The Original BiCO Jig is a 3/8 ounce lead-free jig with a 5/0 Owner deep-throat, wide-gap pilfer. It ’ randomness designed to be a versatile bass jig, ideal for targeting shallow cover like skipping under trees and docks, and/or being fished as a swim jig .
It was designed and perfected more than twenty-five years ago. It ’ s the master jig that Bill started making and now the flagship jig of the BiCO Performance Jigs stigmatize. That ’ mho why we call it “ The Original ”.

BiCO Jig Specifications One of the features that sets the Original apart from most early arkie jigs is the singular hook invention and how it relates with the weedguard. It ’ s alignment allows for a potent, more elongate weedguard without compromising hooksets. This makes the original BiCO Jig the most weedless jig you ’ ll ever pisces .
The sharp-angle deflect of the addict besides keeps trailers from sliding down the cannon. Plastics will stay in place naturally when sitting close against the bend. This makes trailers last longer with minimal tearing that telegram keepers can cause to occur .
The jig besides features a flatten promontory, which offers particular benefits. For one, it makes it skip on the surface better than conventional jigs. The heads are made lead-free in order to increase size without adding supernumerary weight. This gives the directly side of the jig a wide surface area that allows it to skip exceptionally well .
The jig lead-free composition besides makes it environmentally safe, and legal to use in states that ban lead fishing gear.

In accession, its flathead design allows jig-and-trailer presentations to stand erect when in contact with the bottom. When at rest, the tail-end of the trailer will point up, giving the profile an appeal, lifelike presentation .
Check out this submerged video recording to see it in military action .
Being built for versatility, it performs evenly deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a swim jig. The jig fountainhead is tapered, which allows it to slip quietly through all types of aquatic vegetation. That, in junction with the starchy fiber weedguard, makes the original BiCO Jig unusually snag repellent when swimming it.

Flip Jig vs Swim Jig The jig comes in fourteen different discolor combinations to cover the spectrum of fishing conditions. The heads are painted with a very durable, high-gloss coating that will not peel off in chunks like most jigs. They are paired with bad, highly detail silicone skirts that are secured with a thick rubberize band .
As always, the jigs are made in the USA, personally assembled by Bill to ensure the lapp level of choice he requires for himself .

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