad smell to avoid excessive temperature difference
12. The pot should be heated on a minor fuel. If it is suddenly heated on a big fire while it is cooling, the space where the bottom touches the fire reference is likely to crack due to the large temperature difference. The whole pot should be warmed slowly over a medium-to-small displace, and then turn to high hotness after adding the ingredients, because the potentiometer has good inflame storage and undifferentiated heat, and the ingredients can be turned back to the medium-to-small displace after heating. Just let the remaining temperature cook.
13. The buttocks of the pot will be in direct liaison with the fire, and it will turn total darkness for a retentive time, which is normal
14. If the batch is put in the refrigerator along with the food that can not be eaten, and when it is to be reheated the following day, the cold toilet can not be directly placed on the gas stave to start the arouse. It should be placed at board temperature and warmed up slightly before the heat. however, because the pot absorbs the taste, it is recommended not to store food or soup in it for a long time.
15. After cooking, do not put the earthen pot with the remainder heating system directly into the dip for flush, first gear let it stand on the countertop, and let it cool down ahead of washing.
16. If you are disquieted that the petroleum will not be comfortable to scrub, you can first soak it with an appropriate amount of warm water; be careful not to soak it with dishwashing fluid to prevent detergent remainder.
17. The earthen pot has the characteristics of uniform heat and durable insulating material, so you must use heat-insulating gloves when moving, otherwise, it is easy to cause burns.
18. The hot earthen batch should not be placed directly on the board top or wet rag. Be sure to add a layer of heat insulation launching pad to prevent cracking.

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