SpiceJet decided to continue training its pilots at a Boeing 737 MAX simulator facility near Delhi despite knowing that equipment at the said train kernel was faulty, official sources told The Indian Express. Aviation base hit governor DGCA, which barred 90 pilots of the airline from flying the 737 MAX exemplary cashbox they undergo retraining on a compliant simulator, has served a show-cause notice to SpiceJet and canadian flight discipline service supplier CAE, which manages the simulator facility. According to a senior official at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ), during a routine inspection on March 30 it was found that the Boeing 737 MAX simulator had a malfunction ‘ stick shaker ’ on the copilot induct. A stand by shaker is a mechanical device that warns the pilots of an at hand streamlined stall by shaking the aircraft ’ s control yoke violently. The said man of equipment had been out of service since March 17 .
notably, specific pilot prepare for the Boeing 737 MAX is mandate for airlines operating the plane exemplary to make pilots understand the new flight control system in the aircraft called MCAS, or manoeuvring characteristics augmentation system. This organization was at the heart of the two crashes of this aircraft character that together killed 346 people, leading to a global ground of the plane.

Upon discovery of the faulty equipment at the CAE-managed discipline facility in Noida, the DGCA inspectors reached out to Boeing seeking the american airframe maker ’ s see on whether education could be conducted with a malfunctioning stick shaker on copilot seat. “ Boeing replied that such train should not be conducted. Reply was then sought from SpiceJet regarding this issue, to which they replied that they have taken in house measure to continue such coach. however, the OEM ( Boeing ) was not consulted by the operator ( SpiceJet ) ”, the DGCA official said. “ The simulator train was stopped by DGCA … and the credit of training for 90 pilots was nullified. Further, SpiceJet was informed not to utilise these pilots for B737 MAX flight operations, ” the official added. additionally, the DGCA besides served show-cause notices to SpiceJet and CAE for conducting the training that was in misdemeanor of the rules laid down by the regulator — specifically mentioning that a fledge pretense discipline device with missing, malfunctioning or inoperative part “ that is required to be present and correctly operate for the satisfactory completion of that steer, routine, or task ” should not be used or be allowed for consumption.

In reply to a question from The Indian Express seeking gossip on why the airline decided to continue training at a defective simulator adeptness, a SpiceJet spokesperson said : “ We have received a communication from the regulator on the matter and the airline shall submit its answer within the specify time period. We would like to reiterate that safety and security of our operations and passengers are of extreme importance which is manifested in our great track record. none of our operations are compromised and are in agate line with international condom standards ” .
CAE responded via chain mail saying : “ As the simulator is owned by Boeing, please address to Boeing. We are working close with all parties involved including Boeing and the DGCA to ensure the maintenance and mathematical process of this specific device complies with all regulative requirements. We are committed to ensuring our customers receive high quality simulation experiences in accordance with all regulations ”. In a similarly worded reception to a question sent by this newspaper, Boeing in India said : “ We are working closely with all parties involved including our supplier and the DGCA to ensure the maintenance and operation of this particular device complies with all regulative requirements. We are committed to ensuring our customers receive high quality simulation experiences in accordance with all regulations. ”

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