A quinceañera celebrates a young dame ’ s transition to womanhood on her fifteenth birthday. normally celebrated by Latina and Hispanic women, this meaningful event combines time-honored traditions and cultural rituals with an epic post-ceremony knock .
Quinceañeras, like early milestone events, often feature a beautiful subject that honors the birthday female child ’ mho personality and style. Renowned quince planner Dee Lee of Dee Lee Designs, shares, “ As a quince interior designer, I love having the creative exemption to dream something up. Dare to be bluff and different. ” She goes on to say, “ I love adding fresh, singular colors and textures. ”

So How Do You Pick a Quinceañera Theme?

Another long-familiar quince planner, Cortez Event Agency, reveals, “ The most important thing to take into bill when selecting the theme of the party is the quinceañera ’ s ( aka the birthday girlfriend ) style and opinion. During this transitional period, girls normally have a fortune of mix emotions and opinions, and many times they have contradictory ideas from their parents. ”
Cortez Event Agency continues, “ Hence, our goal is to always connect with the quinceañera so that they are mindful that we are going to maintain their vision. We get to know their likes and dislikes — songs they might want to listen to, colors they might want to use, and things that they believe are key to their celebration. This direction we create the atmosphere and sight that the quinceañera has in mind and desires. ”

Keep read to discover some of our favorite quinceañera themes on PartySlate. As Dee Lee reminds us, “ Every daughter has dream of her fairy-tale day. ” These celebrations are nothing short-circuit of “ happily always after. ”

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What is the Most Common Quinceañera Theme?

According to Dee Lee of Dee Lee Designs, “ Cinderella is in the top 3 most requested quinceañera themes. It is a very classic and dateless root. ”
other popular themes incorporate the classic fairytale theme. Lee says, “ Popular colors to keep in mind for a ‘ royal princess ’ vibration are pink, gold, silver, and embrown. Incorporating different colors, textures, and tones all help pull together the perfect day of your dreams. ”
Of course, Dee reminds us, “ There is no rule on what the perfect quinceañera should look like ! Get creative and make your day look deoxyadenosine monophosphate unlike as you want it to be. ”

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