You’ve might be heard about RSS feed!

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” It is the easiest way to distribute the headlines, update notices, and content to a large audience.

This RSS feed can also be added to your website with the help of WordPress aggregator plugins.

Aggregator WordPress plugins collect related items of content and display them or links to them.

In this article, we are going to put some light on some of the best free and paid WordPress aggregator plugins that will import the content from all around the web and post it on your website.

Moreover, through these plugins, you can update your visitors on a daily basis via fresh content. It increases the chances of the visitors to come again and again on your webpage.

It is the best and easiest way to expand your website and boost up the search engine visibility.

Let’s begin with the list of WordPress aggregator plugins and have a look.

1. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator is a WordPress plugin which creates automatic posts on your website. This plugin is packed with features that are needed for importing RSS content feed from all over the web on to your website.

It automatically gathers the content and posts them on your website. It will boost your search engine visibility and increase the organic traffic.

WP RSS Aggregator WordPress Aggregator Plugins

Cost Figure

  • Simple Feeds Bundle:

    Its price ranges start from $20 for the single site up to $280 for twenty sites.

  • Advanced Feeds Bundle:

     Its price ranges starts from $150 for the single site up to $600 for twenty sites.


  • Feed to post feature that directly imports RSS feed on your WordPress posts.

  • Its “full-text RSS feed” gives the power to “feed to post” of fetching the entire content from the original source.

  • It comes with keyword filtering with which you can filter out the content using key phrases, tags and so on.

  • You can display the widget of the plugin anywhere on your website.

  • This plugin gives you the ability to categorize your feeds. You can assign categories and tags to your RSS feed.

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2. WP Event Aggregator

WP Event Aggregator WordPress plugin allows you to import events from any websites such as Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup, iCalendar, and ICS into your website. This plugin also supports all the popular event plugins All-in-One Event Calendar, Event Organiser, EventOn, and The Events Calendar etc.

Moreover, you can also import events from Google Calendar, Apple Calendar events, and Outlook Events.

WP Event Aggregator WordPress Aggregator Plugins

Cost Figure

  • Single Site – $69

  • Two-Five Sites – $99

  • Twenty Sites – $169


  • You can schedule feed importing from different sources.

  • It provides clean and beautiful event listing and events detail page.

  • Shortcode s also available so that you can embed it easily on your website.

  • The plugin has inbuilt event management. So that you don’t need another plugin for managing the events.

  • It also has an upcoming events widget.

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3. Curated WP RSS Aggregator

Curated WP RSS Aggregator is one of the best premium plugins for WordPress. This plugin is perfect for importing, merging, and displaying the curated feeds on the WordPress website.

Furthermore, this plugin is helpful in content marketing that allows users to build their favorite RSS feed list.

This plugin is simple to use, easy to customize and works well with almost every WordPress theme.

Curated WP RSS Aggregator WordPress Aggregator Plugins

Cost Figure

  • For a single site – $39

  • Up to 5 sites – $69


  • You can showcase RSS feed list anywhere in your posts or pages using a shortcode.

  • The user can filter the information using categories or tags with a live search.

  • Create a knowledge base of most recent content feed.

  • It gives you the facility to add a widget anywhere on your website. You can use the sidebar widget to display the multiple feeds on your website.

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4. Argus RSS Feed Aggregator Plugin for WordPress

With the help of this plugin, you can build a news aggregator website. By simply configuring the shortcodes offered by the plugin, you can import the content from any RSS feed. The setup process is easy and fast. It provides the great range of customizability.

No further charges and add-ons are included. At a one-time amount, you can figure out in one go.

Argus RSS Feed WordPress Aggregator Plugins

Cost Figure

Buy this plugin from the at just $39.


  • You can import images from the feed.

  • Display the categories from the feed items.

  • The choice to show or hide the date and source of each feed item.

  • It provides the full control over the stored posts.

  • Resize the imported images into the custom size.

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5. CM Curated RSS Aggregator

It is a free version of CM Curated RSS Aggregator WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can import and aggregate multiple RSS feeds and arrange them in categories in an easy way.

Each of the curated RSS feed can be displayed using the shortcode anywhere on your website. This plugin can be used to create news feed or a knowledge base of the most recent updates.

CM Curated RSS Aggregator WordPress Aggregator Plugins

No Cost

It is a free plugin, available on


  • With this plugin, you can show a tooltip which includes full excerpts of the content on hovering it.

  • Add a widget anywhere on the website to show your imported feed items.

  • It displays the excerpts and thumbnails together with title, date, and source of the feed item.

  • You can also filter out imported feeds using keywords. So, you can aggregate the desired items.

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6. RSS Post Importer

RSS Post Importer is the easiest to use and versatile WordPress aggregator plugin. It fetches RSS feed from different sources and publishes the full content of each feed.

If you want to provide relevant content on a daily basis then, this is a great tool for you. This plugin imports a snippet of RSS feed and it will automatically import the entire article on your website.

RSS Post Importer WordPress Aggregator Plugins

No charges

Free to download from


  • You’ll get the option to only display the title of the post.

  • Its idiot-proof templating system allows adding backlink and excerpts.

  • You can apply the no-follow tags to all the outbound links for better SEO.

  • It allows you to set the number of post and category per feed.

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Final Thoughts

Well, that’s our list of the best WordPress aggregator plugins. We’ve mentioned both free as well as paid plugins, so that you can pick one from these as per your requirement.

I suggest you to go for premium plugins, as they offer best class service at a one-time amount.

We believe that you’ve found the perfect WordPress Aggregator plugin to increase the visibility of your website.

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