movement speed quickly
desirable for high operate frequency products
the contact resistance with a high anti-corrosion and tire immunity
long life, static switching operation can be obtained
the control dowry of the navy seal in the house, is not affected by the external environment

Applications: All controls can be used to detect charismatic switch : used in liquid flush sensors, security alarm clock systems, proximity detector, instrumentation, automotive electronics, magnetic switches, treadmills, odometer, and other control circuits

Operating Characteristics:
Scope of work AT10-30
Release range ATMin 5
Working time ( maximum ) ( energized ) ms1.0
Bounce time ( maximum ) ( energized ) ms1.5
Release time ( utmost ) ( energized ) ms1.0
Resonant frequency ( typical ) Hz4000

Electrical Characteristics:
Switching might ( maximum ) W10
DC switching electric potential ( maximal ) V220
AC switching electric potential, RMS ( maximum ) V220
DC switching current ( utmost ) mA500
AC switching stream, RMS ( maximal ) mA500
Breakdown Voltage ( Minimum ) V250
Contact Resistance ( initial soap ) thousand W200
Contact Resistance ( initial typ ) m W100
Contact Capacitance ( maximal ) without test coil pF0.7
Insulation Resistance ( Min ) RH £ 45 % M W103

Package Included:
1 ten Aleph PS-3150 Magnetic Sensor Switch

Purchasing & Delivery

Before you make your buy, it ’ s helpful to know the measurements of the sphere you plan to place the furniture. You should besides measure any doorways and hallways through which the furniture will pass to get to its final address.

Picking up at the store

Shopify Shop requires that all products are properly inspected BEFORE you take it home to insure there are no surprises. Our team is happy to open all packages and will assist in the inspection process. We will then reseal packages for dependable ecstasy. We encourage all customers to bring furniture pads or blankets to protect the items during conveyance adenine well as rope or tie downs. Shopify Shop will not be responsible for damage that occurs after leaving the store or during theodolite. It is the buyer ’ south duty to make certain the right items are picked up and in good condition.


Customers are able to pick the future available delivery day that best fits their schedule. however, to route stops ampere efficiently as possible, Shopify Shop will provide the clock time frame. Customers will not be able to choose a time. You will be notified in advance of your schedule time skeleton. Please make certain that a responsible adult ( 18 years or older ) will be home at that time.
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