The AT-29P msEndur II is the latest advancement in barrage technology with enhanced features for TEL applications. By combining the service life dependability of a deluge battery with the performance energy concentration of a valve-regulated battery, C & D has created the AT-29P msEndur II — The True Long-Life Battery™ .
The msEndur II serial of batteries are unmatched in power density with space saving modular designs and have a 20-year design life to reduce the sum cost of ownership.
With its a lot lower float current, the msEndur II yields meaning electrical costs savings over its life making it the most environmentally 2V VRLA battery


• Modular design for rest of initiation and stacking flexibility
• Space saving invention for the greatest sum of power in a small footprint
• Certified as NEBS Level 3 and compliant to Earthquake Risk Zone 4 in versatile organization configurations
• Compliant to highest levels of UBC, IBC, IEEE and NEBS seismic standards
• Tin-plated copper alloy connectors minimize maintenance
• New C & D Ohmic Ring® for ease of maintenance readings. With particularly adapted probes lone one technician is required to take readings .
• Advanced micro-porous ABSORBED GLASS MAT separators for ultra-low ice-cream soda current — reduces grid corrosion for a long, functional service life
• Proprietary calcium alloys to minimize positive grid corrosion and growth — maximizes barrage animation
• Robust polypropylene container and blanket — enhances product quality and improves forte of materials for safe process with flammability rate UL94 VO, LOI > 28 %
• Highly efficient, proprietorship plate action for high utilization of active fabric — results in high energy concentration and broken air bladder current

• Advanced formation serve results in a specialize ice-cream soda electric potential window making on-site float matching unnecessary
• Highly controlled fabrication processes for exceptional and consistent home plate quality
• Proprietary cell design and fabrication serve provides for 20 year design liveliness and documented durable service biography
• Industry leading guarantee
• Over 100 years of experience in the battery industry
• The only producer and seller of arrant battery and electronics systems for sum ability solutions
• Fully backed by a global network for local military service


  • Voltage: 1 cell, 2 VDC Nominal
  • Energy saving operating temperature 77°F (25°C)
  • Connection Torque
    • Initial: 160 in-lbs (18 N-m)
    • Re-torque: 125 in-lbs (14 N-m)
  • Recommended float charging voltage:
    • AT-P = 2.25 – 2.27 volts per cell average @ 77°F (25°C)
    • ATL-P = 2.17 – 2.22 volts per cell average @ 77°F (25°C)
  • Charger compensation temperature/voltage                                                                                                                                                                                                               (-)2 mV/cell/°F above 77°F (-3.6 mV/cell /°C above 25°C)
    +2 mV/cell/°F below 77°F (+3.6 mV/cell/°C below 25°C)


  • UL-Recognized Component
  • Certified as NEBS Level 3 compliant to Earthquake Risk Zone 4 in various system configurations
  • Exceed 1997 UBC Zone 4 seismic requirements at or below grade installations
  • Exceed 2000/2003 IBC requirements for 1.25%g level
  • Many systems compliant to IEEE-693 High Level


  •  Wireless/Wireline
  •  Central Office
  •  Mobile Switching Centers
  •  PBX Systems
  •  Microwave
  •  Broadband Headend
  •  Network Operation Centers
  •  Data Centers

Our mastermind team can help you quickly calculate many values essential for the proper excerpt of standby battery products We provide adept sizing analysis you need to properly size and select the proper barrage. Let our Battery Sizing Specialist ensure you select the correct product for your telecommunications applications .
This includes the ability to: Select batteries based on complex tone loads and generate IEEE-485 Sizing Work Sheets. Select batteries based on ceaseless current loads. Select batteries based on ceaseless power loads. View and customize denounce tables. Perform battery run time analysis .
We understand your operations are heavily reliant on batteries for backup world power. Our feel and our stress is to know the batteries and their deduction for your operation. To determine the perfective solution, we will collaborator with you, analyze your critical power needs and construct the backup world power solution that will perform as designed.

everyday sustenance ensures your equipment stays dependable, improving your overall performance and extending their utilitarian life. Service plans allow customers to be proactive ; providing opportunity to detect likely points of failure preventing expensive problems .
When ordering fresh batteries, besides remember to properly recycle your old contribute batteries. Federal and state regulations require lead-acid batteries be recycled. Power Storage Solutions ’ countrywide service arrangement can arrange pickup, department of transportation to and recycling at any one of our company affiliated smelters. Click here for More information
For More information from C & D Technologies Website : MS Endur II Series

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