Bake delectable desserts and cakes from all over the worldly concern in this acme rated free ADDICTIVE time-management game ! Sugar ’ randomness on a mission to restore pleasantness to the worldly concern – help her broil and serve divinely delightful desserts as you travel from land to land in a charming airship bakery ! You can about smell the warm, sweet scents swirling through the air …

FEATURES : * More than 50 desserts and drinks to prepare – Cookies, Cake, Hot chocolate, yield salad, ice cream sandwich, cotton sugarcoat, fudge, Ice Cream Cone, Apple Cider, Coffee, Lemonade, italian sodium carbonate, Baklava, Waffle, Apple Pie, Gulab Jamun, Cheesecake, Sundae, Pudding, meringue proto-indo european, panna cotta, Alfajores, Mochi, Lassi, Macarons, Volcano rice crispies, S’more martini, Brittle, Smoothies, Beignets, decorated marriage cakes, smoking mocktail and many more delightful items. * 24 different locations with it ‘s singular cuisines – visit Lemonshine Orchard, Swiss Chocolate Alps, Cherryglow Forest, Fruitful Fields, Eclair Academy, and many more places. New locations are on the way ! * More than 550 levels to complete, and more add regularly. * More than 20 unique and far-out customers that never stops to surprise you. * Over 100 upgradable kitchen appliances for you. far-out customer ! Finagle the fun twists introduced by new customers like the big Beekeeper, the oh-so-punctual Clockmaker, and the terrifying queen ! Learn your customers ’ favorite foods to know them better than they know themselves ! TREAT YOURSELF ! Upgraded Ingredients and Stations make your bakery a well-oiled machine and assistant you keep up with the hideous need for your delectable sweets. Earn Star Tickets for traveling to distant Lands to unravel mystery history ! MAGICAL POWER-UPS & BOOSTS ! Tap into the magic- use potent Power-Ups to speed up your stations, placate your patrons and multiply your boodle ! long ton OF SWEET LEVELS ! aid Sugar restore sweet to the world as you explore hundreds of levels in mysterious illusion lands. Each down is bursting with fresh, unique ingredients and charming new tools for your bakery ! Every level brings you closer to defeating Baroness von Bitter ’ s evil curse ! free GIFTS FROM YOUR friend ! connect to Facebook to compare scores and exchange free gifts to advance faster and farther in the crippled !

In decision, this is a absolve entertain cooking strategy time-management game to bake coat, pastries, many desserts and to make exotic juice drinks besides. Engrossing game-play that will keep you hooked to this restaurant simulation for a farseeing time, an academy where one could learn all-important ‘Cooking and Baking 101 : gain Cakes and Cookies ‘ in a fun way ! ************************* IN-APP PAYMENTS : Bakery Blitz is free to play, but you can buy special items to use in the game. Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains sociable media links to connect with others, in-app purchases that cost real money, advertising of PopReach products and products from choice partners and push notifications to let you know when we release exciting modern content. policy : Please see our privacy policy and terms of agreement hera : hypertext transfer protocol : // review : Please rate Bakery Blitz and leave us a review ! We love hearing from our fans ! Keep updated on new features and game hints : hypertext transfer protocol : // Like us on Facebook : hypertext transfer protocol : // Tweet Tweet ! Bakery Blitz is besides on Twitter, come say hello : @ BakeryBlitzGame Want to make real worldly concern versions of your front-runner Bakery Blitz treats ? Follow us on Pinterest !

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