Bolenz & Schäfer becomes Roth Hydraulics and reinforces its international presence – Subsidiary in the USA

change is afoot for Bolenz & Schäfer GmbH from Biedenkopf-Eckelshausen. The Roth Industries auxiliary is to operate under Roth Hydraulics GmbH from May 2016. The traditional ship’s company for hydraulic accumulators, which has belonged to the Roth Group since 1989, will now bear the logo of its parent company Roth Industries. A subsidiary company opened in North America back in January 2016 under the new brand : Roth Hydraulics NA, Inc. in Syracuse, USA .
As part of restructure measures, Roth Industries is bringing together associate business areas in its two fields of build and industrial technology, condensing its professional expertness into six divisions. In doing so, Roth Industries is transforming from a group of companies with different brands into a homogeneous unit with one consistent brand trope. The act was sparked by the entrepreneurial Roth class. All of the divisions will operate under the Roth brand in future – it is the face of the family occupation and gives it a global identity. Bolenz & Schäfer represents the Hydraulic Technology division .
The USA – one of the biggest hydraulics markets in the world
As CEO of Roth Hydraulics Frank Fuchs explains : “ We are delighted to bear the brand appoint of our parent company under the motto ‘ one brand – many strengths ’ and can now take better advantage of synergies across the divisions. Along with the auxiliary founded in Taicang, China last class, this subsidiary company in North America has enabled us to enhance our international presence even further. ” The USA offers one of the biggest markets for hydraulic accumulators, making it a very smart move to establish a subordinate locally and thus gain better entree to the grocery store, as Frank Fuchs explains. Around ten Roth Hydraulics employees will work there in the medium-term .
Accessing new markets – delivering promptly
Roth Hydraulics is able to use existing facilities and infrastructure in Syracuse belonging to Roth Global Plastics which is already based there working in building technology. This includes warehouses, presidency facilities and a output plant, where Roth Hydraulics manufactures bladder accumulators and markets piston and diaphragm accumulators made in Germany.
An on-site components purchasing department simplifies the logistics. The new subordinate supplies North America and Canada with Roth hydraulic accumulators promptly and efficiently. The company hopes the site will help it to deepen customer relationships and gain better access to local markets. It is set to develop a sales and retailer network for catalog products. As head of Sales and Marketing Hartmut Kämmer explains : “ Proximity to the commercialize and our customers leads to better consultation services and shorter delivery times. The customer service department is besides able to act more quickly and efficiently. ”

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Over 60 years of experience with hydraulic accumulators
Roth Hydraulics – previously Bolenz & Schäfer – has been manufacturing hydraulic accumulators at its site in Biedenkopf-Eckelshausen for all manner of applications for over 60 years. Around 100 employees work for Roth Hydraulics.
hydraulic accumulators are economic, efficient and save energy at high power outputs, making them a fairly simple even highly herculean engineering for storing energy and drawing hydraulic world power. This technology involves compressing a hydraulic fluent such as oil in a gas-filled coerce tank. The gas and the hydraulic fluid are separated out using a piston, bladder or diaphragm. The hydraulic fluid compresses the gas, storing hydraulic energy that can then be released mechanically at any time. As the system coerce falls, the gasoline expands, pushing the fluid out of the collector and back into the hydraulic system. Where other technologies that use dearly-won particular products such as capacitors and accumulators in e-hybrid drives are still searching for bum and effective alternatives, hydraulic accumulators are already offering high cost and energy efficiency. Thanks to large power reserves, they make it possible to design smaller units with a reduced and optimize electrical cargo. They can be used for attenuation and brake purposes and to store power that can be retrieved at any time for safety purposes without the need for an extra power add. Roth hydraulic accumulators are consequently use wherever maximum output needs to be generated using little energy, i.e. in plant mastermind, in measuring and testing technology and in mobile hydraulics deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as increasingly in systems that use natural resources such as tip and hydropower .
A modular approach to storage solutions
Adopting a modular approach, Roth Hydraulics accumulators are designed and constructed as piston, bladder or diaphragm accumulators depending on customers ’ requirements. Customers can be sure to receive a high-quality product that offers maximum value for money and a supreme level of performance while requiring very little alimony. Roth Hydraulics ’ understand of choice besides includes support and advising customers on the accumulator acceptance requirements for different countries and applications, a service for which it holds virtually all the certificates required across the worldly concern .
A one-stop supplier of storage technologies
Roth has now won customers all around the global with its comprehensive examination stove of piston, bladder and diaphragm accumulators. Frank Fuchs explains the company ’ second ball-shaped concenter : “ Our comprehensive examination rate places us in an excellent position globally. Expanding our own branches and production facilities in key growing markets was a strategic move. ”

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