Commercial visits in United States

In November, a technical and commercial team of Biovet S.A. visited the United States to meet representatives from leading poultry, farrow and turkey farms matter to in the use of natural additives to improve health and nutrition of their animals. In addition, on Wednesday 6 November, Dr. Júlia Pié gave the conference ‘Use of Natural Multifunctional in Animal Production’ in the framework of the Symposium on Gut Health that was held in St. Louis ( Missouri ).

South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and North Carolina were the states visited that prison term. Meetings were largely arranged with producers and dietician of broilers, pigs and turkeys farms. The latest developments related to pronutrients line of Biovet S.A. were presented : For broilers producers, one of the products that caused the greatest interest was Alquermold Natural. A natural preservative indicated for the prevention and treatment of necrotic enteritis. This is one of the chief pathologies that affects the american continent and causes many economic losses. On the other hand, Alquernat Zycox was besides presented. It is an intestinal optimizer that can substitute amprolium and chemical coccidiostats on top. ultimately, the natural immunoestimulant, Alquernat Immuplus, and its use for the improvement of the immune reply in in ovo vaccines was introduced. For pig producers, it was presented the intestinal conditioner , Alquernat Nebsui, contains pronutrients which promote the positive feedback of enterocytes and improve the assimilation of nutrients. It is indicated for the prevention of post-weaning diarrhea and allows the antibiotic surrogate. In addition, it is presented as a natural alternate to replace zinc oxide.

Alquernat Coneb, intestinal optimizers and conditioners prnutrients, was the most outstanding product for turkeys. It is a natural merchandise which stimulate the regeneration of the digestive mucous membrane and make certain the local immune system in the catgut is working by rights. Its consumption protects the digestive system of the animal from protozoal infection such as Cochlosoma .

Conference in the Symposium on Gut Health

In St. Louis ( Missouri ), Dr. Júlia Pié, veterinarian of Biovet S.A. presented a league about the practice of the Alquermix multifunctional in the production of broilers. The conference was given in the symposium on Gut Health, held annually in this north american country. The league was about a trial of Alquermix, Alquermix is a multifunctional additive that contains nine products such as mycotoxin binders, preservatives, enzymes, probiotics and pronutrients. It should be noted that Alquermix can replace these additives normally added in prey. furthermore, its recipe can be adjusted to the needs of every productive stagecoach and coinage.

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