End-User Service Team of the Year This category recognises in-house AV/IT/support, output and events service teams who would typically look after the technology procurement, service survival, delivery, execution and maintenance/management internally of an AV avail, plan or event. The team may be outsourced, but must lone serve the primary end-user arrangement.

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Entry criteria Title of Award submission:
If your entry is successful, this entitle will be used to promote your entry.
Team name:
Please express the wax mention and department of the team you are nominating
Are you (the submitter) a member of this team or are you nominating another team?
Please blue-ribbon : team extremity / Another team
Team breakdown:
Please supply us with some information about the team : How many team members are there ? If possible, please express the job titles and names of these members

Why should you win?
In no more than 100 words, please tell our judges why your team should be rewarded this class.
Show us the passion: What makes this team special, outstanding, remarkable ? What has this team done that is thus out of the ordinary ? This statement has a limit of 500 words.
Summary of contribution:
Be clear and concise. Without waffle, jargon and marketing-speak, please outline this team ’ s : a ) technical foul and/or business skills bel ) details of commercial success or leadership c ) contributions to the community d ) other professional credentials and achievements
This statement has a limit of 500 words.

Green and sustainability credentials: Please provide summary attest of how your team has taken steps to limit or influence the constitution ’ randomness environmental impact. This could include : ( a ) implementing green initiatives such as recycling projects
( bel ) promoting alternative transportation
( hundred ) auditing suppliers used
( five hundred ) achieving recognised green accreditations, either as individuals or on behalf of the arrangement.
( e ) anything else you wish to highlight to others ?
This statement has a limit of 500 words.

Supporting files and statements Testimonials:
Please provide tribute evidence from clients, partners, suppliers, diligence figures and colleagues within your organization. There is no give voice limit for this information, so please provide multiple, in depth statements to strengthen your lotion.
Supporting materials:
Uploading supporting material is optional and at your own discretion. As a minimum, we recommend upload images and, if appropriate, fiscal figures to strengthen your take statements. Judges are not required to score supporting substantial but can use supporting material as testify to support a claim. For this reason please ensure all important statements are included in the main body of your awards submission – do not rely on the supporting materials section alone to attest your introduction. Please upload all materials as a zipped file.
Video link:
If a photograph ’ s worth a thousand words, think what a video recording can do ! This is not compulsory but we powerfully recommend providing a television connect to show the judges a ocular of your submission. Please do not exceed a time limit of 5 minutes.
Company logo:
Please provide the logo of the party the team works for. This should be supplied in color as a vector eps file. We recommend a dpi of at least 300. If your entry is successful, we will use this logo to promote the team as a finalist on our web site.
Team shot:
If possible, please provide a group scene of the team. This should be supplied in color as a vector eps file. We recommend a dpi of at least 300. If your entrance is successful, we will use this persona to promote the team as a finalist on our web site, along with their caller logo.
100-word award summary:

Should your submission be shortlisted, this drumhead will be published in the AV Awards Event Guide and shared in our marketing bodily process. Please ensure it is written in the third base person.
For exercise : ‘ Company X ’ s award shows invention and resourcefulness… ’
Rather than ‘ Our award shows initiation and resourcefulness. ’
You will not have an opportunity to review or amend the compendious, so please ensure it is correct and accurate before you submit it.

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