The amendments made by the act besides set out the rates that employees of Gist Limited who were already members of the BOC Retirement Savings Plan ( or became members of the Plan ) as at 1 July 2019 were able to contribute to the BOC Retirement Savings Plan. Investments ( continued ) other investment balances 20202019 ££Outstanding sales1,931,916-Dividends and Interest Receivable6,690- 1,938,606- 2020£ 2019£Outstanding purchases ( 1,610,000 ) – AVC Investments Members of the Scheme may make extra voluntary contributions to a rate of investment facilities, which are administered by the Trustee of BOC Retirement Savings Plan ( BOCRSP ). pension : ( Clause 8 ) You have decided not to participate in the BOC Retirement Savings Plan, but payments in respect of pension are set out in Clause 8 vacation : ( Clause 10 ) 25 days per calendar year. Gist Summary Report and AccountsChair ’ s welcomeWelcome to the 2019 Summary Report and Accounts for members of the BOC Retirement Savings Plan ( the RS Plan ) .As in previous editions, we ’ ve included information about the RS Plan ’ sulfur accounts and how the investment funds are performing.We ’ ve added some important pensions news on Coronavirus, scam, an update on your tax allowances, and an overview of who runs the RS Plan.

    Chairman ’ s welcome Welcome to the 2019 Summary Report and Accounts for members of the BOC Retirement Savings Plan ( the RS Plan ). The BOC Retirement Savings Plan ( “ the Plan ” ) is made up of two sections : the RS ( “ Retirement Savings ” ) department and the AVC ( “ AVC ” ) section. The changes to this deed are summarised as follows : The Rules of the BOC Retirement Savings Plan were amended thus that active members of the Gist Limited Pension Scheme and the Gist Limited Stakeholder Pension Plan mechanically became members of the BOC Retirement Savings Plan following the blockage of the Gist Limited Pension Scheme to future accumulation. Signed on behalf of the trustee by : Andrew CheseldineAndrew Cheseldine, for Capital Cranfield Pension Trustees Limited Chair of the Trustee of the BOC Retirement Savings Plan November 2020Statement regarding DC administration ( continued ) Appendix I : statement of Investment PrinciplesThis has been removed from this section and has been shown as an Appendix to the Report and Accounts. AVC InvestmentsMembers of the Scheme may make extra volunteer contributions to a crop of investing facilities, which are administered by the Trustee of BOC Retirement Savings Plan ( BOCRS Plan ). investment objectives, scheme and risk ( continued ) The following board summarises the extent to which the assorted classes of investments are affected by fiscal risks : RiskFRS 102 requires the disclosure of information in relation back to sealed investment risks to which BOC Retirement Savings Plan ( “ the Plan ” ) is exposed to at the end of the report period .

  • retirement Savings plan means the Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Retirement Savings Plan, as amended from time to time, together with any exchangeable, succeeding or substitute plan .
  • Retirement plan means a plan which provides retirement benefits to you and which is not funded wholly by your contributions. The term shall not include a profit-sharing design, informal wage continuance design, registered retirement savings plan, breed possession design, 401 ( K ) or a non-qualified design of submit recompense .
  • Savings plan or “ plans ” means a plan that provides different investment strategies and allows bill distributions for qualified higher education expenses .
  • Retirement Plans means the retirement income, auxiliary executive retirement, excess benefits and retiree medical, animation and similar benefit plans providing retirement perquisites, benefits and service credit rating for benefits at least as great in the aggregate as are collectible thereunder anterior to a Change in Control ;
  • auxiliary Retirement plan means ( iodine ) the Company ’ south Amended and Restated Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan, ( two ) the Company ’ s Supplemental Management Retirement plan, ( three ) the Company ’ s Amended and Restated Top Hat Restoration Plan, and ( four ) the Company ’ randomness Defined Contribution Restoration Plan .
  • SERP has the mean assigned thereto in section 5 ( degree centigrade ) hereof .
  • Pre-Retirement Survivor Benefit means the benefit set away in Article 6 .
  • eligible Retirement plan means an individual retirement account described in section 408 ( a ) of the Code, an individual retirement annuity described in department 408 ( b-complex vitamin ) of the Code, an annuity plan described in section 403 ( a ) of the Code, or a dependent faith described in section 401 ( a ) of the Code, that accepts the Distributee ‘s eligible Rollover Distribution. however, in the lawsuit of an eligible Rollover Distribution to the survive Spouse, an eligible retirement plan is an person retirement account or individual retirement annuity .
  • Salaried Employee means any salaried employee of the Company or of any Affiliate.
  • Retirement eligible means that the Participant has either attained age 60 and completed 10 years of Service as an Employee or attained age 65 and completed five years of Service as an Employee .
  • Disability retirement for design 1 members, means the menstruation
  • profit Sharing Plan means a profit-sharing design that is qualified pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 401 of the Internal Revenue Code and topic to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, and which provides for employer contributions in the form of cash, but not in the form of stock or other equity interests in a Medical Marijuana Business .
  • auxiliary Retirement Benefit means the benefit account payable to a Participant pursuant to this plan by reason of his result of employment with the Company and all Affiliates for any reason early than end .
  • Qualifying Retirement means the Employee ’ s voluntary termination of use after the Employee has ( i ) attained ( X ) senesce sixty-five ( 65 ), ( Y ) age fifty-five ( 55 ) with ten ( 10 ) Years of Service as a full-time employee of the Partnership or any of its Affiliates, or ( Z ) an age which, when added to such Years of Service of the Employee equals at least seventy-five ( 75 ), and ( two ) previously delivered a written notice of retirement to the Partnership and on the date of retirement the Employee has satisfied the minimal applicable advance written notice prerequisite set forth below : age at Voluntary Termination Number of Years of Advance Notice 58 or younger 59 60 or older 3 years 2 years 1 year By way of exemplification, and without limiting the forfeit, if ( i ) the Employee is eligible to retire at senesce fifty-nine ( 59 ) after ten ( 10 ) Years of Service, ( two ) the Employee gives two ( 2 ) years notice at age fifty-eight ( 58 ) that the Employee intends to retire at old age sixty ( 60 ), and ( three ) the Employee late terminates employment at age fifty-nine ( 59 ), then the Employee ’ s retirement at senesce fifty-nine ( 59 ) would not constitute a Qualifying Retirement. however, if ( one ) the Employee is eligible to retire at age fifty-nine ( 59 ) after ten ( 10 ) Years of Service, ( two ) the Employee gives two ( 2 ) years notice at old age fifty-eight ( 58 ) that the Employee intends to retire at age sixty ( 60 ), and ( three ) the Employee terminates use upon reaching age sixty ( 60 ), then the Employee ’ s retirement at long time sixty ( 60 ) would constitute a Qualifying Retirement .
  • parsimony plan means the Financial Institutions Thrift Plan, a certified and tax-exempt defined contribution plan and hope under Sections 401 ( a ) and 501 ( a ) of the Code, as adopted by the Bank .
  • Disability Retirement Date means the first day of the calendar month after which a Participant incurs a disability .
  • Plan Benefit means the profit collectible to a Participant as calculated in Article V .
  • Deferred Compensation Plan means any design, agreement or musical arrangement maintained by the company from clock to time that provides opportunities for deferral of compensation .
  • Designated Retirement Account means any retirement plan or score described or qualified under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, or a subaccount thence .
  • Retirement fund means the “ Washington jurisprudence enforcement
  • Deferred Retirement Date means the last day of the Plan Year in which a Participant terminated Service after his normal Retirement Date .
  • supplementary Retirement Income Benefit means an annual come ( before taking into account union and state income taxes ), account payable in monthly installments throughout the Payout Period. such benefit is projected pursuant to the Agreement for the purpose of determining the Contributions to be made to the Retirement Income Trust Fund ( or Phantom Contributions to be recorded in the Accrued Benefit Account ). The annual Contributions and Phantom Contributions have been actuarially determined, using the assumptions set away in Exhibit A, in order to fund for the project Supplemental Retirement Income Benefit. The auxiliary Retirement Income Benefit for which Contributions ( or Phantom Contributions ) are being made ( or recorded ) is set forth in Exhibit A .
  • individual retirement report means a trust, custodial placement, or annuity under section 408 ( a ) or ( b ), Internal Revenue Code of 1954 ( 26 U.S.C. department 408 ( 1986 ) ).
  • Health benefits plan means a benefits plan which pays or
  • Qualified Retirement means any termination of your use with the Company Group that occurs on or after your sixtieth birthday, at a time when no penis of the Company Group is entitled to discharge you for Cause, sol retentive as you have served the Company Group endlessly for at least the five-year menstruation immediately preceding that termination .
  • Nonqualified submit compensation design means a recompense plan described in incision 3121 ( v ) ( 2 ) ( C ) of the Internal Revenue Code .

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