You have control over which information is placed in the Health app and which apps can access your data through it. And if you decide to join research studies through the Apple Research app, you choose what data gets shared with researchers .

Encrypted data

The data you add about yourself in the Health app is yours to use and share. You decide what information is placed in the Health app adenine well as who can access your data. When your earphone is locked with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, all your health and fitness data in the Health app — other than your medical ID — is encrypted. Any Health data backed up to iCloud is encrypted both in theodolite and on our servers. And if you use the latest versions of watchOS and io and turn on two-factor authentication, your health and activity data will be backed up in a way that Apple can ’ thymine learn .

Activity sharing and deletion

You can choose to share your Activity datum from your Apple Watch with other users. If you later decide to stop sharing, then the other drug user ’ south iPhone will delete historical data stored in the Fitness app. You besides have the ability to temporarily hide your natural process .


Health sharing

Share your health data with people significant to you or those who are caring for you. Choose which datum and trends to share, including kernel health, activeness, lab, vitals, Medical ID, hertz traverse, and more .


HealthKit allows developers to create health and seaworthiness apps that can share data with the Health app or with each other. As a user, you have control over which elements of your HealthKit data are shared with which apps. Apple requires every app in the App Store to provide a privacy policy for you to review, including apps that function with HealthKit. Apps that cultivate with HealthKit are prohibited from using or disclosing HealthKit data to third parties for advertise or other data mining purposes, and apps can only plowshare data for the purpose of improving your health, fitness, or health research with your permission. When you choose to partake that data with entrust apps, it goes directly from HealthKit to the third-party app and does not traverse Apple ’ south net.

ResearchKit and CareKit

ResearchKit and CareKit are open source software frameworks that take advantage of the capabilities of iPhone. ResearchKit enables developers to create apps that let aesculapian researchers gather robust and meaningful data for studies. And CareKit is a platform for developers to create apps that avail individuals take a more active function in their own wellbeing .
With ResearchKit, you choose which studies you want to join, and you control the information you provide to individual research apps. Apps using ResearchKit or CareKit can pull data from the Health app lone with your consent. Any apps built using ResearchKit for health-related human subject research must obtain accept from the participants and must provide data about confidentiality rights and the sharing and handling of data .
These apps must besides be approved by an mugwump ethics review circuit board before the report can begin. For certain ResearchKit studies, Apple may be listed as a research worker, receiving data from participants who consent to share their data with researchers, so we can participate with the larger research residential district in exploring how our engineering could improve the manner people manage their health. This datum is received in a way that does not directly identify the participants to Apple.

Apple Research app

Apple ’ s research platform makes it bare to bring together researchers with people eager to help advance checkup discovery. You can sign up for a study ( or studies ) right from your iPhone. If you meet the criteria for a given study, then with your accept you can join. Any data collected through the Apple Research app will be encrypted if you have a passcode set on your device. once shared, the datum is stored securely within Apple in a system designed to meet the technical safeguard requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ( HIPAA ). Apple will not have access to any contact information or other data that immediately identifies you through the Research app. And you can withdraw from any survey at any time, ending any future data collection .

Improve Health & Activity and Improve Wheelchair Mode

Improve Health & Activity and Improve Wheelchair Mode send data from iPhone and Apple Watch to Apple so we can increase the potency of our health and fitness features. This includes data that is shown in the Health and Activity apps, movement measurements, which other seaworthiness apps you have installed, your approximate placement, and how long you have been using Apple Watch. The datum is not used for any other purpose and does not include personally identifiable data .

Exposure Notifications

Protecting your privacy is at the forefront of COVID-19 notification invention. exposure Notifications practice random Bluetooth identifiers that rotate every 10–20 minutes to help prevent tracking. You must choose to turn on the technology, and you can turn it off at any meter. The system does not collect your device location, and people who report themselves as plus are not identified by the system to early users or to Apple .

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