This winter, I decidedly wanted to revisit bears as a theme and I knew that I could shake things up enough that kids who were around death year wouldn ’ thyroxine be bored this school term .
I had to start off with my favored storytime book, period — “ Old Bear ” by Kevin Henkes .

I very like reading this for all the unlike seasons, particularly when the kids get so aroused when the season we ’ re in shows up — and the winter gap is my favored of the four. ( even though winter is my least favored season ! ) Next up, an action rhyme to get the kids pumped :

Reading: Bears!

legal action Rhyme : “ Bears Eat Honey ”
A hold eat honey ( pretend to eat )
He thinks it ’ s delectable
In his stomach ( rub pot )
But the bees don ’ metric ton think it ’ mho amusing !
Buzzzzzzzzzzzz ! ( make buzz noise )
recognition : King County Library System

adjacent up, “ Bears on Chairs ” by Shirley Parenteau .

My kids love ANYTHING that has counting involved, thus needle to say — they were HUGE fans of this one. Afterward, I brought out a particular friend ( read : bear puppet ) to help me do the future sung :

Song & Puppet : “ Sleepy Bear ” ( Tune : “ Thumbkin ” )
Where is bear ? Where is bear ?
here I am. here I am.
How are you this winter ?
very tire, thank you.
Go to sleep. Go to sleep.
( Have kids shout “ WAKE UP BEAR ” to do the song again. )
Credit : preschool Education Music & Songs : Animals > winter

I ’ ve been doing a lot of “ Thumbkin ” twists this storytime seance, and the kids are very responding to the familiar tune at this point — decidedly have some kids humming with me. This song/puppet works out great. Our hold puppet is pretty big, and in truth expressive, so I pull in his beak and curl him on my knee when he “ sleep ” and ask the kids, “ Should we wake him to sing again ? ” We sang this four or five times until one of my little boys said, “ LET HIM SLEEP. ” So cute !
adjacent, a reserve that I invite the kids to read with me — “ Orange Pear Apple Bear ” by Emily Gravett .

Before I start reading, using the breed, I teach them the four words and what letters that the words start with — and then I go into the books, pointing at the beginning letters to help them figure out which word they should be saying. sometimes, I wind up with a chorus of answers, sometimes I ’ m the alone one recitation. ( particularly as the fruits change their colors — trips some of my little guy up. ) I followed this book up with the flannel of the day .

Flannelboard : “ Ten Teddy Bears Sleeping in the Bed ”
Ten little chemise bears sleeping in the go to bed,
Five at the foot and five at the head.
One little chemise said, “ This bed is TOO wax ! ”
So he grabbed the blanket and started to pull.
He pulled and he pulled and he pulled some more,
Until two little teddies went BOOM to the floor !
( Make pulling motions with PULL and gonorrhea with the BOOM )
( Count down until… )

One little chemise bear sleeping in the bed,
Zero at the foot and one at the head.
This fiddling teddy said, “ This is not right !
I don ’ t want to sleep alone tonight ! ”
One little teddy bear sleeping in the go to bed,
Zero at the foot and one at the lead.
This chemise said, “ This bed is NOT full ! ”
So he put out his paw and started to pull.
He pulled and he pulled and he pulled some more,
Until four fiddling teddies climbed up from the floor !
( Count up until… )
Ten little teddy bears sleeping in the sleep together,
Five at the foot and five at the head.
One fiddling chemise said, “ This is good properly ! ”
So ten-spot little chemise bears said, “ Good Night ! ”
Susan Pflug, Copyright 1990
Credit : SurLaLune Storytime

then I had the kids do “ Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear ” until I got them to sit down for the adjacent history, “ Bear In the Air ” by Susan Meyers .

This one is on the longer side, and I wasn ’ thymine certain that it would hold their attention so late in the storytime. But, I had nothing to fear as common — the kids were very disquieted about what was happening to Bear, and were very patient to find out the solution. One survive birdcall :

birdcall : “ If You ’ re a Bear and You Know It ”
If you ’ re a lesser panda give birth and you know it, clap your paws
If you ’ re a polar bear and you know it, show your teeth
If you ’ re a grizzly have a bun in the oven and you know it, grumble real loud
credit : childhood

And our last record — “ Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See ? ” by Eric Carle .

My library has multiple board books copies of this one in the storytime collection — so each child and health professional got a replicate to read along with me reading our big-book copy. Our parents love when we do this, and I think it serves such a great literacy skills purpose ( teaching both print motivation and print awareness ! ) that the minor price ( about $ 75-100 for each set ) is worth it .
Our trade was once again from KidsSoup and was very well received .

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