One Week in Europe: Unforgettable Adventures in 40+ Itineraries

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One week in Europe might not seem like a lot, but with the right planning, it’s more than enough time for a bucket list adventure that you’ll fondly latergram for years to come. To show you how, I’ve spent months in a nostalgic cave compiling over forty (yes, 40!) one week itineraries for Europe below based on personal experience that will show you just how much fun you can fit into a 1 week Europe trip.

Yes, these are all itineraries I have personally done at one point or another, so I can vouch for their epic-ness. Plus, in true Christina fashion, I’ve given them all fun names.

Of course, adjust and tweak them as much as you want to suit your needs, especially if you prefer slower-paced travel. I warn you, the itineraries below are ambitious, but with only seven days in Europe, a bit of ambitious-ness is a must!

For organizational purposes, I’ve broken down my one week Europe itineraries into the following categories:

1 Country, 1 Week Europe Itineraries

If you only have a week in Europe, my honest recommendation is to just pick a country and explore it well over the course of the week. So, here are some ideas for amazing one week, one country itineraries in Europe that I can personally vouch for.

NOTE: I’ve arranged all of the following 1 week European itineraries assuming you’ll need the final day to return to your point of departure. Of course, feel free to use that last day as a flex day as well, or to add more breathing room in your itinerary (which I’d definitely recommend if it’s possible!)

The ‘Belgian Bliss’ 1 Week Belgium Itinerary

Places covered: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp (Optional)

Belgium is hands down one of the most underrated countries in Europe. Thanks to its compact size, one week is enough time to explore multiple cities and taste-test your way through this scenic wonderland of beer, waffles, and chocolate.

Getting around: Train travel in Belgium is super affordable and easy! Use Omio to find the cheapest deals/times, or if you’re under 26, make sure you use the GoPass1 which gets you a 2nd class ticket ANYWHERE in the country for only €6.60.

The ‘Going Dutch’ 1 Week Netherlands Itinerary

Places Covered: Amsterdam & Rotterdam with Optional Day Trips to Haarlem, Utrecht or Giethoorn

The Netherlands is an amazing little country with lots to offer beyond its world-famous capital of Amsterdam. From fairytale day trips like Giethoorn and Utrecht to the ultra-cool offerings of Rotterdam, exploring this country is a great choice if you only have a week in Europe.

Getting around: Public transport in the Netherlands is super quick and convenient! You can use Omio to find the cheapest deals/times, but you will have no trouble

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