intersection Details Technical Parameter
Bridgman crystal growth furnaces were designed and manufactured for growing different kinds of crystals, including Al2O3, YAG, MgAl2O4, CaF2, MgF2, BaF2, LiF etc. 1.Technical specification
Effective Ampoule travelling length : 300 millimeter
Useful internal diameter : 200~300 millimeter
Maximum temperature : 2000 ℃
Maximum gradient in the adiabatic partition : 30 ℃/cm
Pulling rate : 0~6000 mm/h
Air fill pressure : 0~0.05 MPa
Vacuum pump : 12 L/s ( automobile mechanic pump )
Chamber size : ¢ ( 600-1000 ) IDx1000 millimeter
Overall size : 1000x1000x3300 millimeter
Overall slant : ~1200 Kg
Control method acting : Automatic/ Manual
Maximum Power : 60 KW 2. Accuracy specification
Min. pulling rate : ≤0.1 mm/h
Pulling system jump : 0.001 millimeter ( soap. value measured at pulling pace of 1mm/h )
Out power controlling accuracy : 0.1 %
Vacuum : ≤5 Pa

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3. Environment requirement
1. Power supply : three-phase five-line, 50 MHz 380v+/-10 %, 30-50 Kw
2. Mounting distance height : ≥3.5 megabyte
3. The main body of this equipment should be installed on a solid deck base surrounded by vibration-isolated facilities. Vibration transmitted from outside to the equipment should be less than 5um.
4. Cooling water : de-ionized water at run rate ≥80L/min, pressure≥0.3MPa, temperature 24+/-1.5℃, temperature variation rate ≤1℃ /H ;
5. ambient temperature : 24+/-1.5℃, temperature fluctuation rate ≤1℃ /H, humidity<70 % III. Main Components

Description Specification
Furnace bedroom size ¢ ( 600-1000 ) x1000 millimeter
Pulling system effective travel distance 200-300 millimeter
Power supply < 60 KW
Computer Industry- oriented computer

mechanical pump 12 L/S
Grating / encoder 0.001 millimeter
Control software Metacrystal

IV.Technical Support
1. extend train courses on equipment operation and initiation to hustler and alimony personnel;
2. offer prepare courses on equipment control and structure principles ;
3. offer train courses on how to use software ;
4. propose education courses on trouble-shooting;
5. annual warranty;
6. other requirements are subject to the Contract terms ;
7. extend life alimony service ( cost to be paid by the buyer ) ; V. Supply of complete system
1. A complete arrange of single quartz glass agriculturist ( standard shape ) includes :
a. main consistency : vacuum furnace bedroom ¢ ( 600~1000 ) x1000mm, pulling and/or rotating organization, vacuum arrangement, water flow detector etc.
bel. Control cabinet : Industry-oriented computer ( 19 ” liquid crystal expose ), pulling and rotating driver control, dismay system, vacuum measurement meter, encoder display, manual control box, low electric potential baron supplies and bid keys ;
c. Power supply systems ;
d. Vacuum whole : 12 L/S mechanical pump, vacuum valve and vacuum measurement system ; VI.Technical Document
A specify of operating direction manual of arms should be provided by the Seller. VII.Payment Term
40 % of entire measure shall be paid within 10 working days after the contract is signed by both the buyer and the seller. The balance of 60 % shall be settled when pre-acceptance is completed. VIII. Delivery, Packing & Transportation
1. delivery time : The Contract will become effective when toss off payment is received by the Seller. Delivery shall be effected within 4 months after the contract becomes effective. The date on which pre-acceptance is completed at Seller ‘s locate shall be regarded as the date of pitch.

2. Packing & department of transportation :
The equipment shall be packed in strong non-solid wood cases suitable for hoisting and long distance transportation system by road, rail, air or ocean. Rust & moisture proof, proof and anti-vibration measures shall be applied to the packages. The components of equipment are packed according to relative standards. Details of packing list are included.
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