once you have Domains and Hosting sorted and WordPress installed, it is time to sort out a good theme to use for your site. Standard WordPress installs often come with some spare themes bundled in that you may want to use, or alternatively you can search for some other ones. It is significant though not to spend excessively retentive on selecting a composition and get on with producing content angstrom soon as possible. here we will go through two themes we have experience using – Astra and GeneratePress. Both have free and premium versions and are arrant for person just starting out making websites .


New for 2019 from Income School. A antic composition particularly designed by feel internet marketers specifically for fast load speeds on Google for optimum SEO. besides optimized for mobile view. Perfect for blogs and recess sites. available from August 2019 at an improbable price of $ 50 per year for inexhaustible sites, or $ 99 for a life membership for outright sites.

Click here for more on the newly released Acabado theme from Income School – currently $50 for 1 year, $99 lifetime – unlimited sites.
The Acabado theme besides comes included with Income School ’ s brilliant Project 24 program, which walks you through a 30 day step by step action for setting up profitable niche sites as they themselves have done over the last decade. Their approach is elementary, authentic, down to earth, and perfective for beginners new to internet marketing. project 24 and Acabado are a great package for getting started making money on-line, presently priced at alone $ 449. Click here for more on Income School’s Project 24 program, which comes with the Acabado theme included as standard.


The Astra Theme is our number one recommended theme for users just wanting a no nonsense release composition to get their site up and running. It is an easy to use, fast, reactive composition which works well on all devices. What makes Astra indeed appealing is that even the free version has an “ Astra Starter Sites ” plugin you can besides download once you have installed the chief subject. This comes with a load of preset site templates you can apply if you find one that you like. Astra besides has enough of customization even within the free translation, with different site layouts and colors you can play with in the Customize section of WordPress. The agio version has tied more features. Astra is besides compatible with major page builders like Elementor for those that want to build more fancy designs. however, it can besides be used on it ’ s own to produce a absolutely reasonable, no folderal web site for those that good want to get on with producing content.

Click here to get the Astra subject You can download the travel rapidly file of the subject from their web site, which you then upload into WordPress and install under “ Add New ” in the Themes section. They have a free version and besides a premium interpretation presently priced at $ 44 per web site. The Starter Sites plugin is an excellent complement to the exempt version, with lots of preset styles and templates you can import


GeneratePress is another root which has a release translation which can produce a absolutely decent looking web site. It is another subject which is lightweight, fast load and identical responsive to different devices and is ideal for beginners. however customization in the free translation is a little more limited than Astra and you may need a page builder like Elementor if you want to add some custom design features to it. You can very well and quickly have the basic template of a locate up and running with GeneratePress though so it is another good choice for newbies. Click here to get GeneratePress You download the zip code file from their site and reupload into WordPress. They have a dislodge version and besides a premium adaptation presently priced at $ 49.95 per site .


For a bounty theme entirely, then X Theme is a great place to start. It has a massive choice of “ stacks ” or template layouts for you to choose from so you can have you web site looking pretty much any way you want. It is the theme of choice for the Income School guys. If you want your site laid out the same means as theirs, then XTheme is the one to go for. It presently costs $ 59 per site ; there is no release interpretation unfortunately. Click here to get XTheme

Other Free Themes

For users wanting to shop around a short more, the television below offers a fantastic overview of some other great loose WordPress themes that you can use with page builder plugins like Elementor to build very commodity looking websites.

Click for each of the themes featured :

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