The tape and reel machine can be divided into two categories : semi-automatic and fully automatic, which is the bulk component products, through the inspection, commutation, testing and early stations, into the carrier swath. With the continuous upgrade and nuance of electronic products and a high degree of integration, electronic components have besides been transformed from the past circuit board character to SMD character to save the installation space of the racing circuit board and expand the functions of the product. It is a big rotation in the electronics diligence. Working Principle
The working principle of braiding machine : braid tape box machine and natural gas connected, if it is a hot software, let the knife rise to the right temperature, adjust the carrier videotape and publicize pressure. Use manual or automatic load equipment to put SMD components into the mailman knock, the drive rotation to cover the belt Forming carrier belt pulled to the encapsulation placement, this position cover belt on the top, carrier belt on the bottom, after heating up the two blades pressed on the cover belt and carrier knock, so that the cover knock to seal the SMD components above the carrier belt mouth, then as to achieve the determination of SMD components encapsulation. then the receiving tray rolls up the encapsulated carrier tape. The taping machine can provide incorporate orientation, trial product mutual opposition, appearance check, laser scar and other functions according to the customer ’ randomness production needs.

Some taping machines are not heat encapsulated, they are cold sealed. By cold seal, it is possible to make the covering magnetic tape and carrier tape cling together without heating, and the cover record used at this time should be sticky. Before encapsulation, the aircraft carrier magnetic tape by and large has to go through two SENSOR, one is for counting and the early is for material control. The material see is to detect whether there is any escape of components inside the mailman videotape. If a leak is detected, then the motor of the taping machine will stop immediately and the cutter fountainhead will be born to the above placement. Counting SENSOR is broadly used with ocular fiber, but besides with and requires a fast reception amphetamine, therefore as not to miss the count. Counting SENSOR can count the english holes of the carrier wave, but besides can count the mold groove. The number of side holes has to be converted back to the correct number of SMDs.

The taping machine has a debauched taping speed. With the test function, equipped with the represent examiner, the taping machine can promptly test the capability value and resistance measure of the chip, and screen out the good and bad products ; the taping machine adopts PLC as the core control ; the display is uniquely designed, with LCD display to place orders and simulate the condition of each master point, which can easily set and modify respective parameter values, monitor versatile working states and its taping travel rapidly. The machine is stable and reliable. Features
● Wide roll of applicable products and easy to change specifications.
● Stable and authentic cam and divider transmission system.
● The defect detection design is perfect, and the alarm is clear at a glance.
● Variable amphetamine converter can automatically increase or decrease the rush according to the material add condition.
● PLC electric dominance organization, accurate and stable, low failure pace.
● Adjustable belt height, flexible and convenient.
● Vertical and horizontal take-up options.
● Precise empty fabric detection and parts counting.
● Complete options to provide a complete solution. For more detail please contact us at [ e-mail protected ]

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