ad Agency is the # 1 ad extension for Joomla ! Start generating income from your traffic today by creating an ad program ! Ads
Your advertise campaigns are now more flexible than always ! You’re loose to choose the number of ads to display horizontally and vertically, so you can have several ads in one quarrel, in more than one course, or create multiple columns of ads.It ‘s wholly up to you !

Show ads on ANY module position available on your template and even on early sites. Where to place your ads is an important decision. You want the flexibility to display your ads anywhere you want and the flexibility to display as many ads as you want .

Create ad packages based clock time, impressions or clicks ( CPM, CPC or Time ). There are Three Types of Advertising Packages :
flat Rate
Cost Per Click ( CPC )
Cost Per 1000 Impressions ( CPM )

Campaigns allow you to limit expose of ads based on prison term, impressions or clicks iJoomla Ad Agency allows you and your advertisers to create campaigns, which are a group of ads by one advertiser that are limited by clicks, impressions or time .

Reading your stats is n’t just a full of life partially of Internet business. It should besides be fun. You should enjoy seeing how much money you ‘re making !
We ‘ve completely revamped the reports, packing in detail information that ‘s easy to read and a pleasure to break down both for admins and for advertisers .

Powerful Features
Everything you need and more!

Vertical & Horizontal Ads
Display your ads either horizontally or vertically. Choose how many ads display …

Campaigns allow you to limit display of ads based on time, impressions or clicks …

Show ads on ANY module position available on your template and even on other sit …

Ad Rotation
It ‘s a dim-witted fact that Joomla rotating banners grab more attention than electrostatic …

Create ad packages based time, impressions or clicks ( CPM, CPC or Tim …

Seven Different Ad Types
iJoomla Ad Agency supports all major ad types : Standard Banners, Flash Banners, …

Money-Making Features
Ad Agency helps you make money from your traffic!

Promo Codes Manager
Promo codes are a prove way to get more sales, including of advertising pack …

Recurring Payments
When an advertiser reaches the end of a time-limited crusade, such as a monthly …

Live Payments
once you have at least one package and one payment method plugin installed, you …

Payment Method Plugins
You want to start making money nowadays, right ? Payment methods such as PayPal and …

Helpful Tools Included
Ad Agency has some great tools to help you make the most out of your advertising program

Live Reports
Reading your stats is n’t just a vital function of Internet business. It should besides be fun. Yo …

Auto Approvals
save time by setting up car approvals for advertisers, ads or campaigns. great ! The Aut …

Automatic E-Mails
Set up automatic rifle emails to the admin/advertisers, to notify them on new ads, campaigns, et …

Show Ads On Any Site!
Set up your advertise program once and show your ads on any other sites ! useful ! Ad Ag …


Social Targeting
sociable Media Targeting lets you use all of the demographic data available on social media sites to shoot your ads directly to the people most likely to buy .

Geo Targeting
If you ‘re using Joomla and you ‘re looking to add Geo Targeting to your ads, then look no more ! now iJoomla Ad Agency gives you the baron and flexibility you need while remaining user-friendly to you and your advertisers .

Keyword Targeting
This feature is important because it allows you to minimize the come of packages you need to create and at the lapp prison term allows you to display ads based on target keywords .


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