machine vision.png Formed by a synergetic mix of high operation tools and intelligent features, Banner Engineering ’ mho vision sensors and systems are cost-efficient, easy to deploy and capable of being implemented in thousands of applications .
As a whole, the machine vision sensors & systems portfolio can be split into the following:

Vision Sensors
Banner’s iVu Series Vision Sensors are the best in class touch-screen visualize detector that feature both simplicity & intelligence. The sensors require no computers or external hardware for configuration or monitoring, time & again. Simply installing/connecting iVu sensors can get the system ready for you .
Three sensor types are available within the iVu series:

  • match
  • area
  • Blemish

The house is rugged, and built for industrial environments, with a kind of desegregate ring lights such as crimson, aristocratic, green and infrared. If required, the sensors besides have an ethernet option for detail tweak .
Smart Cameras
Banner ’ south smart cameras are easy to deploy and offer highly herculean tools for inspection, implementable in a broad variety of applications .
Banner’s VE Series Smart Cameras are supported by Vision Manager Software that provides a total of tools of capabilities for configuring them according to specific requirements. Cameras are available in 5MP, 2MP, 1.3MP and WVGA models, all with the same inspection capabilities. They are compatible with versatile protocols including EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP, Serial RS232, etc .

  • PresencePLUS P4

These cameras are ideal for covenant applications where tractability in terms of size is a limit. They possess ocular character recognition, optical character confirmation american samoa well as text chain matching capabilities, in addition to the common 2D & 1D barcode scan features. Built for industrial environments, the cameras are rated at IP20 and Ip68, depending on the model selected .
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Vision Lighting
Banner Engineering ’ s vision lighting may seem like useless accessories to some but in reality, they are necessity for creating all-important contrast between the have of sake and the background. Banner is currently offering:

  • Area Lights, for creating shadows and avoiding glare or reflective surfaces .
  • linear Array Lights, for providing illumination of faraway objects .
  • Ring Lights, for illuminating small objects while reducing shadows .
  • Backlights, for ensuring highly consistent brightness to the background .
  • Spot Lights, which provide a single high-octane LED shine .

Bar Code Readers
Banner’s highly robust iVu BCR offers advanced reading capabilities within a rugged box to meet all your industrial-grade scan needs. No external personal computer joining is required for configuration and operation, thanks to the 2.7 ” /3.5 ” LCD touch shield display. The barcode is capable of reading a variety show of patterns including DataMatrix, Codebar, Linear Bar Codes, Code 39, etc. If required, the barcode reader supports both ethernet & RS232 communications, equally well as USB 2.0 connections for easy updating & trouble-shoot .
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