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1 Tinder and others : APPS

kindling is a matchmaking app that uses Facebook profiles. Users “ swipe ” photograph of potential matches, either to the veracious ( “ like ” ) or to the left ( “ not matter to ” ). Users who “ match ” each early can then chat within the app .

9 Costa ___ : RICAN

Costa Rica is a nation in Central America that is bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the South. Costa Rica is noteworthy in my opinion, a leader on the populace stage in many areas. It has been referred to as the “ greenest ” state in the world, the “ happiest ” country in the populace, and has a highly educated populace. In 1949, the state unilaterally abolished its own army … permanently !

15 City SW of Pyramid Lake : RENO

Pyramid Lake is a relatively salty body of urine situated 40 miles northeast of Reno, Nevada. The lake is fed by the Truckee River, but does not have an exit. rather, water seeps out through the lake penetrate and is besides lost via vaporization. It is this vaporization that has led to concentration of dissolve salts over time.

18 Jafar’s parrot in “Aladdin” : IAGO

In the 1992 Disney have “ Aladdin ”, there is a parrot called Iago. Iago is voiced by the comic Gilbert Gottfried .
Jafar is the regretful ridicule in the animated film “ Aladdin ”. Jafar was important adequate to get his name front and center in the sequel called “ Aladdin 2 ”, which is normally referred to as “ The Return of Jafar ” .

19 Big name in kitchen appliances : OSTER

The Oster post of modest appliances was introduced in 1924 by John Oster. He started out by making manually-powered hair’s-breadth clippers designed for cutting women ’ sulfur hair’s-breadth, and followed up with a motorized translation in 1928. The clippers kept the company in business until 1946 when Oster diversified, buying a manufacturer of liquefying blenders in 1946. The blender was renamed to “ Osterizer ” and was a large hit. Oster was bought by Sunbeam, which has owned the brand since 1960 .

24 Constellation that Regulus is part of : LEO

Regulus is the brightest star topology in the configuration of Leo. It is a multiple star and what we see as one entity is actually made up of four stars rotating around a common kernel of mass. “ Regulus ” is Latin for “ prince ” .

25 Decision-making time : D-DAY

The most celebrated d-day in history was June 6, 1944, the date of the Normandy landings in WWII. The condition “ D-Day ” is used by the military to designate the day on which a combat operation is to be launched, particularly when the actual go steady has even to be determined. What D stands for seems to have been lost in the mists of clock although the custom is that D just stands for “ Day ”. In fact, the french have a similar term, “ Jour J ” ( Day J ), with a alike meaning. We besides use H-Hour to denote the hour the attack is to begin .

27 Rotation calculation : TORQUE

torsion can be thought of as a turning force, say the push needed to tighten a bolt or a nut. In physics, torsion is represented by the greek letter tau .

31 Cosmopolitan : URBANE

We use “ polished ” today to describe something courteous or refined. Back in the 1500s, the term was used in the lapp way that we now use “ urban ”. Those town idea they were more sophisticate than the country folk, and so the use evolved .

37 City whose name means “spring hill” : TEL AVIV

The full name of Israel ’ s second base largest city is Tel Aviv-Yafo. “ Tel Aviv ” translates into “ spring Mound ”, and is a name that was chosen in 1910 .

38 Total wrecks : FIASCOS

back in the mid-1800s, “ fiasco ” was field slang meaning “ bankruptcy in performance ”. The mean morphed soon after into any kind of failure or flop. The term evolved from the italian “ far debacle ”, a idiom that had the same meaning in italian dramaturgy, but translated literally as “ make a bottle ”. It turns out that “ fiasco ” and “ flask ” both derive from the Latin “ flasco ” meaning “ bottle ” .

40 Reciprocal of cosecant : SINE

The most familiar trigonometric functions are sine, cosine and tangent ( abbreviated to “ sin, conscientious objector and tan ” ). Each of these is a proportion : a ratio of two sides of a right-angled triangle. The “ multiplicative inverse ” of these three functions are cosecant, secant and cotangent. The reciprocal functions are merely the inverted ratios, the turn back sine, cosine and tangent. These inverted ratios should not be confused with the “ inverse ” trigonometric functions e.g. arc sine, arc cosine and arc tangent. These inverse functions are the reverse of the sine, cosine and tangent .

45 Running apparel? : HOSE

A rip is a puff or a tear in a framework. A snag, peculiarly in stockings, might lead to a ply. And on the other english of the Atlantic, a “ run ” is called a “ run ” .

50 Liquor brand that inspired the name of a Grammy-winning rapper : BACARDI

The Bacardi company is still family-owned and operate on, and is based in Hamilton, Bermuda. The company was founded in Santiago de Cuba and became successful by selling a polish form of curious, something new to a market that was used to a crude dark rummy. The Bacardi kin opposed the Castro government as it came to office, so the company had to relocate to Bermuda .
“ Cardi B ” is the stage name of rap artist Belcalis Almánzar from the Bronx in New York City. The name “ Cardi B ” comes from the stigmatize list “ Bacardi ” .

54 Nonkosher deli order : REUBEN

There are conflicting stories about the origin of the Reuben sandwich. One such narrative is that it was invented around 1914 by Arnold Reuben, an immigrant from Germany who owned Reuben ’ s Deli in New York .

56 Mathematician who lent his name to a test : TURING

Alan Turing was an english mathematician. He was well-respected for his code-breaking work during WWII at Bletchley Park in England. however, despite his contributions to cracking the german Enigma code and early crucial work, Turing was prosecuted for homosexuality in 1952. He agreed to chemical castration, treatment with female hormones, and then two years by and by he committed suicide by taking cyanide. Turing ’ sulfur life story is told in the 2014 film “ The Imitation Game ” with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the lead. I thoroughly enjoyed that film …
Alan Turing created the Turing test in 1950 as a way of checking a machine ’ sulfur ability to exhibit intelligent behavior indistinguishable from a homo. The perfume of the test is an evaluation of a text conversation between machine and homo. The evaluation is carried out by person who only knows that one of the conversants is a machine, but not which one is which .

57 Singer who was an original judge on “The Voice” : AGUILERA

Christina Aguilera is a singer who got her get down on television ’ sulfur “ Star Search ”. From there she took a function on Disney ’ s “ The Mickey Mouse Club ”. Like several singers nowadays it seems, Aguilera developed a more provocative interpolate ego for herself. She had a few torso piercings, dyed her hair black and adopted the mention “ Xtina ” .

59 Ab ___ (absent, in Latin) : ESSE

“ Ab esse ” translates from Latin as “ lacking ”, from “ esse ” ( to be ) and “ abdominal ” ( away ) .


2 Home of many a tech start-up : PALO ALTO

The city of Palo Alto, California takes its name from a specific sequoia tree called El Palo Alto ( spanish for “ the improbable stick ” ) that is located within the bounds of the city. The tree is 110 feet grandiloquent and over a thousand years old .

7 “Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘Fore I Diiie” poet : ANGELOU

Maya Angelou was an african-american writer and poet. Angelou recited her poem “ On the Pulse of Morning ” at the inauguration of President Clinton in 1983. here are some words of wisdom from the bang-up lady :

I work identical hard, and I play very hard. I ’ megabyte grateful for life sentence. And I live it – I believe life loves the liver of it. I live it .

8 Low speaker : WOOFER

In a sound system, a loudspeaker that is designed to produce high frequencies is known as a “ tweeter ”. A speaker made for low frequencies is called a “ woofer ”. The aforesaid terms come from the fact that birds migh high-pitched “ tweets ”, and dogs make low-pitched “ woof ” .

10 Esoterica : INSIDE BASEBALL

Something described as esoteric is meant only for a choose few with special cognition. The term “ esoteric ” comes from the Greek “ esoterikos ” meaning “ belonging to an inner traffic circle ” .

11 Word that becomes its own synonym when RED is inserted between its first two letters : CITED

“ Credited ” is a synonym of “ cited ” .

12 Train that serves three Union Stations : ACELA

The Acela Express is the fastest train routinely running in the US, as it gets up to 150 miles per hour at times. The service runs between Boston and Washington D.C. via Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York. Introduced in 2000, the stigmatize name “ Acela ” was created to evoke “ acceleration ” and “ excellence ” .
There are quite a few stations called “ Union Station ” in the US. This is because the generic “ union station ” is one built by two or more dragoon companies acting in concert, or “ union ”, sharing tracks and facilities .

13 Wonkish : NERDY

A swot is an excessively bookish person. “ Wonk ” is an american gull term that has been approximately at least since 1954. More recently, “ swot ” has acquired an air of respectability as it has come to mean person who has studied a subject thoroughly and become slightly technical .

22 Parts of a restaurant’s overhead? : TOQUES

A toque was a brimless style of hat that was very stylish in Europe in the 13th to 16th centuries. Nowadays we associate toques with chefs, as it is the name given to a chef ’ s hat ( called a “ pillbox blanche ” in French, a “ white hat ” ). A chef ’ s toque is quite concern. many toques have precisely 100 pleats, frequently said to signify the total of ways that an egg can be cooked .

23 Caleb represents him in “East of Eden” : CAIN

John Steinbeck considered “ East of Eden ” his magnum musical composition. Most of the storyline takes place near Salinas, precisely south of the San Francisco Bay Area. Two of the characters in the story are brothers Cal and Aron Trask, spokesperson of the biblical Cain and Abel .

27 Part of a ship’s rigging : TOPSAIL

A topsail is a sail that is set on a mast above another sail. It is possible to mount however another topsail above the first .

28 Something bookmarked in a bookmark bar : URL

An Internet address ( like and ) is more correctly called a uniform resource locator ( URL ) .

33 Young ‘un in Yucatán : NINO

Yucatán is one of Mexico ’ s 31 states and is located in the east of the country, on the northerly point of the Yucatán peninsula .

39 Banned refrigerant, for short : CFC

Chlorofluorocarbons ( CFCs ) used to be wide used as propellants in aerosols, and as refrigerants in cooling systems. CFCs make their way up into the ozone layer and gun trigger a chain reaction that converts ozone ( O3 ) into regular oxygen ( O2 ). That conversion creates “ holes ” in the ozone layer. regular O2 is effective stuff, but we need O3 to absorb harmful UV radiation raining down on us. CFC is not dear stuff …

43 Having the same number of karats, e.g. : AS PURE

A karat ( besides “ carat ”, the spelling outside of North America ) is a quantify of the purity of gold alloys, with 24-karat representing pure gold .

44 Coors Field athlete : ROCKIE

Coors Field in Denver is home to the Colorado Rockies MLB team. Coors Field used to give up the most home runs in the league, due to low tune concentration and dry air at Denver ’ south high acme. The number of home runs has dropped dramatically since 2002 when officials began to store game balls in a high-humidity environment .

47 Roman god of beginnings and endings : JANUS

Janus was a Roman deity normally depicted with two heads, one looking to the past and the other to the future. As such, as a god Janus is much associated with time. The Romans named the calendar month of Ianuarius ( our “ January ” ) after Janus .

51 Some deer : ROES

Roe deer are found chiefly in Europe. They would be the deer shown on television receiver and in movies when Robin Hood was out hunt in Sherwood Forest .

55 Sweetie : BAE

“ Bae ” is a contemporary terminus of endearment. It is a positron emission tomography name that is an abbreviation of “ baby, baby ”, although I ’ ve besides read that it is an acronym stand for “ before anyone else ” .
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Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tinder and others : APPS
5 appeal : DRAW
9 Costa ___ : RICAN
14 Activist Copeny known as “ Little Miss Flint ” : MARI
15 City SW of Pyramid Lake : RENO
16 Chilled : ON ICE
17 Kind of device used in filmmaking : PLOT
18 Jafar ’ s parrot in “ Aladdin ” : IAGO
19 Big name in kitchen appliances : OSTER
20 Unexpected : OUT OF LEFT FIELD
23 Rhythmic : CADENT
24 constellation that Regulus is part of : LEO
25 Decision-making time : d-day
26 Smartphone pop-up book : ALERT
27 Rotation calculation : TORQUE
29 “ That fits absolutely ! ” : IT ’ S SO YOU !
31 Cosmopolitan : URBANE
35 Sarcastic punch line to an insincere note : … NOT !
36 Energize, with “ up ” : PEP …
37 City whose name means “ give hill ” : TEL AVIV
38 sum wrecks : FIASCOS
40 Reciprocal of cosecant : SINE
41 best-selling video game that takes place in space : STARCRAFT
44 Lets, say : REDOS
45 Running apparel ? : HOSE
46 “ Well done ! ” : decent JOB !
48 Endangered : IN PERIL
50 Liquor trade name that inspired the name of a Grammy-winning knocker : BACARDI
54 Nonkosher delicatessen order : REUBEN
55 Something of interest to a occupation ? : BANK LOAN
56 Mathematician who lent his name to a test : turing
57 singer who was an master judge on “ The Voice ” : AGUILERA
58 Flies : SPEEDS
59 Ab ___ ( absent, in Latin ) : ESSE
60 good to go : specify


1 Hype ( up ) : AMP
2 Home of many a technical school start-up : PALO ALTO
3 ___ moment ( crowning accomplishment ) : gallant
4 stay-at-home workers : SITTERS
5 mean : DRIFT
6 Heartfelt : real
7 “ Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘ Fore I Diiie ” poet : ANGELOU
8 low speaker : WOOFER
9 Mouth part : ROOF
10 esoterica : INSIDE BASEBALL
11 Word that becomes its own synonym when RED is inserted between its beginning two letters : CITED
12 gearing that serves three Union Stations : ACELA
13 Wonkish : NERDY
21 relevant : ON TOPIC
22 Parts of a restaurant ’ mho overhead ? : TOQUES
23 Caleb represents him in “ East of Eden ” : CAIN
27 Part of a ship ’ sulfur rig : TOPSAIL
28 Something bookmarked in a bookmark barricade : URL
30 Wishes : YEARNINGS
32 rapacious : AVID
33 Young ‘ united nations in Yucatán : NINO
34 Anticipatory times : EVES
37 common items at trade stands : TOTE BAGS
38 Giveaway : FREEBIE
39 Banned refrigerant, for short-change : CFC
41 common items at merchandise stands : SHIRTS
42 Build muscle : TONE UP
43 Having the same number of karats, e.g. : AS PURE
44 Coors Field athlete : ROCKIE
47 Roman god of beginnings and endings : JANUS
49 tear : REND
51 Some deer : ROES
52 Truth ’ s counterpart : DARE
53 ___ the finish : in AT
55 Sweetie : BAE Leave a gloss ( below ), or …
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