10 Best Free Responsive HTML5 Web Templates in 2018

web site template is the best solution for web site building. here are 10 best rid responsive HTML5 web templates in 2018 for creative and herculean web site build. In the early days of web development, good, unblock web site templates were hard to find. fortunately, web designers and developers are nowadays sharing free responsive web HTML5 templates, free Bootstrap templates, and free CSS templates through the Internet. due to the flexibility and mighty features of these web site templates, need has grown for responsive HTML5, Bootstrap and CSS web templates. Mockplus has compiled the best free responsive HTML5 web templates in 2018 that are easy to learn and implement promptly.

Why did HTML5, Bootstrap, and CSS3 website templates get so popular?

1. HTML5 supports all browsers and is the latest markup linguistic process for creating bang-up websites. Due to the increasing popularity of the HTML5 lyric, HTML5 web site templates are besides popular. 2. CSS3 is the latest version of the CSS terminology to provide the best style sites, such as unlimited color combinations, great font styles, baptismal font selection, and more. In general, the CSS3 language makes your web site beautiful and stylish. 3. Bootstrap has become one of the most democratic front-end frameworks for exploiter interface developers. Its advantage lies in its exposed source serviceability. It could save a fortune of time for UI developers. In addition, Bootstrap has some advanced features, such as mobile-friendly, SAAS, clean and lightweight code, cross-browser compatibility, and so on. So that most designers can use this framework to create reactive websites with less prison term and campaign .

5 Best Free Responsive HTML5 Web Templates in 2018

1. Boxus — A Creative Website Template for Software Companies and Web Design Companies

Development Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, jQuery Website Features:

  • Creative agency template
  • Sticky navigation bar
  • Google Maps
  • Social media icons
  • Colorful interface
  • Font icon
  • Bright color scheme

Boxus is a creative free responsive HTML5 web site template for creative and moral force software companies and web design companies. It has an excellent layout and responsiveness. Most importantly, it provides the latest JavaScript plugins that make the templates more efficient and brawny. An prompt and stunning free HTML5 web template can importantly reduce prison term and increase design productiveness .

2. AweSplash — Free HTML Splash Page

Development Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, jQuery Website Features:

  • Slider
  • Responsive retinal menu
  • Ghost button
  • SEO friendly
  • Device response
  • jQuery & Javascript plugin
  • YouTube and Vimeo Player plug-ins

AweSplash is ideal as a welcome page or any early bring page to launch a newly merchandise or announce an approaching event. It has four attractive presentation pages. Ghost buttons allow you link to approaching products. The Javascript plugin called Animate Headline makes the page even more beautiful. This free HTML5 template show has a beautiful background slither prototype .

3. Beverages — Free Restaurant Bootstrap Responsive Website Template

Development Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, Bootstrap Website Features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Support customization
  • Build with valid HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Use Google web fonts
  • Bootstrap framework

Beverages is a 100 % responsive web site template with a restaurant subject that applies to the design of any food and beverage web site. It is compatible with all devices and can display on all screen sizes. Because it built wholly in the Bootstrap model, HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery, you can well convert this template for any other type of business .

4. TravelAir — A Free HTML Website Template for Travel Sightseeing

Development Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, jQuery Website Features:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Sticky title
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Google Fonts

TravelAir has a alone and creative home page design using a modern plan layout. There is an owl carousel luger with deed textbook on the home page. In accession, there is a jQuery UI Calendar travel booking form. At the home page, there are go packages, the destinations, and sections about your party, which will impress visitors with a professional and polished web page .

5. Jessica- A Free HTML Website Template for Nutritionist

Development Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, JS, jQuery Website Features:

  • Bootstrap V3 +
  • Minimalist design
  • HTML5 CSS3
  • Google Font Download (Montserrat)
  • Style Guide (Developer Usage and Template Design Guide)

As a dietician web site template, Jessica uses a minimalist style network purpose, with a beautiful tinge outline and appetizing food images. The nutriment web site templates are fresh and attractive with topics such as health, fitness, body, food, beauty, diet, burden passing coaches, female coaches, and women ’ mho diet.

3 Best Free Bootstrap Website Templates in 2018

1. Vex — Free Bootstrap 4 Landing Page Template

Development Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4 alpha.5, JS, jQuery Website features:

  • Parallax background effect
  • Email subscription options
  • Footer menu
  • Bootstrap 4 framework
  • Friendly user interface

Vex is built with the recently released Bootstrap 4 CSS framework and is very responsive. In summation, Bootstrap 4 provides developers and users interface tractability and Vex templates are fluid optimized for viewing on smaller screens .

2. Conceit — A Free Bootstrap Responsive Web Template for Enterprise

Development Technology: Bootstrap framework, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery Website features:

  • 100% response Bootstrap slider
  • Icon based on Font Awesome
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Google Fonts
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Image conversion effect

Conceit is a 100 % responsive, cross-browser, modern, web site template that provides multiple pages and is multi-purpose for a variety of businesses and enterprises. It ’ s a high-use template that allows users to build their own creative web site. This template provides a variety show of commodious pages templates including about pages, contact pages, 404 pages, latest blogs and so on. The design of this template is based entirely on the Bootstrap framework, HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery build .

3. Asentus — A Free Responsive HTML5 Template for Guiding Page

Development Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3, JS, jQuery Website features:

  • Sticky menu bar
  • Sliding title background
  • Ghost button
  • HTML5/CSS3

If you want a free bodied proxy web site template that is lightweight, flexible and easy to customize, a well as loose for clientele and personal use, Asentus is precisely what you want. This is a free HTML5 template with adaptive guidance for corporate agencies. This template is extremely clean and elegant .

2 Other Free Web Templates

1. Garage — Free HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Development Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3, JS, jQuery Website features:

  • Parallax effect
  • W3C valid tag
  • Smooth transition effect
  • Cross-browser support
  • 100% responsive layout
  • 100% search engine friendly

garage is a completely special creative template developed by the Webdomus development team and is peculiarly desirable for old-timer or classic car displays. This multi-page reactive HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap template has related sections to meet customer needs .

2. Graffiti Artist — Free CSS Web Page Template for Graffiti Art

Development Technology: HTML 5, CSS 3, Website features:

  • Convenient web editing portal
  • Rich tutorial
  • Design Tools

Graffiti is a spare CSS web page template for graffito artists, street photographers, and creative professionals. Artworks and creative projects are beautifully displayed on the battlefront and focus on of the template. The attention-getting black-and-white media and parallax scroll provide a arrant background for a full-bodied and alone stylus .


If you are looking for the best free responsive HTML website templates, Bootstrap and CSS web templates in 2018, fair overt any of the above and download them ! These are some of the best ways to save prison term and attempt. If you want to have your own web site but do not have any development lyric, it is recommended to use a prototyping joyride, such as Mockplus, to quickly complete the web site template invention. Simply download a built-in web site template like the examples mentioned above. Besides, you can download more loose web site templates on the Mockplus web site. Just assailable one of these templates in the Mockplus software and start design by importing pictures and other components. Your HTML5 web site prototype design will be completed well ! You may besides concerned in :

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