“Try app WordPress themes & create an amazing WordPress site for your digital products!“

If you are planning to showcase your hi-tech digital products & further list them for sale then you must create a WordPress site.

It is the best option because it is a way too popular platform for all kind of purposes. And to make it easy for you, here we’re with some of the best app WordPress themes that can help you more than 100% than the expectancy.

They all are easily customizable with lots of features. Apart from it, most of them are integrated with WooCommerece plugin which is used for selling products online. So you don’t have to worry about externally posting your digital products & apps on sale.

Also, you can display the apps, software & digital products of your store or company just for featuring them. This is what makes these themes all in one!

All we want from you is to try them with a free mind because decisions taken in hurry are never promising for good results! So just surf down through this article & finalize the best WordPress app theme for your website.

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1. Covera : Primest in App WordPress Themes

Covera is a WordPress theme for apps through which you can showcase as well as promote your digital products & services. Apart from it, this theme is SEO optimized for better ranking on Google search results.

Apart from it, this WordPress theme includes a map button where you can add your company’s contact info. That’s how people can easily reach that location without any problem.

Covera App WordPress Theme

Pricing of Covera: App WordPress Theme

  • Its standard plan charges $59 which is a one-time charge for lifetime access & support.

  • For 3000+ WordPress themes & 10+ plugins, $49 per month is the charge.

  • If you want to access the same number of WordPress themes & plugins at a low price then you can purchase its subscription of $240/year. By doing this, you’ll eventually save $29/m.

Features of Covera: App WordPress Theme

  • You can add social icons in more than one place on the homepage. So, the visitors & customers don’t have to search the whole website for them.

  • On its widgetized sidebar, you can add multiple elements such as recent post, gallery images, Facebook like button, top rated products etc.

  • It has two types of homepage layout: with & without sidebar such that one can easily create a versatile website.

  • You can turn off WooCommerce functionality anytime you want to. That’s how you can control whether you want to sell products or not.

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2. Figero Pro : WordPress Theme for Apps

Figero Pro is a WordPress theme for apps through which, anyone can build a corporate business website in a couple of minutes. Some organizations which can use it freely are:

  • Photography

  • E-Commerce

  • Real Estate

  • Religious & many more

You can customize its sliders, backgrounds, feature images etc without any restrictions.

Figero Pro App WordPress Theme

Pricing of Figero Pro: WordPress Theme for Apps

  • This WordPress theme charges $59 for lifetime access & updates.

  • It also has another plan of $49 on a monthly basis in which you’ll get the access to 3500+ WordPress themes & 15+ plugins.

  • To save more money for exact numbers of themes & plugins, you can purchase its yearly subscription of $240. Through it, you’ll be able to save $29 on monthly basis.

Features of Figero Pro: WordPress Theme for Apps

  • Through its customizable blog page, you can post articles related to your niche with multiple tweaks.

  • Its compact slider image section makes it more elegant & promising for displaying small sized product photos.

  • For business needs, you can change the text to image slider on the homepage or vice versa.

  • Also, you can feature your digital items for sale on the blog page where you’ve already posted some articles related to your business.

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3. Foogo Pro : WordPress App Theme

For creating a simplest yet attractive website, Foogo Pro is the best WordPress app theme for this work. This theme can be used for both: blogging as well as business purposes. That’s why this theme makes its competition healthy with other WordPress themes.

Unlike other WordPress themes listed in this article, it has the sidebar on the left side of the blog page.

Foogo Pro App WordPress Theme

Pricing of Foogo Pro: WordPress App Theme

  • $59 is the one-time charge for a single theme with lifetime access.

  • To use it’s more themes (2000+) & plugins (19), you’ve to pay only $49/m.

  • For its exact number of themes & plugins with much cheaper cost, $240/m is the charge (i.e. $20/m).

Features of Foogo Pro: WordPress App Theme

  • With the help of this app WordPress theme, you can create two types of websites: background of either image or video on the homepage.

  • Through its 8 unique color skins, you can groom your site like no other has ever done.

  • Also, you can add any videos on the homepage to showcase any of your digital product in visuals.

  • If you have some big customers then you can feature them in the slider section just above the footer area. So your future customers will get to know more about your site.

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4. ReTouch : An App WordPress Theme

ReTouch is an app WordPress theme with lots of customization & tweaks. With the help of it, anyone can create a beautiful landing page for their business website in a couple of minutes.

Apart from business purpose, developers can also use this theme for their normal work purposes.

ReTouch App WordPress Theme

Pricing of ReTouch: App WordPress Theme

  • Its regular plan charges $39 for a single end product which can be distributed freely.

  • Apart from it, it has another plan of $1950 with a single application which can be sold.

Features of ReTouch: App WordPress Theme

  • It comes with 6 beautiful color skins without any distortion.

  • You can add videos on its homepage on a much larger size unlike others.

  • If any of your visitor or customer wants to subscribe to your newsletter then you can mention the subscribe icon on the homepage.

  • Apart from it, if you want to show the Twitter feeds on your site then you can display it on the homepage itself. All you’ve to do is to connect your company’s Twitter account with your website.

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5. Appai : App Landing WordPress Theme

Appai is the theme which provides the features to build an app landing WordPress themes in a very less time. You can customize each and every section of your WordPress site with way too easiness.

Appai App WordPress Theme

Pricing of Appai: App Landing WordPress Theme

  • Its basic plan charges $32 with more than 1 user access & no extra charges on them.

  • This WordPress app theme has another plan of $2000 for 1 user & other users can be charged for its access.

Features of Appai: App Landing WordPress Theme

  • It has more than 5 uniquely styled pages which can further be customized according to business needs.

  • Through its drag & drop page builder, you can create each & every page of your site in a very less time.

  • Also, you can adjust the font settings through its font manager.

  • Before applying any animation change on the site, you can check its preview & verify if it is according to your imagination or not.

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So above are some of the best app WordPress themes through which you can easily create a website for featuring & selling digital products. Most of them are WooCommerce compatible.

That’s why you don’t have to worry about how to sell products.

Some of them contain only a single theme while others have more subscription plans for accessing multiple themes as well as plugins. They all are SEO optimized for better ranking in Google search results.

All you have to do is to try them with a free mind & finalize the best one.

For any queries & suggestions, just comment below & we’ll get back to you soon!

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