We do moresimpleBuild your blog for you as a blog owner and start bloggingLess than 4 minutes. See how simple and easy it is to create and customize your personal blog with Alia personal blog theme.

Videoguía de Alia:

Install Alia theme within 1-48 seconds
2- Customize your blog in 98 seconds
3- Add content to your blog
4- Build your blog menu in 58 seconds

It’s done, happy blog

attendre …We have one more thing! If you have any questions, the question or feedback is justTalk to usat any time. We will reply to our customers within a few minutes and are very sensitive to their feedback, you can read the customerreviewsSee how much they love us. Finally, if Alia does not work for you as described, please ask us for a refund

We have perfectly crafted every element of the theme, ready to use out of the box. You only need to install the theme and start blogging in a few minutes without any effort.

While keeping Alia to a minimum, we also make Alia easy to customize to meet your needs. With minimal experience, you can customize your personal or company blog blog from the real-time customizer.

Why should I buy the Alia theme?











7 post formats carefully crafted for everyone

With the Alia theme, you can add content in 7 different formats, no matter who you are and the purpose of your blog, Alia has been carefully designed to meet the needs of various content creators.We built every element of the theme with high-quality code and design, so if you use it to showcase galleries, videos, or just write plain text, your blog will look great.

– Standard text post formatIf you are the type of blogger who writes great content but doesn’t care about the pictures in the post. Alia design will make your great content look better.We really spent a few days researching the standard post format and testing every part of the plain text post to make its design quality match the quality of your content.

– Picture publishing formatThe images are Alia’s dress up, they will make your blog look colorful and smart. We designed the image publishing format, focusing on images and text.Therefore, the image will look as correct as you want, while the text is still clean and concise, so the reader will never be distracted.

– Video publishing formatWith Alia design, you can use the Video Post format to display your video content in a minimal design, and you can add posts with video banners from Youtube, Vimeo, your local server or any other video provider.

– Gallery post formatIf you create creative works and want to show your gallery to fans, you can easily add gallery posts in Alia.

– Audio publishing formatYou can add audio content from Soundcloud or a local server as a banner for your post.

– Status post formatWith status posts, you can use posts from your social media profile as post banners for blog posts.

– Leave the post format asideIn addition to the post format, you can add plain short text without a title or more detailed information. Similar to Twitter or Facebook status tweets.You need this to write a good idea that is not long enough to be written in an article.

“Story” is another story.

The “Story” function takes your personal or company blog to a whole new level. If you don’t want to write a new article on your blog, but just want to share a quick moment with your followers, it’s a way to share the moment and Powerful function Tell a story with a picture and a few lines of text.Through the story, even if you have no new ideas to write, you can easily build a good relationship with readers and fans.

Other features

  • Clean, light and fast
  • Out of the box
  • Unlimited colors
  • Translation ready
  • Works perfectly with RTL language
  • Serif and sans serif font options
  • Simple WordPress customizer
  • Widget is ready
  • Minimalist design
  • Retina ready
  • Perfect typography
  • Author story
  • Different blog layouts
  • Editor style matches post style
  • Responsive design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • AMP support
  • GDPR対応
  • Well documented

Frequently asked questions

Can I upload a logo instead of a circular profile picture in the demo?
– Of course, you can upload any image logo in the title.

Can I change the font?

Can I use system font types?

Does the theme contain demo content?

Does this theme support the new Gutenberg editor?

Can I change the main color of the theme?


Version 1.46 – 9. April

– Compatibility with WP 5.6.
– Compatibility with php8.
– Fix the blog category issue.
– Fix the story title link.
– Improve image size.
– Add option to display update date.
– Add Reddit and TikTok to social links.

Version 1.45 – 4 Jul 2020

– Fix alia_option problem.
-Fix the Whatsapp icon problem.

Version 1.44 – 4 Jul 2020

– Fix the image quality of grid and related posts in tablet and mobile device views.
– Fix grid layout without masonry effect in Safari.
– Fix the problem of Gutenberg Gallery.
– Improved loading of Google fonts.
– Added option to disable Alia style on the management side.
– Added option to hide change log notifications in the management bar.
– Add an option to display the number of views.
– Added option to use images instead of text in the menu bar.
– Added option to show only the top header area in the home page.
– Added option to delay loading images.
– Add the option to delay loading iframes.
– Small fixes and improvements.

Version 1.43-October 28

– Fix the Whatsapp blog sharing issue.
– Improve related posts.
– Add the option to set the relationship of related posts.
– Add title code option to add Google Analytics scripts and similarities.
– Pequeñas correcciones.

Version 1.42 – 3 Aug 2019

– Fix the issue of story footer.
– Miglioramenti CSS della griglia.
– Small improvements.

Version 1.41 – 10 June 2019

– Add option to set custom footer content instead of story.
– Add about me widget.
– Improved Gutenberg editor style.
– Fix gallery issues.
– Small improvements.

Version 1.40 – 14 March 2019

– Added option to load fonts locally.
– Add the option to show featured posts only on the first page.

Version 1.39 – 13 March 2019

– Fix the problem of wide image movement.
– Fix the issue of Instagram embed mobile.

Version 1.38 – 4 March 2019

– Fix the problem of sticky title search.
– Pone genus gutta-down content.
– Fix the amplifier problem.
– Add wide image option to Gutenberg image block.

Version 1.36 – 18 January 2019

– Fix open/close sliding sidebar action.
– Added option to display different image sizes for different devices (recommended performance).
– Added option to increase featured image quality to 100% (instead of WordPress original compression 80%).
– Add options to set the category of blog pages.
– Pequeñas correcciones.

Version 1.35 – 30 December 2018

– Compatibility with WP 5.x.
– Add support for embedding Flickr and gettyimages.
– Improve the display of complete content in the home page function.
– Improved widget loading in the customizer.
– Fix the uncrop banner in the masonry layout.

Version 1.34 – 18 November 2018

– Fix the problem of extracting Chinese characters.
– Add a single story page.
– Add option to change the slug of the story.
– Add Whatsapp to share the network.
– Small fixes and improvements.

Version 1.33 – 14 September 2018

– Fix: iFrame zoom size issue.

Version 1.32 – 14 September 2018

– New: The option to disable the masonry effect in the grid layout.
– New: The option to hide the circle indicator of the current menu.
– Fix: Full-size images do not respond in small screens.
– Fix: The scaling problem of iFrame embedded in some media.
– Fix: The WordPress video player overlaps the sidebar in the sidebar layout.
– Fix: If cropping is disabled, the image quality is low.
– Fix: Duplicate Huntley in a single post.
– Fix: Missing fn error in Google Search Console.
– Improvement: SEO optimization.
– Improvement: Remove hentry from the page and apply it only to posts.
– Improvement: Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.31 – 08 September 2018

– New: AMP support.

Version 1.30 – 04 September 2018

– New: New blog layout with sidebar.
– New: Scroll to the top button.
– Improvement: If the blog layout is narrow, limit the number of visible social sharing icons.
– Fix: The sidebar on posts where the gallery and the sidebar overlap.
– Fix: The gray background problem can be seen in tweets on posts with sidebars.
– Fix: The width of posts without featured images in the post list widget is wrong.
– Fix: Conflict with other plugins caused the logo to float to the left.

Version 1.24 – 30 August 2018

– New: 3 footer sidebars.
– New: Options for selecting the information to be displayed in the meta area.
– New: The option to display the wide text content of the page.
– New: The option to hide or change the cookie notification icon.
– New feature: New Google fonts have been added.
– Fix: Enable the menu indicator point back in the center menu.

Version 1.23 – 28 August 2018

– New: Cookie notification floating box.
– New: Disable the option to crop the featured image.
– Improvement: The release date can be linked to the post.
– Repair: minor bug fixes and design improvements.

Version 1.22 – 26 August 2018

– Added: Noto Serif font.
– Improvement: Better organization of settings in the customizer.
– Fix: Logo width and height input overlap in RTL site customizer.
– Repair: minor bug fixes and design improvements.

Version 1.21 – 26 August 2018

– Add: The media icon is added to the social profile.
– Improvement: If the avatar is not found, hide the author’s avatar area.
– Improvement: The appearance of the selection box on iOS devices.
– Improvement: Improved design of calendar widget.
– Improvement: Prepare themes for the Gutenberg editor.
– Improvement: Resize small iFrame to match content width.
– Fix: Gutenberg editor gallery and image design issues.
– Fix: Position of sticky post icon in plain text post.
– Fix: The color of the bookmark icon for sticky posts does not change with the main color.
– Fix: Image alignment problem.
– Repair: minor bug fixes and design improvements.
– The core plugin is updated to version 1.11.

Version 1.20 – 25 August 2018

– New: 3-column grid layout.
– New feature: The option to show or hide the border around a plain text post.
– New: The option to display full content/excerpts in the homepage.
– New: Option to hide website title from title.
– Added: compatibility with Yoast breadcrumbs.
– Repair: Gallery banner design in list blog layout.
– Fix: Grid layout articles are sorted on the small screen.
– Fix: Compatibility with old WordPress versions.
– Repair: minor bug fixes and design improvements.

Version 1.15 – 23 August 2018

– Added: Telegram social icon.
– Repair: minor bug fixes.

Version 1.14 – 22 August 2018

– Added: The option to hide the logo from the site title only.
– Fix: 2 phrases are missing in the Italian translation management panel.

Version 1.13 – 21 August 2018

– Supplement: Full Italian translation-thanks to Giangiacomo Fanizzi (UomoMacchina).
– Supplement: Complete Arabic translation.
– Fix: Some phrases are missing in the translation file.
– Repair: minor bug fixes and design improvements.
– Improvement: If the post format is a picture and there is no featured picture, get the first picture in the post.
– The Alia Core plugin has been updated.

Version 1.12 – 19 August 2018

– Fix: Alia Core plugin translation problem.
– Fix: Several string translation issues.
– Add: Comment on the cookie checkbox, applicable to GDPR.
– Add: More Google fonts are tested and added to the theme fonts.
– Add: The system user interface font is added to the font library.
– The Alia Core plugin has been updated.

Version 1.11 – 17 August 2018

– Fix: Youtube height issue on mobile screen.
– New content: Remove the option of Facebook SDK from the title.
– Improvement: Improved story performance.
– Improvement: Added an animation loader to the story.
– Improvement: Typesetting and spacing improvements.
– The Alia Core plugin has been updated.

Version 1.10 – 16 August 2018

– Fix: The design spacing issue in the list.
– Fix: The scroll bar jump problem for windows users.
– Improvement: design adjustment.

Version 1.09 – 14 August 2018

– New feature: Navigate the story with keyboard arrows.
– Fix: Delete the empty gray box in the footer for some users.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.
– The Alia-Core plugin has been updated to improve performance.

Version 1.08 – 14 August 2018

– Repair: The story is hot repaired.

Version 1.07 – 14 August 2018

– Improvement: Open the mobile menu by touching the link instead of the arrow.
– Improvement: The overall layout is improved.
– Improvement: Story performance in Android devices.
– Improvement: Rotate the story slide by touching or clicking.
– Fix: The problem of loading the last story in the slideshow.

Version 1.06 – 11 August 2018

– New: Option to load story images from CDN URL.
– Improvement: Sticky title flickering problem.
– Solución: corrige el valor predeterminado del título fijo.

Version 1.05 – 10 August 2018

– New: Add a blur effect to the story when loading.
– Improvement: Design improvement.
– Update: Alia-Core plug-in update.

Version 1.04 – 10 August 2018

– New: Featured image support for the page.
– Fix: Sticky footer is disabled by default.
– Fix: The style conflicts with the Organize Series plug-in.

Version 1.03 – 9 August 2018

– New: Option to round the title photo.
– Improvement: Enable the top title by default.

Version 1.02 – 9 August 2018

– Improvement: The story mode is closed when clicking on a blank area of ​​the page.
– Update: Alia-Core plug-in update.

Version 1.01 – 9 August 2018

– New: The option to create a page with a sidebar.
– New: Disable the option of rounded borders of images.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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