Industries and applications suitable for the Hardwood Timber Bog Mats

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Hardwood Timber Bog Mats for Temporary Access and Ground Protection.

Limit the chance of bogged down vehicles with our Hardwood Timber Bog Mats !
Elite GSS Ltd ’ s Hardwood Timber Bog Mats are manufactured from european hardwood which is hardwearing when used as a impermanent roadway application in all fields of the construction industry .
This timber is used to reduce axle weight pressures and risk of wrong, specially where access is required and clandestine services are installed.

The Hardwood Timber Bog Mats are sourced from contracted sawmills in Europe which respect National Forest Management Plans, to be environmentally reclaimable and cause minimum ground disturbance and environmental shock .
In addition, the Hardwood Timber Bog Mats are desirable for all types of application and can take weights well in surfeit of 50+ tonnes, and have been weight tested up to 250 tonnes ( depending on ground conditions ) .

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Read the Information Leaflet or Technical/Installation Guide for more specifications .

Size: 3-6m [L] x 1m [W] x 70-300mm [D]
Weight: 230Kg – 1600Kg
Load: Suggested 50-200 tonnes, weight tested up to 250 tonnes (depending on ground conditions)
Material: 100% Hardwood Timber
Regulatory: National Forest Management Plans via contracted sawmills


A connection system is not required to secure these bog down mats into place.
A filtration fabric can be laid out anterior to use .

Geotextile Membrane (non-woven or woven) Geotextile non-woven membrane Geotextile woven membrane
Machinery is required.
We recommend a crane or heavy duty forklift to manoeuvre each panel into place using the lifting points at either end and laid next to one another.


We have chosen some samara features to show how functional and cost-efficient this intersection can be .

  • Various sizes and thicknesses available
  • Protects ground and underground services
  • Ability to be used with steel tracked vehicles
  • Easy install with simple lifting points and no need to connect together
  • Environmentally friendly and sourced

Handling & Storage

Gloves should be worn when handling this intersection. We deliver safely to site, for transporting or storing using mechanical equipment. This may vary for some products .
Please read our Technical & Installation Guide for this product .
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National Forest Management Plans
Made from 100% Hardwood
Timber for multi-purposes
that are long lasting.


environmental Management has been considered to reduce or eliminate the negative, and maximise the positive impacts to make this product sustainable. Bear in mind the impingement on the environment, by understanding what can cause and impact the physical environment around when using this solution .

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Delivery Options

Same Day Delivery      Next Day Delivery      Standard 3 Days Delivery
Typical enquiries handled within 1 hour from receiving your call.

Need to knows

We advise to use plant machinery with rubberize or tracked wheels are recommended to carry and place the timbre mats into position and wrong will be the sole duty of the customer and user of the mats. When assessing establish conditions on locate we advise seeking professional mastermind guidance if there is any doubt. It is the users duty to assess the load-bearing capability of the footing, and to only operate vehicles within the weight unit that the flat coat is capable of safely supporting .
5mph A site limit must be adhered to when using this product.
A web site specify must be adhered to when using this merchandise.

Elite GSS Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever from any damage, loss or injury arising from the installation and ground conditions on which these products are used.

We help to obtain right solution for your purpose

Whether you are diffident this product is right field for the job or you need to choose something specific for the aim, we can frequently offer extra solutions out of our extensive scope .

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