The AgentPress Pro theme from StudioPress is an HTML5-compliant mobile responsive theme with a widgetized home page that’s targeted at real estate professionals.

Despite the theme’s name, most of the features for real estate agents come by way of the AgentPress Listings plugin. If you like what AgentPress Pro offers and don’t activate that plugin, the theme won’t drag you into the world of real estate agents.

AgentPress Pro is the refresh of the popular AgentPress theme, which was beginning to look like an unloved child. Despite its popularity, it took nearly 3 years for the theme to get features that have been standard in other StudioPress themes for some time.

The theme includes a few other adjustments, such as moving the primary navigation before the header and moving the secondary navigation to the footer and setting it to a single level. AgentPress Pro also marks the first StudioPress theme to remove styling for Gravity Forms. While the StudioPress demo uses Ninja Forms, our demo sticks with the well-supported Gravity Forms. Since StudioPress didn’t include Gravity Forms styling, the default styles from the plugin are used. That’s why the forms on our demo look a little different compared to the forms on the StudioPress demo. That’s easily changed with a little custom CSS, though.

Introduced on 6/10/14, AgentPress Pro is a 3 column theme with 6 layout options. The theme includes a landing page template. Beyond the WordPress standards of custom menus and threaded comments, the AgentPress Pro theme also supports custom headers, a custom background with Backstretch, a mobile specific menu, multiple color styles (blue, gold, green, and red – the default).

AgentPress Pro also supports Google web fonts (specifically Lato and Roboto). The selected fonts add about 156 Kb to the page weight of the site, which is a large addition for typography. AgentPress Pro loads dashicons which brings the total addition to about 201 Kb on our demo. Our demo site’s home page has total page weight of over 1781 Kb, most of which is due to images. With such a hefty page, that makes our performance-oriented hosting even more important.

Here are all of the widget areas for the AgentPress Pro theme:

And here’s a full length image of the theme’s home page:

We’ve got a live demo of the AgentPress Pro theme that shows off its basic features.

The AgentPress Pro theme is available on our plans with premium themes, from PERFORMplus and up.

If you haven’t signed up for one of our plans, you can ask pre-sales questions about the AgentPress Pro theme by reaching out via our contact form. Existing customers should use our ticket-based email support to ask questions about the AgentPress Pro theme.

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