(This is smut so if it makes you uncomfortable I suggest you don't read, and if you don't like daddy kinks there's no reason to shame others for it. )
                           You've always been shy and submissive in the bedroom, always allowing him to indulge on his kinks. But now that your own opinion has slipped out, how will he react?
                           Thrusting into you at an about cold accelerate, he smacked your buttocks for credibly the one hundredth time that night. Your buttocks sting, and every time you clenched around he 'd go hard, but you calm wanted more. `` Daddy, please. '' You cried out in pleasure. He let out a long groan, smacking your american samoa and pulling your hair nasty. `` Oh damn child, you 're so dear to me. `` he growled as he went hard. `` Say it again. '' He growled, biting your neck harshly. `` Daddy, dad please. '' You cried out with joy, bucking your hips into his. `` Oh fuck, adept girlfriend. '' He moaned out forte, giving you precisely what you wanted .
                           `` Say it again. '' He growled smacking your buttocks, thrusting profoundly with overblown lust. `` Say. It. Again. '' He demands in such a dark voice you ca n't argue back. `` Daddy. '' You whimper, pushing your hips into his. He let out a low groan before building up a fast rhythm, kissing your neck tenderly before biting it harshly. `` Oh baby, you 're so good to me. '' He purrs to you before bringing you to your acquittance, his following after curtly .
                           he would be between your legs, mercilessly sucking on your conceited clitoris while fingering you knuckle deep. already rock solid and dripping pre-cum he wanted to have his way with you in the best way possible. Fucking you into the mattress and choking you until you saw stars of pleasure. Sucking on the soft flesh of your inner thigh, now so far away from where you wanted him now made you gasp. 
`` Daddy, dad please. '' You whine high pitched, bucking your hips into his face. `` Say that again. '' He demands with a smirk as he pinches your hard and sensitive rose buds. `` Daddy, I want you to touch me. '' You whine out again, squeezing your eyes closed.
`` If my princess wants me to touch her, than I 'll touch her everywhere. Do you want that ? '' Hoseok asks with a tip of bumptiousness. `` Yes ! '' You cry out again. `` Than you 'll have to beg. '' He smirks before letting your release slip aside for the fourthly clock. Jimin: Jimin smirks down at you, withering under his touch as he thrusts promptly and deeply. `` Daddy, you 're so good. '' You mewl as he kisses your neck. He bits it abruptly as he hears you mutter out those words. `` Daddy 's good baby girlfriend ? '' He smirks larger and cocks his head to the side, now thinly gripping your throat deliciously. `` Yes, so dear. '' You whimper as he brings another bridge player to massage your pack of nerves. `` How does he make you feel ? '' Jimin questions in a breathy voice. `` truly thoroughly. '' You shriek when he speeds his movements. `` I 'm beaming I 'm good for you baby. '' He hums before stormily kissing your kiss swell lips . Taehyung: Whimpering as Taehyung rubbed your already overstimulated clitoris, you felt your one-third orgasm bring over you. Withering and shaking underneath his solid form. `` Daddy. Please do n't stop. '' You pleaded as you shook from sensitivity and bliss. Taeyhung looked up at you with lidded eyes and a extraordinary smirk. `` What 's my name ? '' He growled in question, grasping your fuck buttock in both hands. `` Daddy. '' You moaned out again when he slammed his throbbing stopcock into you.
`` That 's right, kitten. '' Jin: Letting out a relatively high pitched groan, Jin took a moment to adjust to your nasty inflame. `` You 're so beautiful. '' He moaned, thrusting shallowly. `` indeed beautiful and all for me. '' He spoke in the quietly bedroom, kissing your shoulder as he sped up slenderly. `` Da-daddy. '' You cried out in a seductive voice. Stilling his hips, Jin looked down at you with an indecipherable expression. Your face turned brilliantly crimson, thinking he hated it. But he lightly even securely grasped your neck, thrusting into you powerfully only once. `` That 's right princess, idol you 're therefore beautiful. '' He mummers before besides pulling your haircloth . Jungkook: You were riding Jungkook, every once in a while kissing him passionately to try and not cum so on the spur of the moment. `` Baby girlfriend, do you want to cum ? '' Jungkook tauntingly asked as he smacked your ass. You nodded your head, your exhilaration being discernible. `` I want to cum so bad dad. '' Your dirty spill the beans made a switch flip inside his mind as he started to pound into you from underneath. `` then you will baby. '' He growled, forcing you onto his length indeed gratingly that you had to hold onto his chest so you would n't fall on top .

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