Breast implants differ from one another in terms of five features. generally speaking, a breast implant consists of a covering make of a silicone elastomer which is filled with a means which may be more or less gelatinous. The feature features are :

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Texture of the covering
  • Filler
  • Profile

All these features should be discussed with your surgeon to identify the plant that best suits your wants, needs and morphology.


The first thing to know is that implant size is expressed in cubic centimeters ( two hundred ) rather than cup size. Choosing the right majority for your body is key to ensuring an consequence that meets your expectations. The final examination book is determined by a combination of an plant ’ mho width ( a ), the length of its basis ( b ) and its projection ( cytosine ). A big volume does not necessarily mean that you breasts will look bigger because that will depend on your torso and your figure. Your surgeon is the only one who can estimate the ideal plant volume for the desire consequence .


Two shapes are potential, i.e. round and anatomical reference ( “ drop-shaped ” ) implants, each of which has distinct issues.

Round implant
The influence of graveness tends to diminish the curl of the upper berth summit, making the chest look compressed and less full. This character of implant fills out the existing mammary weave by augmenting the volume, specially higher up, giving the breast a more domed condition.

Anatomical (drop-shaped) implant
This implant has a more lifelike shape that imitates the soundbox ’ s original curves. The implant fills out the existing mammary tissue with insidious augmentation of the upper function and more scar augmentation lower down.

Texture of the covering

Implants can be smooth, textured or micro-textured.
A special process may be carried out to make the come on a small boisterous to promote adhesiveness to surrounding tissue. such adhesion prevents rotation of an anatomical reference plant and has an impact on the growth of capsular contraction. A textured plant may require a longer incision because it is more unmanageable to insert. This can oblige the surgeon to exert more wedge, which exacerbates the risk of damaging the plant and may reduce its life.
Factors like the position of the implant, its size and the amounts of skin and tissue covering it can affect how it feels on palpation, e.g. prepectoral implants tend to be more palpable than retropectoral ones.


Arion front implants can be filled with unlike substances.
The silicone mousse used in MONOBLOC® silicone SoftOne® implants is syrupy, i.e. it is not liquid so it will remain stable and keep its condition even if the cover ruptures. Its viscosity makes its consistency conclusion to that of the mammary gland tissue. The aqueous gel used in MONOBLOC® Hydrogel CMC implants is made of cellulose and convention saline solution. It is soluble in water and radio-transparent, making it more compatible with screening for and diagnosing mammary disease. Its viscosity besides makes its consistency close to that of mammary gland tissue.
aqueous CMC mousse is presently the entirely alternative filling meaning between silicone and normal saline solution .


An implant ’ randomness profile will depend on its forward projection from the chest wall. Round MONOBLOC® silicone implants are available in Low, High and Extra-High profiles
anatomical reference MONOBLOC® silicone implants are available in respective profiles of nucleotide and projection to create a natural expect.

Prefilled round MONOBLOC hydrogel implants are available in High and Low profiles.

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