For weeks, I had been looking forth to this session. I knew it was going to be different from my normal session, and I was just so stimulate at the root ! When Kathryn first messaged me regarding her wedding in 2019, I immediately picked up on her outgoing personality. Every conversation has been easy going, and it ’ mho clear that her marry is going to be so much fun !
“ We are planning a smasher and The Beast themed wedding. ” What dreamy words to hear for a photographer ! I am always eager to see the creativity and design that my couples put into their wedding, and precisely know that Kathryn and Seth ’ s big day will be absolute magic trick !
Planning their engagement seance was a small slippery. We wanted a location that resembled similarities to the castle in the Disney movie and believe it or not, castles in far away lands are quite hard to come by. After a lot research, they settled on The Shelburne Farm Inn in VT which was literally spot on for what we were searching for .
Don ’ thymine get me wrong– the venue was gorgeous, but the upwind was even more incredible the day of their session ! I never kid when I tell people in my southern travels that the weather in New England transitions from summer to winter faster than lightening sometimes. Hot and humid to cold and windy in a disconnected minute. We barely missed the wrinkle drop upwind last Sunday, but actually it all worked out. Despite the cold and exorbitant fart, the school term went off amazingly ! Kathryn, consecrate her soul, was a cavalryman. She wore the arrant dress and heel jazz band to match the Belle theme, and rocked every minute of her school term without basically turning into an frost cube.

With the assistant of two of their friends, we moved fast through each location, merely stepping out for a few moments at a fourth dimension. I am not kidding when I say the scent literally would take our breath away. It pierced any exposing clamber, poor Seth looked like he was crying ( eyes were watering ) from the wind cutting his eyes. Everyone who participated was a rock star, but all brownie points go to Seth and Kathryn for braving the seance in those conditions. I literally am then grateful that they stuck it out and did all my suggestions without hesitation, because they could have easily said “ NOPE ! ”. The day turned out indeed playfulness and I am incredibly eager for their marry ! Enjoy my personal favorites from their session ! !

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