education websites are often the first port of call for parents and students wanting to learn more about a school, university, college or on-line training course before deciding to visit or choose it. such sites play a very authoritative character in helping schools, online courses or early educational organizations to attract students. In this article, Mockplus has rounded up 30 of the best dislodge HTML/CSS/Bootstrap department of education web site examples and templates to inspire both UI/UX designers and developers and create an attention-getting, enlightening educational web site quickly. Most of them are release and downloadable with responsive layouts. We hope they can get you started cursorily. Table of contents:

  • Best Free HTML/CSS/Bootstrap Education Web Templates
  • Best Education Website Examples for Your Inspiration
  • Best Places to Download Education Web Templates
  • How to Design An Education Website

Best Free HTML/CSS/Bootstrap Education Web Templates 

1. Webuni Free Bootstrap Online Course Education Website Template

Webuni is a mod, clean and high-converting bootstrap department of education web site template made for on-line courses. It features an attention-getting land page that engages visitors and encourages them to enter a list and e-mail for agile registration. It is fully responsive and has been designed with many practical features and assets, such as bang-up card designs and clear category yellow journalism designs. These will help you create intuitive, effective on-line training course websites like Udemy .

2. Kiddy Free Bootstrap Kindergarten Education Website Template 

Kiddy is a spare, beautiful and trendy Bootstrap education web site template for kids. It is attention-getting and trendy, providing a responsive web site template. It works easily on every device and covers many basic elements, such as call-to-action buttons, sociable media icons, packages, pricing plans, testimonials slider, newsletter subscription, and a gorgeous gallery, and much much more. Whether you are a novice or adept in web site design, you can not fail to be inspired by this template. It will help you create websites for kid playgrounds, child cares, pre-schools or kindergartens easily .

3. Edumark Free Bootstrap Online School Education Website Template

Edumark is a modern, colorful two-dimensional bootstrap education web site for on-line coach. It features a beautiful color dodge that helps attract visitors ‘ eyes promptly. It is besides compatible with all devices and provides many fantastic designs, such as the full-screen banner, call-to-action-buttons, drop-down menu, sticky seafaring, filterable course portfolio, and testimonials. The other designs, such as the newsletter subscription human body, web log pages, and contact section, avail serve and attract users efficaciously. It is perfect for you to create an prosecute, instructive web site for an on-line course, school, and university, etc .

4. Eclipse Free Bootstrap eLearning Education Website Template

Eclipse is another colorful Bootstrap education web site template for on-line classes, schools, colleges or universities. It features a one-page invention that loads very promptly, making biography easier for users. It is versatile, adaptable and is packed with many useful features, such as a strike color scheme, smart learning class carousel, video recording introduction, comprehensive pedestrian, minimalist subscription form, and sociable media connection, etc. What are you waiting for ? Just download it and start exploring its ready-to-use pages that will enable you to create a beautiful web site for your on-line courses or schools .

5. Course Free Bootstrap University Education Website Template

Course is a great joyride for creating a intrigue web site for a university or school. It is professional, responsive and provides all elements necessity, such as a user-friendly, awkward navigation bar, boastfully hero images, testimonials sliders, serve card designs, a mighty search engine and therefore on. aside from the home page, it besides offers more ready-made pages, such as “ About us ”, “ News ” and “ Elements ”. Using this template, it is easy to add texts and images to create the desire impression for your educational web site .

6. Kiddos Free Bootstrap Primary School Website Template 

Kiddos is a free reactive education web site template for kindergartens and junior-grade schools. It features bright colors and clean web designs. It provides the elements you will need and gives you layouts to create your coveted web site cursorily, such as the hero headers, ample icons and card designs, parallax design, image gallery, intuitive pricing table, etc .

7. Lingua Free Bootstrap Language Website Template 

Lingua is a release minimalist Bootstrap web site template for on-line linguistic process determine. It is in full adaptive and provides many languages and have options, such as the one-page design vogue, television backgrounds, clean class menu designs, the countdown timer designs for free courses and a bunch more. It is precisely what you need to create an effective lyric learning web site and can besides be used for drawing, singing, or other after-school activities .

8. Studies Free Bootstrap Responsive Education Website Template

Studies Free Bootstrap Responsive Education Website Template Studies is a free responsive, professional educational institution web site template. It is designed with a Bootstrap model and works absolutely on all common web site browsers, such as Google, Firefox, Safari, IE 10, Opera and indeed forth. many fantastic designs are included, such as attractive images and theme colors, amazing streamer style, drop-down menu, Google map and indeed on. All the elements contained are amply editable and customizable. With a full list of features and assets, it is desirable for all types of educational organizations, such as kindergartens, primary or secondary schools, universities, and on-line education courses .

9. Smart Kids Free Bootstrap School Education Website Template

smart Kids is another beautiful Bootstrap web site template for kindergartens, pre-schools, playschools and other child-centered educational organizations. It has highly responsive layouts and works absolutely on all computers or mobile devices. There are many creative features for you, such as the attention-getting effigy carousel, bright semblance subject, one-page purpose, and smart working reach shape, etc .

10. Etrain Free Bootstrap Online Education Website Template

If you are looking for a web site template with an example manner, Etrain is a effective place to start. Its bright colors and advanced customs illustrations catch the eye straight away. You can not fail to love it. It provides many helpful features, such as the responsive and mobile-ready layouts, gluey navigation, animated statistics, subscription form, testimonials slider and blog pages, etc. It is perfect for on-line courses .

11. Edustage Free Bootstrap Responsive Education Website Template

Edustage is a advanced, comprehensive examination education web site template with a minimalist attend. It offers many good features, such as the release course registration class, testimonials slider, cool brood effects, a sticky navbar design and a countdown timer for release courses, etc. A “ Blog ” page besides helps expand your web site contents effectively. It is perfect to build a hardheaded web site for on-line courses, schools, and universities quickly .

12. Special School Free HTML5/CSS Education Website Template 

special School, as its name suggests, is a perfective originate to build a strike web site for a special school. It features cool hero headers and bright colors. The one-page design enhances UX. It besides provides many web site pages, such as “ Blog, ” “ Services, ” and “ Contact us ” that will give your website a professional look and feel. furthermore, after downloading, not lone can you view the world wide web page details, but you can besides check all relevant CSS codes for faster design and handoff .

13. Art School Free HTML5/CSS Education Website Template 

art School is a free beautiful and high-quality CSS education web site template. As a web site template made for art schools, it has been designed with many aesthetic elements, such as the woolen-texture background, color-palette-like heading, high-quality prototype carousel, personalized fonts, handwriting images, etc. You can easily download to get both of web site pages and the related manner CSS codes .

14. High Edu Free HTML5/CSS3 Education School Website Template

high Edu is a clean and professional Bootstrap educational web site template that suits schools, universities and on-line courses. It is in full reactive and has many striking designs, such as the boastfully bomber header, attention-getting CTA buttons, neat power system designs, rich icons, and elegant fonts, all-in-one footer, registration form, and Google Map, etc. We do like its minimalist look and user-friendly page coil .

15. Digi School Free HTML Education Website Template 

Digi School is a modern and clean educational web site template that fits all kinds of establishments, such as kindergartens, schools, colleges, education institutes and thus on. It provides many features, such as the clean and developer-friendly HTML5 and CSS3 codes, fully responsive layouts, cool parallax scroll, striking double carousel, and gallery, etc. After downloading, you can freely customize the themes, colors, and elements to meet your design needs well .

16. Slate Educational School Free Bootstrap Website Template

Slate Educational School is a colored and minimalist education web site template that fits for many education-related organizations, such as educational institutions, schools, on-line courses, and even learning workshops, etc. It features a very bright discolor theme, giving a very vivid and affirmative feel. The large hero header besides attracts visitors ‘ eyes promptly. The designers have besides added many videos to give information about unlike classes. This helps engages visitors and gives them enough of detail. If you are besides planning to design a web site using videos, this template is a great model to study .

17. School Garden Program Free Education Website Template

School Garden Program is a classifiable web site template made for a agrarian education platform. It has a green and organic color scheme. All relate elements and colors are besides engaging and customizable. If you are building a web site for a special educational program, you will be certain to find divine guidance in this template .

18. Flight School Free Educational Website Template 

If you are looking for web site templates for flight, float, driving or similar schools, Flight School is what you need. even with a minimalist look, it besides provides many helpful designs, such as intuitive navigation, rich hover effects, bang-up layouts, and Google map, etc. After downloading, it is easy to upload your own images and edit the textbook to fit in with the purpose of your own educational websites .

19. Stem Camp Free Education Website Template 

stem Camp is a colorful camp web site template with a directly invention expressive style. It features an attention-getting color composition and an interest exemplification design style. The parallax scrolling enhances UX. The other features, like chic image gallery, Google map and contact form, etc, enrich your web site design easily.

It is suitable to create a courteous page or web site for children ‘s camps, after school programs and the early scholar organizations .

20. Benjamin Brooks Guitar Personal Education Website Template

Benjamin Brooks Guitar is a release and beautiful music education web site template using an impressive example style. It is in full reactive and has very creative custom illustrations, personalize fonts, rich people animations, smooth parallax scroll, and far more compel designs. If you are looking to design a personal educational web site for teaching music or art ( painting or drawing ), this template could be merely what you need .

21. Dance Studio Website Template 

Price : $ 67 dance Studio is a high-end and impressive Bootstrap dance studio web site. It wins for a fall upon bomber trope carousel and a 3D release navigation bar. It could be a great investment for anyone looking to build a web site to promote dance lessons, a dance club, or an on-line dance educate .

22. Streat Dance Responsive Website Template

Price : $ 69 Streat Dance is another modern, aesthetic dance studio web site template that uses trendy grids to showcase different dance classes. It besides has a very smart accordion dash navigation menu, cool dancing photograph backgrounds, and in full reactive layouts. If your keywords are creative, attractive, music, art, and photography then look no further than Streat Dance !

23. Cooking School Responsive Website Template

Price : $ 69 If you are searching around for a web site template for an on-line cook school, Cooking School is an ideal choice for you to consider. It has a fresh and modern front along with clean layouts and features a full-width slider at the top, images, and buttons with ample hover effects .

24. Children Day Care Kindergarten HTML5 Website Template 

Price : $ 72 Children Day Care is a clean and playful kindergarten web site template. It fully reactive and provides 10 base page options with unlike layout and design. It is arrant to be used for preschools and daycare institutions, children groups, playschools, kindergartens, and kids stores .

25. Primary School Responsive Website Template 

Price : $ 69 chief School is a cliched junior school web site template with reactive designs .

26. Online Music Education website Template

Price : $ 69 Online Music Education is a well-crafted on-line music learning web site template. It is a good option for some have music educators to promote their music classes on-line .

27. Peekaboo Children School Website Template 

Price : $ 44 Peekaboo Children School is in full responsive and arrant for children daycares and schools. It provides many features, such as rich people root options, custom shortcodes, ready translations, auto-updates and indeed on. It could be top of the class in meeting all your needs if you want to create a distinctive, effective school web site .

28. Smarty School Kindergarten Website Template

Price : $ 59 Smarty offers a full list of features for you to create impressive websites for kindergartens, schools, and universities, such as 18 pre-built page templates, 4 skin color options, 4 header layouts, Bootstrap-based responsive layouts and sol on .

29. Happy Kids HTNMML5/CSS3 Education Website template

Price : $ 59 felicitous Kids is a childlike, clean, yet professional children ‘s education web site template. It offers outright tinge schemes and 9 cunning backdrop patterns for you to create a compelling web site for kindergartens, daycares, preschools, and early children related businesses .

30. Kids Zone Website Template

Price : $ 59 Kids Zone is a beautiful, playful kid education and training web site template. It features an animated land page that engages visitors promptly. The especial “ Shop ” page besides enrich the web site contents. If you plan to create an enliven education web site, this template can be helpful .

Best Education Website Examples for Your Inspiration

If these best web site templates can not help you, here is 5 of the best department of education web site examples for your divine guidance :

31. L’institute Franco-Chinois Lyon Education Website Example

L’institute features a ex post facto expressive style home page and classifiable layouts, angstrom well as an immersive storytelling design. It besides offers two terminology options for visitors .

32. SCAD Education Website Example

SCAD stands for “ The University for Creative Careers ”. Its official web site has a identical cool and compelling down page. It is a estimable example for you to create a futuristic education web site .

33. Dellas Technological Seminary Education Website Example 

Dellas Technological Seminary has an attention-getting video setting to showcase the real-life at the university. The icon navigation bar on the landing page is besides worth learning .

34. Drexel University Education Website Example 

Drexel University has a very knock-down and comprehensive navigation system that consists of the top sticky navigation stripe, buttocks stripe and sidebar. The beautiful bluff blueprint dash, color dodge, photos, elegant fonts, and interesting logo give the locate an attractive and comfortable tactile property .

35. Queen Anne’s School Education Website Example

Queen Anne ‘s School has a very attractive bring page, creative layouts and cool auto-sliding visualize gallery. It is a good case for anyone want to learn how to design and build a personalize educational web site with an artistic theme .

Best Places to Download Education Web Templates

If the examples we have listed here of educational websites and templates calm do not get the grades for you, why not visit the five websites below which we believe are the best places to search for and download some far ideas .

1. offers many creative, so far easy-to-use WordPress web site templates closely in all aspects. It blogs regularly shares special web site template collections based on different purpose themes. The site has a wide collection of educational web site templates .

2. provides many free CSS web site templates, layouts and menu for designers and developers. many creative educational web site templates are besides included .

3. is a professional web site that shares a wide choice of vane templates. however, some of these resources have been gathered from other places and are, consequently, not barren as advertised. then, pay attention and check the price before downloading your template .

4. is a widely-used professional web site that has over 1000 bounty web site templates for sale. Again, check the price and the features on offer before buy .

5. is another popular template web site that covers closely all available resources, as HTML, WordPress and others. It has a knock-down search engine to help you find what you are looking for. As constantly, check the price before any buy .

How to Design An Education Website? 

Using web site templates is the fastest way for designers and developers to design and build an education web site. however, it is not the alone room. actually, for UI/UX designers, they often browse a lot of web site examples and templates to get inspiration, and then design their own dash department of education websites using handy network design tools ( like Mockplus ). These invention tools can help them streamline the integral web site design serve, from the design prototyping to design collaboration and even design handoff.

You can besides read this article to know how to design a web site in simple 7 steps. Wrap Up We hope this number of what we think are the best free educational web site examples and templates, along with the download sites, will give you all the inspiration you need to create a beautiful, effective education-related web site .

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