Brother Valiant and Bradford Typewriters from 1961

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Brother Industries, a sewing machine ship’s company, entered the typewriter marketplace in 1961, but soon, it was a dominant force, selling some 10 million typewriters by the 1980s, and tens of millions of manual and electric typewriters by the 1990s. Among collectors, the Brother is the least rare machine one can find. Yet, standing uniquely among the millions of these machines, are the very first Brothers : the Valiant, the Wizard Truetype, and the Bradford, all of which were introduced recently in 1961 .
The machines in my collection have series numbers of P111299 ( the Valiant ) and P149534 ( the Bradford ), indicating each was made erstwhile in 1961. I ’ ve besides located a Wizard Truetype from that year ; it ’ south serial total is P125018. The “ P ” prefix is unique in that it falls outside the normal count convention. You can read about Brother serial numbers at As these machines are the alone ones displaying a “ P ” prefix, I surmise this appellation applies alone to machines manufactured in 1961 .

The Valiant, the Wizard Truetype and the Bradford are the lapp machine — same color, lapp paper rest, lapp keyboard and font — and are early JP-1 or JP1-111 models ( both designations were employed by Brother ).

between 1961 and 1966, the Valiant was sold at the comply stores :

  • Gambles (as early as Dec. 1961)
  • McMahans
  • Kroger
  • Buckeye Mart
  • King Soopers
  • Coast-to-Coast Stores
  • Montgomery Wards
  • Tempo
  • Cussins and Fearn Stores
  • Etc.

The Bradford was sold from 1961 and 1967, but entirely at W.T. Grants, which employed “ Bradford ” as its singular set. See post here .
The Wizard Truetype was sold from 1961 through at least 1974, at W.A. Family Stores and western Auto, which appear to be the like company .
In 1963, Montgomery Ward introduced its own trace of Brothers under the Signature label. See here.

The period between 1961 and 1963 is unique in that Brother was only merely establishing itself as a typewriter manufacturer. Its primary machine was an early interpretation of the JP-1, which is easily identified by its wire paper pillow. Sometime late in 1963 or early 1964, Brother introduced a different style of paper rest, a true piece of alloy that folded into the carriage. The concluding advertisements found for the Valiant date to mid-1966 .

patent Images

Akio Kondo applied for a patent for the Brother typewriter Dec. 19, 1960, one year prior to its presentation in America. The earliest Brothers display features found in the apparent :
1960 Brother Patent Images - Akio Kondo

The Valiant

1961 Brother Valiant Typewriter 0001
Ryan Adney displays a 1962 Valiant at here.

The Bradford


1963 Bradford Advertisement for Grants As seen at –
Brother Valiant & Brother Bradford

besides seen…

“ P ” -class Brothers are not all that rare. here are some early sight machines :

  • Wizard Truetype, P116628 (last digits difficult to read)
  • Brother Valiant, P115167
  • P153626 (see comments section)
  • Wizard Truetype, C3214967, with wire paper rest

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