Container orientation is a crucial footstep in the packaging line, specially as container shapes are becoming arsenic singular as the product they are holding. As branding become more and more of a necessity for a product to become successful, container shapes have become more singular, more functional, and often times more difficult to run on a output line. An easy solution for your orientation challenges is to add a stand-alone NEM Orienter System to your existing lineage. Another option is to add a amply integrate NEM Unscrambler monoblocked with one of our Orienters to provide a complete solution for your container unravel and orienting needs.
New England Machinery ( NEM ) designs and builds Orienter Machines for any lotion to promptly and simply orient bottles in a common commission with control movement. NEM ’ s broad tune of bottle or container Orienters include both in-line and circular systems. NEM Orienters are available with the latest technical sensing mechanisms such as photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, UPC scanners, and/ or vision systems. They can gently handle the re-positioning of labeled, unlabeled, decorated or unadorned asymmetrical bottles / containers at abject and high speeds.

The Basics

What is an Orienter Machine?

An Orienter Machine is used to ensure all types of bottles, jars, jugs or containers continue down a conveyer or production note aligned in the demand same put and/or orientation course. It is most normally needed in the beginning of a line before filling or before pronounce of the container or bottle. Orienter Machines can besides be used at the end of a agate line most normally following accumulation tables or to prepare product for cargo in ledge cook cases or other final box.
orientation is particularly utilitarian when the container has a handle and the open is not centered, like to laundry detergent containers. In this example, an Orienter Machine guarantees the manage english of the container is always on the exit ( or correct ), which is crucial to ensure the container ’ south off-center opening constantly be aligned under the nozzle of the filler. NEM Orienters can handle these off-center neck bottles adenine well as a broad array of other odd shaped bottles including F-style, trip spray bottles, external handled bottles, inner gripper bottles, pre-decorated bottles, in-mold tag bottles, customs shaped bottles such as a honey bear and many more.
An Orienter can besides be utilitarian for symmetrical bottle orientation. Though it is much less obvious, many applications need neck thread or registration lugworm orientation. By controlling the position of an application ’ s weave or lug, you can be certain caps will align identically after the cap process. This is most coveted when using flip exceed lids, a pump blockage, or specialization caps that need to align a accurate way after capping is accomplished .

How does an Orienter Machine work?

An Orienter Machine works by plainly turning any container that is not positioned correctly to the proper orientation. It will rotate the container 90, 180 or 270 degrees to ensure all containers or bottles are identically positioned. The manner in which the bottle or container gets sour depends on the type of Orienter Machine needed, which hinges on the kind of container ( randomness ) being used .

What are the different types of Orienters?

Inline Orienter Systems – NEM offers 3 different types of Inline Orienter Systems. Depending upon the model, correct orientation is detected and achieved via mechanical methods, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, color sensors, electromechanical sensors or a vision organization. The bottle ( sulfur ) or container ( south ) being used on the machine and the focal ratio of your line helps determine which of our models would best meet your needs. NEM ’ s Inline Bottle Orienter Systems can handle low and senior high school speed applications and are designed to orient decorated/labeled or undecorated/unlabeled asymmetrical and symmetrical bottles in diverse sizes and shapes. Rotary Orienter Systems – For more unmanageable applications, Rotary Orienter Machines are capable of orienting containers or bottles of any and every form at low and high speeds. Unlike Inline Orienters, this machine takes containers off the conveyer cable and into the machine, using sensors to detect container positions and then correctly rotating them. Utilizing a circular turret, this machine rotates them 90, 180, or 270 degrees as needed to provide correct positioning before discharging them second onto the conveyer belt line.
Servo Orienters – For highly difficult applications, consider upgrading an Orienter system to a Servo Orienting Machine. A Servo Orienter will orient round containers to a spotlight from random. These orienteers can besides be offered as an Inspection Rejection Verification System.

Why should I contact New England Machinery for my Orienter needs?

Five simple reasons…

QUALITY – We build reliable, long last and high-quality machines EXPERIENCE – We know the engineering and provide well thought out & perform solutions REPUTATION – We care about our customers and they love telling people about it SERVICE – We support our customers with a knowing service and parts staff POSITION – We are made in the USA and report card to you, our customers, not shareholders
To find out more about which Orienting System would best fit your needs, reach us directly at 941.755.5550 or via e-mail at You can besides complete this form and person will reach out to you within one business day.

Reliable, Superior Bottle Orienting Equipment

Having a reliable tailor System is important to ensure containers are all aligned in the like position and quick for the future step in the fabricate process. Using an Orienter Machine from New England Machinery will make certain the product you sell is packaged in a high quality and efficient manner. NEM Orienters are used in all kinds of applications including food, beverage, personal care, chemical, centrifugal oil, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, family and many more.



  • Every New England Machinery Orienting System incorporates features to provide you with superior solutions for your packaging line needs. Most Orienting Systems include these features:

    • Anodized aluminum and 304 stainless steel construction
    • Clean, non-painted, non-marring surfaces
    • Clear polycarbonate guarding
    • Zero access entrance and exit tunnels
    • UL listed components
    • Adjustable discharge height of 36” +/- 2”
    • Orients empty or filled containers
    • High floor clearance
    • Infeed and backlog photo eyes
    • Safety interlocks on all guard doors
    • Jog switch with 10’ cord (rotary orienting systems only)
    • Operations and maintenance USB drive manual
    • 100% fabricated and built in the USA


  • New England Machinery’s full line of Orienter Machines or Orientators include:

    • Secondary Inline Container Orienters
    • Rotary Container Orienter System
    • Unscrambler/Orienter Monoblocked System


Every NEM Orienter Machine is shipped fix to integrate into your credit line at your facility. Contact us today at 941.755.5550 for more information on any of our Orienting Systems. Orienting Systems may besides be referred to as Orienters, Orientors, Orientators, Axial Orienters, Bottle Orienters, Bottle Turners, Bottle Orienting Machines, Bottle Spin Orienters, Orienter Feeders, Orienter Machines, Orienting Systems, Plastic Bottle Axial Orienters, Bottle Orienter Inspection Machines, Position Bottle Orientation Systems, Inline Bottle Orienter, Orientation Systems, Bottle Position Detectors, Automated Orienting Systems, Low and High Speed Orientors, High Speed Orienter Inspection Systems, Container Orienters, Rotary Bottle Orienters, Inline Bottle Orienters, Rotary Orienters and Inline Orienters.

Superior Solutions. Superior Machines.

New England Machinery is recognized as a leader in the orienter industry by delivering on-time, dependable and brilliant Orienting Systems. NEM has been in business for over 40 years and has gained unexcelled expertness in the mastermind and manufacture fields. Committed to meeting each of our customer ’ s needs, NEM has developed a bombastic and highly loyal customer base. Ask any of them and you will hear – NEM delivers superior, versatile quality machines, and effective and dependable service class after class.
We have been a customer of New England Machinery for well over 18 years. We have several different models of NEM Orienters and Unscramblers. Our company is extremely please with the performance of the machinery arsenic well as the party ’ south service and parts. We highly recommend doing business with New England Machinery. They build quality products and back them with bang-up avail. ” -Food Industry Customer, Carriage House

To find out more about which Orienting System would best fit your needs, contact us immediately at 941.755.5550 or via e-mail at You can besides complete this form and person will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Reliable & Superior Service

NEM offers onsite frame-up and aim services to ensure your Orienter Machine is integrated correctly into your packaging line, train your team to operate it correctly, and be sure you are taking full advantage of all of the Orienters capabilities. effective process of the machine is overriding to New England Machinery ’ s doctrine of providing the most effective Orienting Machine solution for your application. A preventive Maintenance Service Program is available with your New England Machinery Orienter Machine. This program is structured specifically for your NEM Orienting System to augment in-house care for your machine. Expert Service Technicians will come to your adeptness on a preset agenda and ensure your Orienter Machine runs at point performance. This visit besides can incorporate re-training of the operators to make sure your Orienter Machine will continue to operate efficiently. Ask us about this important program that will help support your Orienter Machine and ensure a highly effective operation for your facility .

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