First Carlo’s Bake Shop in Canada opens in Port Credit on Lakeshore Road.

  • First Carlo's Bake Shop in Canada opens in Port Credit on Lakeshore Road.
  • Line to order food inside new Carlo's Bake Shop in Port Credit.
  • Cupcakes, cookies and doughnuts on display at Carlo's Bake Shop in Port Credit.
  • Carlo's Bake Shop lobster tail pictured on the left, with their regular cannoli in the middle and two chocolate covered cannoli on the right.
  • Cake display and counter to order at Carlo's Bake Shop in Port Credit.
  • Gelato and coffee station at Carlo's Bake Shop in Port Credit. Left side window opens for ice cream orders in the summer.
  • Savoury counter at Carlo's Bake Shop in Port Credit where they serve a variety of pizzas and sandwiches.
  • Carlo's Bake Shop kitchen in Port Credit where products for the store are made and prepared.
  • Carlo's Bake Shop focaccia bread sandwiches with their signature mozzarella cheese inside.
  • Managing partners of Carlo's Bake Shop in Port Credit, Chris Zowler (left) and Gino Tomaro inside the bakery.
  • Large media wall inside Carlo's Bake Shop in Port Credit that plays old episodes of

Cake Boss ’ Hoboken, New Jersey style is last here in Mississauga. Buddy Valastro, besides known as Cake Boss, became celebrated for the television receiver show of his family-run bakery drawing Italian pastries and singular cakes. now, he has opened the doors to his first Canadian Carlo’s Bake Shop right hera in Port Credit. The shop located at 167 Lakeshore Rd. is open seven days a week from 9 ante meridiem to 9 p.m. Managing partner of the bakery Chris Zownir said business has been ceaseless since opening on Jan 3. “ Business has been great, it ’ randomness been very sweetheart, ” said Zownir. “ We ’ ve decided to do a soft unfold to allow ourselves to get to know all the neighbors and for the local people to come in and classify of the horizon the space without it being consuming. ” The store features a roll of desserts from cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, cakes, and Buddy’s celebrated pastries: cannoli, eclairs, and lobster tails. The lobster tail is a stretch Italian pastry folded several times, and once baked, it takes the human body of its namesake. Both the lobster tails and the cannoli have a crunchy shell filled with cream that gushes out when you take a pungency. The bakery even offers gelato and has a separate side window for frosting cream orders in the summer. And if you know lakeside, ice cream is a must-have in the summer.

Another alone sport to this bakery is its savory section. Buddy’s family’s 50-year-old mozzarella recipe is made fresh in-house every day. The cheese is used on top of their pizza or layered inside their focaccia bread sandwiches. “ It ’ s in truth meant to be that actually hardy focaccia, mozzarella, New Jersey, Italian sandwich, ” said Zownir. “ Just to bring something like that to the vicinity is in truth exciting for us. ” Zownir with the other managing collaborator Gino Tomaro started working with Carlo’s Bakery when rolling out their “ Cake ATM ” across Canada. These machines would dispense cakes in places like malls and airports as a trial play to get the merchandise into the Canadian market. When looking to open their first base bakery localization, Port Credit was a no-brainer. Both Zownir and Tomaro have close ties to the area and wanted a location that is community-focused, and one the bakery could be a part of. “ We didn’t thyroxine want to good open downtown and be kind of a business without a lot of connectivity, ” said Zownir. “ We wanted to be somewhere that had more neighborhood, more family, and when we presented that to Buddy he loved that idea because that’s how they built their family custom in Hoboken, it was that family bakery. ” The new bakery even has a big media wall that plays previous episodes of the “ Cake Boss ” show, and is equipped for video calls thus Buddy from time to time can call in and interact with customers. Zownir said they have plans to expand their merchandise offer to do custom cakes, manner of speaking through takeout apps, and to regularly donate to Compass Food Bank in Port Credit in hopes of serving some of their needs.

An exalted possibility when Buddy himself can come to visit the newfangled location is expected sometime in 2022 when COVID-19 restrictions ease. Read more about: share :

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