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Find out which are the 100 best WordPress templates on the market and create amazing and attractive websites!
If you are creating a blog or website for your company, WordPress is the best platform. now, you equitable need to find a theme that is attractive and functional.
The adult problem is that there are thousands of WordPress templates out there!
How can you know which one will help bring the best consequence of Digital Marketing for Your Business?

Thinking about it, Rock decided to create its own list with indications of themes. Our chief standard: they all had to be free.
We want to prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a professionally designed website.
Before starting this content, I recommend that you learn more about blogs and how to establish your strategy :
so, let’s run and check the release WordPress themes tilt?

100 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blog

The Resolution theme is aimed at creating a magazine layout. There is no limit on sidebars, which allows you to place respective widgets. Images are extracted immediately from your posts to promote content on the chief page.
The Shapely composition combines functionality and quality in the graphics. It is optimized for viewing on diverse types of devices, in summation to Retina displays. It has an individual page layout and is compatible with the independent plugins: Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Google Analytics, and Gravity Forms.
The Illdy theme is highly customizable. It comes packed with widgets and icons, layouts, and page templates. It is compatible with the main plugins and amply responsive.
The Activello root is completely reactive. It brings a full-width slider and compatibility with the main plugins. It is a subject for blogs, so the focus is on content. The independent page brings the feed and sidebar with widgets.
The Zerif Lite root offers a single-page layout, making it easier to navigate than multi-page sites.
It has the “ team ” module, which allows the profile of people in your company to be included on the page, adenine well as tools to include text and buttons in the header persona.
The Sparkling theme has a minimalist look. It brings a full-screen slider and back for the chief WordPress plugins.
The Talon subject has a big heading ( the header, top of the page ), which occupies most of the page and can be both sliding and static, in addition to allowing text overlie.
In summation to the “ team ” module, it besides offers the hypothesis to include testimonials. To complete, it besides brings some files for automatic pistol transformation of its contentedness into early languages, equally well as several icons and sources.
The Allegiance theme has options to include information about your team and portfolio. It is possible to customize the header and sidebars.
The Astrid composition brings countless options of colors and fonts, which is bang-up to find the ideal combination for your post. It has a full-width header – that is, it occupies the entire width of the page; it comes to fixing to insert a nice CTA.
It has the “ team ” faculty and besides the “ services ” module, to talk about what your caller offers. Ensures support for WooCommerce, allowing you to sell your products or services immediately through the website.
The affluent root includes a luger on the main page, portfolio layouts that you can adjust and customize, and support for WooCommerce.
The Lloris One Lite theme features a single page layout, composed of unlike modules. It has a blog segment, itself, to offer content to its visitors. He besides brings the touch form and the online store.
You can even include information about your team, your services, and customer testimonials. last, you can put on your website a doodad for breaking news, social media buttons, and a map with the location of your party.

12. Dazzling

The Dazzling theme features an optional full-screen luger and optimization for respective popular plugins. The root uses a flat design, that is, with fewer ocular elements.

13. Newsmag Lite

The Newsmag Lite theme is an unlike option because it brings the layout of an online magazine. It has hard customization options, especially relative to the menu on your website, which can be wholly modified to facilitate navigation.
The Moesia root comes with eleven predefined blocks, which you can organize to assemble the independent page of your website. It offers respective animations and effects, to make the page more dynamic. It is responsive and allows you to translate your website into other languages.
The Traveling theme has a slider, page and post templates, menu, and social buttons, and besides offers excellent user support.
The Unite theme adopts a flat design with elegance and is reactive and friendly. You can customize some aspects, such as the navigation menu, footer, and fonts.
The Human root has unlimited colors and spaces for widgets, plus ten post formats. Another feature of this theme is a different instrument for uploading logos.
The Brilliance root is abstemious and fast load. Offers consolidation with WooCommerce and optimization for SEO.
The Shoplsle composition is integrated with WooCommerce, offers its own contact form, and allows you to place images on your company’s sulfur “ About ” page.
Thanks to its characteristics, it guarantees excellent effects with images. So it is a concern subject for both online stores and other types of websites.
The Transcend theme uses HTML5 code to enable the inclusion of video and image galleries, and CSS3 for dynamic sliders, transitions, and animations.
Uses AJAX to organize your content into categories and tags. It besides offers integration with WooCommerce.
The Vantage theme is well integrated with popular WordPress plugins, such as PageBuilder and WooCommerce.
It supports high-resolution images and allows you to create a grid with images, links, and filters. thus, it is a well alternative for those who need an online portfolio.
The Enigma theme is amply reactive and trains for retina exposure. It has four footers and a sidebar, two-page templates, and a layout. It besides allows the initiation of an invention with two columns. It allows to the inclusion of social buttons in both the header and the footer. It besides provides a slider for your website.
The Lola subject has a layout influenced by Tumblr. The manner is minimalist, with stress on content. It is the potential to customize the background, and it besides includes menus and different post formats. The color of the website and the prototype of the header can besides be changed.
The Rocked subject allows you to upload logos, custom-make colors, implement different modules, and choose from over 600 fonts. In summation, it has tools to create a weblog integrated with the website.
The Prana theme has interesting typography, with accompaniment for Google Fonts. The header, background, and menu can be customized. It besides offers a multilevel dropdown menu – that is, that type of expandable menu with sub-options.
The Riba Lite theme is ideal for focusing on blogging, and storytelling. The main page presents visitors with a preview of the most recent posts. You can be tied put your reach information and social media buttons in a special bar at the top of the page.
The Arcade Basic root is faint but completely responsive. It has a heading image that can be changed. The page layout and width can besides be customized. It supports bbPress and BuddyPress and includes JetPack.
The Make subject allows you to create your website through a “ drag and drops” editor program, without much difficulty. It works well with plugins WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and Jetpack WP PageNavi.
The Lawyeria Lite subject was developed especially for law firms and lawyers. It is user-friendly for SEO execution and has fast cargo.
The Alizee theme is the right choice for anyone looking for a grid format on the main page. It somewhat resembles Pinterest’s design. You can adjust the layout to include multiple menus and columns.
The Ascent theme was created with technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. It includes sidebars on both sides and several post layouts. You can customize the background and choose a layout with two columns.

Top Free WordPress Themes-themedipia
Top Free WordPress Themes – themedipia

The ColorMag subject is aimed at creating an online magazine. The main page is built chiefly with widgets, which allows you to customize it to include assorted elements, such as a gallery or a list of late posts.
It is identical accessible, that is, even those who do not have a lot of feel with WordPress should have no problem setting up a website with this theme.
The FlatOn subject features a flatcar design, with two basic coloring material schemes and a skidder.
The Awaken theme has a magazine-style layout, with two areas for inserting widgets. Includes widgets for YouTube and social networks.
The Customizr subject is wholly responsive, has support for content translation, and is thoroughly integrated with WooCommerce and bbPress plug-ins.

The Enlightenment composition offers an assortment of modules, allowing you to adjust the layout according to the concenter of your website. It is the potential to place up to four columns, with sidebars and widgets. The editor program is “ drag and dribble”.
The Meris theme is reactive and ready for display with Retina. It has several widgets, and full-screen sliders and allows you to add a portfolio module to the main page.
The Quintus theme is easy to install and has a fast page load. It has a double luger, calendar, and research prevention.
The Construction Lite theme has an uninfected expression, with a sociable menu and widget areas in the sidebar and footer.
The Virtue composition is reactive and has support for WooCommerce.
The BookRev Lite subject was created especially for blogs with book reviews. It includes features to link your content to an online storehouse, such as Amazon. Thus, your visitors can make purchases through your link, which is utilitarian in affiliate programs.
The Azera Shop subject is geared towards e-commerce. It supports WooCommerce, a simple contact shape with Google Maps integration, unlimited color customization, and a weblog layout.
The Regina Lite subject is aimed at companies in the aesculapian field. It even has a specific button so that the visitor can schedule a date. The subject besides includes modules for presenting your team, services, and customer testimonials.

The Esteem theme features a full-screen slider on the chief page and offers two templates – one for displaying its content and the other for the contact page. You can insert your logo and custom-make colors. The theme besides has the function “ breadcrumb trail ”, or crumb trail, which organizes the pages of your website in hierarchical regulation.
The responsive theme uses a grid layout that adjusts automatically according to the device that the visitor uses to view your website. This theme includes nine-page templates, eleven areas for widgets, six layout templates, and four menu positions.
The Opulus theme has a portfolio module with six layout options. You can besides choose from over a hundred fonts and dateless color combinations.
The broad root offers a fortune of flexibility, with four-page layouts, six templates, and thirteen areas for widgets. It besides offers five widgets and a luger. Regarding colors, you can choose between a light or dark peel.
The Interface theme is compatible with BuddyPress and bbPress, among other popular plug-ins. It includes many modules to customize the location, such as the slider for the main page.
The MH Magazine composition is another WordPress template focused on creating online magazines. It comes quick for translation, allowing the site to be read by people from all over the world. The design is reactive and consists of several modules.
The Bulan subject is minimalist and has responsive elements, several page templates, and widgets. The control panel helps in the process of building the design, making this easy to customize the theme.
The Accelerate theme offers a skidder and multiple post formats ( such as images, videos, links, and quotes ). With it, you can customize the background and besides integrate a contact form on your website.
The Vega composition seeks to simplify, allowing you to present your information to visitors clearly. It allows you to create both a single page and multiple foliate websites. For more advanced users, the CSS module deserves to be highlighted.

The Eighties theme seeks to highlight the content of your website above all. The written content is basically everything that the visitor will see on the main page. Menus and sidebars merely appear when the visitor wants to see them, and are hidden for the rest of the time.
The eStore theme is focused on e-commerce. It is identical compromising, allowing the visitor to view the memory in different languages ​​and with unlike currencies. It besides has a feature for the visitor to register at the shop. And it besides offers a universe of product categories, to organize your e-commerce and facilitate navigation.
The modern theme is wholly responsive and its layout is of the grid type. It includes a slideshow header, which can be used to show some images and promote their best capacity.
The adventurous theme has a slider, own widgets, page templates, and dropdown menu, and is prepared for the transformation of the message.
The Radiate theme has a design with several “ blanks ”, which puts even more emphasis on its subject. It has a static header and a grid layout.
The Minamaze theme has a responsive layout and is optimized for retina exposure. It allows the upload of the logo to the website and includes a full-width skidder.
The Virtue composition is completely reactive, has consolidation with WooCommerce, allows customizing menus, and has translation tools.

60. EvoLve

The EvoLve subject has an individual page layout, is amply responsive, allows you to use the grid on the main page or keep the feed design elementary, and includes Google Fonts and Parallax slider.
The Auberge subject, in addition to being responsive, is disposed of for better ocular impression on smartphone retina screens. It is chiefly interesting for companies in the food business. Since it supports the JetPack plugin, you can well create your administration’s second menu.
The Mystile theme is aimed at creating e-commerce and has support for the WooCommerce plugin. It besides has respective color schemes, page templates, and widgets.
The True North composition puts, at the top of the main page, a heading and an area for the textbook – where you can talk a small about your website or your company. It is optimized for SEO and highly customizable.
The Artificer root is geared towards artwork and trade e-commerce. The layout is responsive and has back for the WooCommerce plugin.
The Olsen Light subject has numerous options. In the sidebar, you can include a module to talk about you or your company, social buttons, and a list of posts. On the chief page, the focus is on the publications feed.
The Serene theme is dim-witted and clean; its design excels in edification. It supports inexhaustible color options, which you can choose according to the ocular identity of your brand. It besides accepts versatile post formats.
The Simple Business subject has Google Fonts and Font Awesome, which are utilitarian tools for branding. The options panel allows you to change fonts, sizes, and colors.
The Hemingway root has a two-column layout and is responsive and ready for a retina display. The header accepts a full-width image and has a parallax effect on scrolling. You can upload logo and color adjustments.
The Perfetta theme is focused on the food business. The layout is simple, with a single column. The focus of the subject is on the content, so visitors see your weblog’s feed. It besides allows you to customize the background.
The Parallax One subject has a responsive structure; it has its own software of son, icons, and menus, in addition to numerous social media icons; offers multiple color schemes; has support for parallax and integration with Google Maps.
The GK Portfolio composition uses white and grey tones and a grid layout. It is the potential to create filters to make it easier for visitors to search for specific contentedness.
The Tracks theme uses the responsive one-column layout. It has a logo upload tool, assorted social media icons, and defends for translating your capacity.
The SimpleShift composition features a single page layout and a blog layout; a responsive plan that can be applied for diverse purposes ( careless of the character of the website or the branch of your party ); minimalist search; and support for the parallax impression.

The Storefront root is focused on e-commerce. It has respective layout and color options, arsenic well as respective areas to insert widgets. It is wholly responsive.
Pixova Lite theme has responsive design and integration with WooCommerce. It allows you to include unlimited images in the skidder.
Another interesting feature is the defense for parallax and lazy cargo effects ( “ slow loading ”, an ocular effect that makes the next parts of the foliate appear more slowly when the cursor scrolls ).

The theme besides offers pie charts, which are very utilitarian for placing relevant numbers on your website – such as the number of clients or projects carried out.

The Albar composition offers integration with SiteOrigin’s sulfur Page Builder, Contact Form 7, and WooCommerce. The menu is easy to create and can be customized.

The AccessPress Parallax theme has an individual page layout with a responsive design. It has multiple layouts for header, slider, color customization, and integration with WooCommerce.

The Oblique root comes ready for content translation and SEO application. It has consolidated with Google Fonts, for better typography, and a minimalist plan.
The Ignite theme features social media buttons with an interesting design and wall color options. The layout is very clean and professional. Widgets are chiefly focused on content – for example, with the doodad for recent comments.
The Oria theme has a social menu, color customization, parallax effect, own contact kind, and support for Google Fonts.
The Canyon theme features a header with a parallax effect that allows you to overlay text and images. The social media buttons are colorful and fun. The chief page has an area to talk about your company.
The Estelle theme intelligibly has a more womanly appeal. Widgets can be placed in the sidebar or footnote. The menu is elementary and the main page features the publications feed.
The Palmas composition has a 100 % responsive plan, is optimized for fast cargo, and offers a slider to highlight the subject.
The Karen composition is light, has a full-width footer, allows you to include images in the sidebar, and besides has different options for slider customization.
The OnePress theme is simple and professional. It has consolidated with WooCommerce and can be used to create an online store. The header includes a slider that accepts high-resolution images, text, and buttons. It has “ team ” and “ latest news program ” modules.
The StanleyWP theme allows you to show your content in a simple way, so it is interesting for anyone who works professionally with a blog. The options control panel is easy to use and the “ drag and drop ” editor. Includes Font Awesome. It has three-page templates.
The InstantWP theme has a large header that allows you to overlay text. Design is ideal for creating a portfolio. It is visually minimalist and the options panel is very bare to operate.
The Blackbeard theme is easy to customize. It brings an option with modern widgets, animations, parallax effect, and responsiveness.
The Harmonic theme has a portfolio format and brings its own package of options for social icons, headers, backgrounds, menus, and widgets.
The Yuuta root offers several post formats, a Lightbox gallery, a four-column footer for widgets, and a responsive layout.
The Shibui theme supports “ infinite scroll ”, that is, the visitor can just continue scrolling the page to see all of its contents. thus, all information can be placed on a single page. It besides has a slider to highlight and promote content.
The Ward composition allows you to customize the colors and change the width of the website, in addition to changing the typography with Google Fonts. It has eight post formats, including television, quote, connect, and gallery. It is compatible with bbPress, BuddyPress and JetPack .
The Mynd theme has 10 heading variations, confirm for the Revolution skidder plugin, and a mega menu that accepts icons. The portfolio module accepts images, videos, and audio.
The TA Music theme is aimed at professionals and companies in the music industry. It has a grid layout and accepts respective post formats. Your options allow you to include audio albums, persona galleries, and videos. It has a full-width skidder.
The JustWrite theme offers customization for header and colors. Widgets can be placed on the sidebars and footer. It has modules to display the most Holocene posts.
The Briar composition has a responsive and modern design. It features parallax animations and infinite scroll, which make the location more dynamic and fun. It offers several post formats and is fully customizable.
Matrox theme has an impingement expression, with a black background. Thumbnails and links show your most recent posts. It has a menu at the top of the foliate and besides allows you to include widgets in the sidebar.
The ResponsiveBoat subject features a responsive blueprint, WooCommerce support, and parallax scrolling effect and allows you to insert customizable content blocks or modules.
The Polmo Lite subject has a single foliate layout with a parallax scroll, a full-screen slider, animations, and effects.
The Portfolio Press root is ideal for creating a virtual portfolio. When you create new content, a thumbnail is automatically created and displayed on the main page. Uses the grid layout and is responsive.
The Patus theme is focused on content initiation. therefore, the blog feed is highlighted. even so, it is possible to include widgets of the theme, such as social buttons, a calendar, and a list of Holocene posts.
The Magazine root is used to create an online magazine. It is compatible with several plugins and allows you to install widgets in the sidebar or footnote. The navigation menu is not at the top but on the left side of the page.
The Semicolon theme is yet another choice focused on content. It has some social media buttons and widgets like the list of most view posts.
The Onetone root has an alone page layout, with a header that accepts high-resolution images, video recording, and text overlay. It allows configuring sections “ about the company ”, “ services ” and “ customers ”. It is besides compatible with Font Awesome.
The ample theme is “ multipurpose ”, that is, it can be used by companies in any industry. It has respective customization options, such as colors, background, menu, and header.
The Resolution composition is aimed at creating a magazine layout. There is no limit on sidebars, which allows you to place respective widgets. Images are extracted immediately from your posts to promote content on the chief page.
The SKT Full-Width theme is focused on displaying images. It occupies the integral browser window and allows you to include textbooks on the images. It besides includes a side menu.
The Upright theme is wholly reactive. It mixes content, images, and portfolio functionality. Includes sliders, and sidebar and allows you to use images in the background.
The Hatch root is chiefly aimed at illustrators, photographers, and ocular artists. The layout includes a quad for the main effigy and a grid with twelve spaces for other images, allowing you to create a portfolio.
The Pictorico theme has a power system layout, but with one difference: there is no space between the images. thus, the chief page forms an alone collage of your content. It has an area for uploading the logo in the amphetamine left corner of the page and allows you to customize the header, background, and colors.
The Optimizer root is fully customizable. It is responsive and cooks for retina displays. therefore, it guarantees the best watch on any screen.
The Lightly root is minimalist and content-centric. It includes a slider and widgets for the main page, which can be edited merely by dragging and dropping elements.
The Longform subject is focused on storytelling. It is compatible with the Aesop Story Engine plugin, which contains tools for writers. It is wholly responsive, ready for retina displays, and easy to customize.

The Education Hub root is focused on educational websites. The layouts are highly customizable, the design is reactive, and it allows you to include images in the header, in addition to bringing sliders and widgets.
The Dyad composition combines images and texts on the independent foliate. It has infinite scroll and allows you to add a logo and customize menus and colors, among other features.
sol, which of the WordPress theme on our number did you find the most complete, attractive, and functional? Do you already use any of them?

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