Bostik Roll-Cote High-Performance Moisture Vapor Barrier Coating and Primer is a water-based, one-component system formulated to reduce substrate moisture-vapor emissions, premier floors prior to the application of underlayments, and block concrete alkalinity. Roll-Cote™ importantly improves return to-service speed for flooring initiation by combining multiple steps into one merchandise. Roll-Cote™ is desirable for habit in many environments, is compatible with an categorization of flooring types, and can be used on both concrete and wood substrates. No shuffle is required, and it ’ randomness easy-to-apply formulation and fast dry time makes Roll-Cote™ dependable and user-friendly. Roll-Cote™ is durable and low smell, and the black color provides a great ocular indication of coverage during the installation process .

Product Features

  • Unlimited moisture for glue-down hardwood flooring installations – no testing required!
  • Up to 99% RH
  • Premixed and reusable
  • No waste
  • Blocks alkalinity in concrete
  • Versatile–for use on most loose and glue-down flooring types
  • No primer or sand broadcast needed for underlayments
  • Multi-purpose–primer, pH blocker, and moisture mitigation in one
  • Contains Bostik’s Blockade™ Antimicrobial Protection 
  • Contains RapidCure Technology™ 
  • Excellent coverage
  • Low VOCs–CDPH Compliant
  • Compatible with most flooring adhesives and cementitious products
  • Suitable for green concrete 

When properly installed, Bostik Roll-Cote™ is designed to reduce the moisture-vapor emission rate of the most challenge concrete slabs, from up to 25 pounds per 1,000 ft2 per 24 hours to < 3 pound. per 1,000 ft2 per 24 hours ( per ASTM F 1869 ), or from 99 % RH ( per ASTM F2170 ) to 75 % RH equivalent. This nonflammable, humble olfactory property, water-based, non-blushing conceptualization requires no solution wipe or sandpaper circulate, and it has a 3-day application window in which floor covering adhesives must be applied to achieve a potent bond. Bostik Roll-Cote™ is formulated to be effective in blocking the airfoil alkalinity of concrete slab, providing a surface ph tied of 9 or lower, as recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute and the Canadian Carpet Institute, making it ideal for bonding with most adhesives. For hardwood flooring or tile applications on concrete, Roll-Cote™ is rated for unlimited moisture, apply two coats at 200 square feet per gallon each, achieving a dry film thickness of 8 mils for a total coverage of 100 square foot per gallon

For applications up to 90 % RH, or over wood subfloors, apply one coating at 200 square feet per gallon. For applications up to 99 % RH, use two coats at 200 squarely feet per gallon each, achieving a dry film thickness of 8 mils for a total coverage of 100 squarely foot per gallon. For sheet vinyl flooring applications, PVC-backed carpet tiles, and some bouncy deck adhesives, self-leveling underlayments or shock patches may be required for compatibility and to prevent cable of substrate and surface imperfections.

Roll-Cote™ can be used over properly disposed concrete, wood-based subflooring, plywood, high-performance subflooring panels ( for example, Advantech™ ), and oriented-strand boards ( OSB ), radiant-heat deck, and cement-based terrazzo anterior to the initiation of engineered or upstanding hardwood flooring, self-leveling underlayments and floor patches, carpet, vinyl/VCT, porcelain, marble, granite, or ceramic tile floor covering. This low-VOC formulation may contribute toward LEED® credits under Low-Emitting Materials–Coatings, ( as calculated per SCAQMD 1113 and tested per the standard set away as California Department of Public Health CDPH/EHLB/Standard Method Version 1.2, 2017 Emission testing method for CA Specification 01350 )

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