Fruit tart from Kasama Kasama’s fruit tart

| Photo courtesy of Kasama

Kasama’s yield tart

| Photo courtesy of Kasama

Shower think: Do you always think about the improbability of humanness discovering baking? Do you always think about how, in order to create cakes, bread, pastries, and all of the early best, tastiest, most delightful foods in the world, some ridicule in Egypt around 8000 BC had to have the idea to grab some fantastic yeast from a brewer, mix it with water, and then grind up a bunch of plants until they turned into flour? Do you ever think about how they had to mix and heat everything precisely, without stand mixers or boast ovens? suffice it to say, the fact that baked goods exist today is nothing short of a miracle. Celebrate this miracle this vacation season and beyond by hitting up one of the standout Chicagoland bakeries that nobly carry on the custom of that one guy in Egypt all those years ago.

La Boulangerie

multiple locations
A bread fan’s dream, La Boulangerie imports all of their flour from France and makes all of their bread, pastries, and other treats from rub every good morning before they open. Grab a loaf of bread each of Brioche and Sourdough and use them to treat yourself to the best homemade french pledge you’ll ever have.

Aya Pastry

West Town
Helmed by Michelin-starred pastry chef Aya Fukai, Aya Pastry is a must-visit in West Town for treats both dulcet and mouth-watering. Their menu is wide-ranging, including overstuffed Apple Pies and french Galettes made with seasonal fillings right aboard downy Shokupan, a traditional Japanese milk bread. The most alluring and beautiful offerings on the menu include the ( gluten detached ! ) wonderfully chewy Matcha Mochi Cake and the toasty good of the Black Sesame Cake but don’t overlook their bread and breakfast pastries either.

Good Ambler

Fulton Market
Good Ambler doesn’t merely supplement their chocolate offerings with a crescent roll or scone, they go all out with a stunning range of cakes, pastries, cookies, and adorably-decorated chocolates. No matter whether you’re rhenium looking for a custom specialization coat or a simple but perfectly-assembled BLTA, Good Ambler has you covered. The professional activity is to bring a laptop, post up on one of the couches, and make beneficial Ambler your remote control office for the sidereal day, sipping coffee beans and treating yourself to pastries as necessary. Just remember, Kouign Amann is pronounced “ Queen Ah-mon. ”

Lost Larson

Andersonville & Wicker Park
Lost Larson is a true baker’s second bakery. They mill their own flour using a traditional stone mill, and they make their pastries and bread with a long-fermentation method that actually boosts natural flavors. Both locations offer an across-the-board diverseness of broil goods, including not-to-be-missed, rotate offerings like seasonal worker tarts and bread entirely available on certain days of the week ( wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate miss Friday ’ second Challah ), while the Andersonville location besides includes cafe goods like quiches and sandwiches.

Thrillist TV

history of The History of Tailgating


Dating to 1992, Bittersweet is one of Chicago’s most fabled bakeries and has earned that repute by creating some of the most stunning cakes the city has always seen. Don ’ thymine believe us? Ask Eddie Vedder, Michael Jordan, and Oprah, all of whom trusted Bittersweet to create custom wonders for them. That said, even if you’re not planning a marriage or some huge event that requires a four-foot-tall cake shaped like a dinosaur, Bittersweet is worth your time, as they stock a broad choice of pastries and bread from Macarons to Brioche Rolls. We particularly recommend their Tarte Belle-Hélène, an absolutely crafted and delicate blend of poaching pears and chocolate frangipane.

Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafters

Gold Coast
The history of how Renaud Hendrickx became a baker is a relatable one. Growing up at boarding school, he was regularly given a while of bread alongside some dark chocolate every day after deferral. It was the best bread he had always had, and, unable to find any that matched astir to it no matter where he traveled, he vowed to recreate it. Years subsequently, he did—only he forgot to write down the proportions. ultimately, he was able to recreate it a second time, this clock time with a written recipe. All this is to say that as one of the city’s lone true Belgian bakeries, Hendrickx is wholly devoted to the craft of breadmaking. The Belgian Country Bread is a must, but don’t leave without sampling the croissants and chocolate arsenic well.


Ukrainian Village
Kasama offers a wide range of fantastic Filipino foods, from Pickled Papaya to Adobo-marinated Chicken Thighs to Lumpia, which makes the fact that they are one of the city’s best bakeries seem unfair. First-come-first-served pastries from perfectly-executed classics like Apple Hand Pies to more creative items like Ube-huckleberry Basque Cake top the prize tilt. Be sure to be agile, however—they regularly sell out.


You’ll be distressed to find better hand-forged boodle than the beautifully crusty loaves here, and pastries like Monkey Bread, muffins, and fruit-studded scones are delightful adequate to turn just about anyone into a dawn person.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Gold Coast
Yes, tourists, downtown shoppers, and bachelor girl parties flock to this local outpost of this cupcake chain like bees to honey. But don’t thyroxine is fooled by the cutesy post and gimmicky cupcake ATM—the cupcakes are well worth the ballyhoo ( and the Gold Coast price tag ).

Delightful Pastries

Jefferson Park
Unlike most Chicago-area bakeries, which only bring out the Pączki once a year, this European shop offers the traditional polish pastry year-round for your enjoyment. The treats come in flavors like plum jelly and custard-filled and share the stage with everything from Apricot Kolaczki to Blueberry Turnovers. If you’re not in the temper for pączki, Delightful Pastries besides offers an assortment of other pastries, cakes, and cookies, all made with the philosophy that fantastic ingredients don’t need to be covered in boodle to taste great.

Dinkel’s Bakery

From strudels and tarts to cookies and its celebrated Stollen, this german outstation has been the answer to Chicago’s collective oven-fresh needs for the better separate of a century—they’ll be celebrating 100 years in business in 2022. If sweets aren’t your thing, don’t worry, they besides offer a selection of sandwiches and quiches to satisfy the savory place.

Sweet Mandy B’s

multiple locations
Washed in pastel hues and equipped with a pastry display bursting with colorful cookies and cupcakes, Sweet Mandy B ‘s is an authentic boodle monster’s fairytale. Go forth and banquet.


Lincoln Park
Given that Sweet Mandy B’s and Floriole share the same obstruct and produce some of the best baked goods in the city, we couldn’t recognize one without the other. Floriole boasts a varied menu full of fresh pastries both savory and sweet—our mouths are watering right now imagining their Basque Cake. But preceptor metric ton overlooks their freeze take-and-bake offerings. If you go to Floriole and leave without a four-pack of Croissant Dogs, you’re doing it faulty.

Scafuri Bakery

little Italy
This tested, the family-owned establishment has been around since 1904, and after just one bite of its housemade Cannoli, you’ll understand why—it’s that well. The consort Italian cookies and Sfogliatelle deserve credit for their longevity as well but don’t leave the bakery without at least glancing at their proto-Indo European menu, which features about 20 different mouth-watering varieties.

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

Logan Square
Get your pie fix alongside a piping hot plate of Biscuits and Gravy at this countrified eat-in bakery and cafe. The pies rotate daily and are available for pre-order every day of the week. It ’ mho fabled for a argue.

Revival Cafe Bar & Bakery

Helmed by pastry great Mindy Segal ( Mindy’s Hot Chocolate ), this cozy oasis within the buzzy Revival Food Hall is stocked with all things caffeinated, bibulous, and baked. Stop by the one-stop shop for Brioche Donuts and nitro lattes on blueprint during the day, followed by stiff ( and coffee-infused, if you wish ) cocktails in the evening.

Goddess and the Baker

multiple locations
Sure, you can score an all-around meal hera, but wouldn’t you quite have a multi-course banquet of Rainbow Layer Cake, Iced Cut-out Cookies, Pecan Sticky Buns, and hulking Rice Crispy Treats rather? The option is yours.

Hoosier Mama Pie Company

multiple locations
With locations in both Chicago and Evanston, this bathetic pie shop class has earned a slice of both city and suburban pie markets with its rotating choice of fresh-baked endeavors. The angelic creations are available hale, by the slice, or in flights, and come in flavors like Hoosier Sugar Cream, Pear Apple Cranberry with walnut decay, and Maple Pecan.

La Fournette

Old Town
Step inside this classic french bakery and you’ll swear you’ve merely been teleported to a tranquillity Parisian side street. Brioche, croissants, beignets, and baguettes abound, and, as a lend bonus, most of their bread contains natural sourdough starters, giving everything La Fournette makes a special touch.

Panaderia Nuevo Leon

Panaderoa Nuevo Leon has been a staple in the Pilsen community for a half-century. The Mexican bakery specifies traditional favorites, including Pan Dulce, Churros, and Flan, ampere well as piquant tortillas slathered with jalapeño and chili guajillo.

Baker Miller

Lincoln Square
Whether you’re lingering over a casual oatmeal breakfast or neglect to pick up a Bacon, Egg, and Brie Sandwich on the go, there’s no better place to kickstart your day in Lincoln Square than here. All the baked goods are made with flour milled in-house. It’s south besides located right across the street from a gymnasium, but cipher needs to know that.


West Loop
This carbo-loaded attachment to Stephanie Izard’s Little Goat Diner sells a batch of cookies and frosting creams, but the true belles of the ball are the super-experimental bake goods they trot out, from a coat that looks like a pie, to a have-to-try-it-to-understand-its-greatness Chocolate French Fry Pie.

West Town Bakery

multiple Locations
Artsy, graffiti-inspired walls and bolshevik, egg white, and amobarbital sodium booth-seating chew over this bakery and diner’s playful menu. Dark Matter chocolate, drink aplenty, sustainability-driven baked goods and gut-busting brunch eats like a Chorizo-egg Croissant Sandwich and Caramel Apple French Toast round things out. Want more Thrillist? Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, and Snapchat.

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