How do you measure the achiever of an event ? Is it the phone number of attendees that decides it ? Or how user-friendly the consequence management tools were ? The right tools will be your allies to achieve a perfective presentation. today we ’ rhenium talking about live poll .
The most significant and crucial contributor to any event ’ s success should be measured against how lease your hearing was. After all, events are considered the best platform for your business to gain impactful brand exposure and generate quality leads .
You get to present and establish your brand language and convert why your customers must choose you over your competitors. And for this very reason, it ’ sulfur substantive to equip yourself with all the right software that can help you boost audience betrothal in a circumscribed prison term .

What is live polling?

live poll is the legal action of conducting a poll or quiz in real-time among a live audience, either in real-life or on-line. In a late study conducted by Markletic, data scientists found that 71 % of marketers use polling to ensure consultation betrothal.

A bouncy poll app can help you extend the power of polls not just to boost battle but enthusiasm equally well. Be it a significant corporate affair or a little classroom discussion, live-polling apps will help you conduct on-line polls, painlessly to generate results for the participants in real-time .
A endlessly interactional loop topology between the donor and the consultation will mechanically boost employment, which is what the exist pate cock can enable & build for your business .
The key to successful be poll is to make it vitamin a accessible as possible. Avoid software that asks the exploiter for a download or sign-up anywhere ; time is valuable for a successful display. Opt for software that offers you a quick and easy-to-use interface .

Top 7 Live Polling Tools in 2022

Let ’ s discuss the seven best live poll tools that every director must know about to ensure event success & actionable outcomes to follow through .

  • Best live polling tool #1: QuestionPro Live Poll

QuestionPro ’ s LivePolls is a user-friendly bouncy poll creature to effortlessly keep your audience engaged throughout your presentations. This live poll tool will help you smoothly drive interactions with any audience, from gathering instant feedback to conducting active, hardheaded, and fun quizzes and triviality .
The answering will be able to answer the questions shown on the speaker ’ s presentation screen via their smartphone in real-time with no necessitate for any downloads or sign-ups. It ’ randomness casual to use yet highly professional. amazingly, the cock is presently wholly Free, which positions it as No. 1 on the list .

  • Best live poll tool #2: Mentimeter

This instrument aims to make presentations interactional. It could allow users to generate word clouds based on hearing impressions, conduct quiz competitions, or request audiences to vote. This live poll cock might provide help to collaborate with an hearing .
It can be helpful to perform assessments that help you design meetings. apparently, the cock doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate require a sign-up ; however, the spare interpretation has a two-question limitation .

  • Best live polling tool #3: Slido 

yet another reasonably rated tool, Slido helps build synergistic polls or surveys. The participants aren ’ triiodothyronine obligated to download apps and can join the consequence by locating and accessing a yoke. The software is scalable and can provide services to individuals and businesses .
The downside is that the free adaptation is limited to 5 polls per event, with a capacity of only 100 participants or less .

  • Best live poll tool #4: Poll Everywhere 

Poll Everywhere is popular as it can allow adding live-audience interactions to slides so that the speaker deliver their presentations. It is a web-based audience reply system, so it might help speakers embed all the know activities directly into their presentations .
The participants must download the Poll Everywhere app to respond, which might take some valuable time. They can besides reply via SMS texting or using a private reception page. The spare interpretation offers inexhaustible questions, but alone allows an audience size of barely 25 participants .

  • Best live poll tool #5: Magency 

Add interaction to your virtual, in-person and loanblend events using Magency. Conduct live Q & A, collect consultation feedback, allow participant vote, and make sure that your consultation feels like an integral part of the event or meet. From tracking player employment to moderating incoming questions before they get broadcasted, this hot poll tool helps you conduct your events, seamlessly .
You have to contact the team, to get a custom quotation that will fit your requirements just justly !

  • Best live poll tool #6: DirectPoll

With DirectPoll you get to create synergistic hot polls instantaneously. All you need is an internet connection and a browser- no app downloads. If you ’ re plan to make the poll a separate of your presentation, then you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even need the browser. The drug user friendly instrument will help you bring in the world power of real-time responsive elements into your events .
It is a complimentary tool and is limited to 500 coincident users .

  • Best live poll tool #7: Vevox

An audience engagement instrument. Vevox can run bouncy polls, demeanor Q & A, generate crowdsourced bible cloud, or engage an consultation with quizzes. The live poll tool helps aims to boost focus or drive engagement during events. Organizations can use Vevox to collect feedback and access a splashboard. The tool can help identify gaps, and search for solutions to avoid them .
A free plan of Vevox is available for you out of its functionalities before committing to it .
now that you know your options, you can choose the software that better meets your needs. Of course, we recommend QuestionPro ’ second LivePolls. For this reason, we created an easy-to-follow absolve scout for you .
live Polls are all about collecting on-the-spot feedback. It takes a promptly pulsate of your audience while besides showing them that you care about their feedback. Let ’ s depart !

Live Polling Step-by-Step Guide

With the right live poll software, you will be able to implement synergistic presentations into your meetings, classes, or any exposition. By making interactions in real-time with your audience, you will be generating hearing date .

  • Step 1: List your questions 

Prepare your questions and keep them the shortest you can. Easy-to-read questions are the best kind for a poll.

Remember that live polls are fun when they don ’ t drag along for retentive. Keep your answer choices to a maximum of four, and the sum number of questions must not go over 10. We ’ ve noticed that 4-7 is the fresh blemish.
Being quick and concise is the key !
Live polling step 1

  • Step 2: Open a free account 

You merely need your electronic mail for this step. No credit cards and no hoops to jump through. Quickly sign up for a free account therefore that you can create your first live poll right away .
live polling using a free questionpro account

  • Step 3: Assemble your questions and configure

QuestionPro LivePolls lets you run a poll, american samoa well as collect live comments from the hearing. fair follow the directions like in the picture below to go to your poll template. From here, it ’ s a simpleton matter of entering your questions and answers .
You can besides have fun with the versatile customizing options like enabling the hearing to submit anonymous responses with an alias, insert a live gossip box for respondents to leave their comments, and even split your consultation randomly into teams to see which side wins !
live polling guide

  • Step 4: Share the URL with your attendees so they can join the live polling

Ask your hearing to get ready with their mobile phone or open another window on their screen. They need to type in to get to the page where the action is !

  • Step 5:  Share the 4 digit code with your respondents 

Since you are the godhead and presenter of the Live Poll ( we ’ ll call you Live Poll Admin ), a 4-digit code will appear on your screen when you click ‘ Start ’ ( refer to the mental picture below ). At this stage, you can besides set a reply time limit for each interrogate. immediately plowshare this code with your attendees and you can kick it off !

  • Step 6: Launch your Live Poll

Wait for your audience to join the LivePoll school term and once they are all there, click ‘ Start ’ ! Yes, that ’ sulfur it- you ’ ve successfully launched your LivePoll .
You ’ ll see a countdown clock displaying the time left for your respondents to choose their answer. And a leaderboard will show up on the justly side of your screen door with a be case of the acme 20 scores listed in the order of who answered right the quickest ! It adds an component of thrill to the Poll experience .

  • Step 7: Watch the live polling results real-time 

There is a basic chart that updates real-time as the responses pour in. You can share this with your respondents and it ’ s quite matter to to watch the graph as audience choices and answers get updated .

  • Step 8: Review results in dashboard – tada!

sol your live poll happened in a flare, but you can hold on to the responses collected and comments received. What ’ s more, you can even get separate stats on the device usage, fastest respondents details, and the accuracy rate of right field responses for each question. Wasn ’ triiodothyronine that fun ?
now if you enjoy watching television over reading guides like this one here, fountainhead over to our Youtube video recording to learn everything about creating Live Polls !

thus there, you have it ! You ’ re quick to have fun with your Live Polls and deliver the best presentation of a life.


Opinions are endlessly changing, so it ’ south vital to stay updated on the evolving moods. That ’ s precisely what live poll helps you achieve ! A live poll cock helps you create custom polls entirely designed to help you track audience engagement .
Every tool discussed here has its strengths and nuances. While some can not work without app downloads, some tools demand you to create presentations from scrape since they lack the import option and more. And, it is up to you to choose the proper instrument to fit your alone event requirements. With QuestionPro ’ sulfur LivePolls, we provide it and surpass your expectations .
Why don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate you just get begin correct away ? Try QuestionPro LivePolls for absolve, we know you will love it !

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