finally, every watch is very light ( alone 50 grams ) and hypoallergenic, studied to be not aggressive even towards the most sensible skins. The swiss Made Movement is a peculiarity of the collection : the quality of the swiss mechanism ( RONDA 505/515 ), known cosmopolitan for their preciseness, makes watches technologically advanced a well as stylish.

These watches are singular because the natural wood gives us charming wooden grains which are always unlike. furthermore they are very versatile accessories which you can wear with free-and-easy, elegant and clean outfits. The italian invention and artisanal origin, the attention and manage for any single detail are the essential elements of AB AETERNO ’ randomness watches. The mix between Australia, the country of inspiration, and the italian Manufacturing is what makes the collection evening more capture.

Brand History

The unique wooden watches’ collection by AB AETERNO was born from a bang-up rage for fashion and nature as explained by the claim “ Time over nature ”. The name of the italian brand is a Latin expression meaning “ from the past ”. The ancient Romans used this expression referring to the begin of all times, and the designers use it to remind of the elegance of their origins and the fascination of their italian roots. AB AETERNO refers to the past, but besides intends to create something introduce, realizing watches that are cool and fashion at the same meter, expression of a abstruse love for the eco-fashion world .

For this trade name, fashion means invention and it is an expression of our being. This is why Marco Tommasoni, the laminitis, wanted to give space to nature and its colors, its materials, its natural singularity. Each watch is Handmade in Italy from 100% natural wood and has a alone natural print due to the infinite shades of wooden grains. The colors of the wild and uncontaminated Australia have influenced Marco and the philosophy of these beautiful watches. The long beaches of Sydney have inspired the colors of the SANDY watches ; the rocks of the Australian desert have enhanced the intense shades of ROCKY ; and nature in every corner of the continent has painted ENVY .
The concept behind the initiation of AB AETERNO ’ s eco-watches comes from the will to merge the watchmaking world to the growing importance to act in a sustainable way, making the sustainability the core of its bodied scheme. AB AETERNO practice only 100 % natural woodwind without the application of any type of glaze and paint. This makes AB AETERNO ’ s eco-watches wholly hypoallergenic and toxic free, respectful of the world and people ’ mho health .
The absence of treatments allows wood to change its appearance during clock, becoming the cause of personalization of each intersection. Each watch will communicate the pass of meter by changing its expect. It will be an “ alive ” aim, releasing its scent to absorb others or becoming more dark or lighter count of usage .

furthermore, AB AETERNO means the only Made in Italy wooden watches featuring a Swiss made movemen metric ton, that has always represented the excellence in the watch-making populace. Its preciseness and dependability are given by a combination of traditional manufacture techniques and raw technologies. All AB AETERNO watches are made with swiss Movement, in regulate to create advanced products, which are linked to the by but besides projected into the future, constantly aiming at perfection .
last, FINAEST.COM chose AB AETERNO for the authenticity of its eco-fashionable accessories and for the target of this stigmatize, well expressed in Marco Tomassoni philosophy :
” … only if you wear nature you will be able to respect it ” Read More About Brand

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