Jin : You were changing your clothes hurriedly in the dawn as you were late for employment. Jin was eating breakfast downstairs, thus you did not take the meter to change in the gutter. You were brushing your teeth while attempting to put on your panties on with the other pass when Jin abruptly opened the door. `` Jagiya, your breakfast is- '' He got cut off when he saw you and started blush. `` OH MY GAWD ! GO away ! '' You screamed in perturbation as you threw some clothes at him. He could n't help but to smile a little and closed the door quickly. After that, he wo n't stop thinking about you and your amazing body .
                           Suga : You were showering at night. You were having your convention day dream while applying shampoo on your hair thoroughly. You did n't hear Suga opening the house door and walk into the bedroom. He was tired as heck and did n't see that person was inside the toilet. And the careless you forgot to lock the door, causing him to open the bathroom doorway. Both your eyes met and for a irregular, cipher reacted. `` MIN YOONGI ! CLOSE THE DOOR RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT BEFORE I MURDER YOU. '' You shouted as you attempted to shield your parts but to no avail. Giving you that smirk, he closed the door. His buttock had a tinge of bolshevik, although he tried to act cool about it .
                           Jhope : You would normally sleep naked when Jhope is not home. He is your effective supporter who lives together with you. Stripping off your clothes, you lay in your bed in comfortable. Jhope have said that he was n't going to be home since he was hanging out with friends but apparently they did not turn up. Filled with disappointment, he trudged home saying `` Y/N, I 'm home. '' But again, you did n't hear him. Puzzled that you did n't reply him, he approached your board. `` Y/N ... ? '' He said quietly before creaking assailable your door. alone opening your right eye, you saw him staring at you in shock .... your consistency actually. `` OMFG WHAT THE F*** ? ? ! ! GET OUT, YOU PERVERT WTF. '' You screamed and threw everything at Jhope, who was completely red in the face. You were embarrassed comparable hell vitamin a well, covering yourself up tightly with your across-the-board as if your life would depend it. Maybe it was a adept thing that his friends have forgotten about hanging out. ^^  
                           rap monster : It was the night of your foremost date with Namjoon. He asked you out yesterday and you were happy like freak. You guys have agreed to meet at your house at 7pm to go for dinner in concert at a celebrated restaurant nearby. `` Hmm ... this or this ? '' You mumbled indecisively as you looked at both dresses, both were great but they had the same color you loved that made you think sol much. actually, you were n't wearing anything as you precisely took a bathe and lone wore a diaphanous gown like common. `` Babe ! I 'm here ! '' The bell call and you glanced at your watch : 6.50pm. You ran to the doorway and dangle it open and hugged him. abruptly, you saw his eyes widened and his ears turned very red. `` Is ... something incorrect ? '' You asked without any clue. He pointed at your clothes before turning away with his hands on his eyes. `` AHHHH ! MIANHAE I 'M GOT TA GO CHANGE. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU SEE PLEASE ! '' then you rushed back to your room at the speed of light and falling down on the way. You thought you would literally die of embarrassment. meanwhile, he would be chuckling at how cunning you were, but the image of you not wearing anything would be etched on his take care everlastingly. ( We all know that he 's a pervert xD ) 
                           Jimin : You guys were playing at the beach with very few people about. He started some water system battle and spray water at you. In reappearance, you fought back by throwing more water system at him happily while trying to dodge his attacks. All of a sudden, he stopped and turned deoxyadenosine monophosphate red as tomato, unlike the brash and bold Jimin. `` Oppaa~ Why are n't you fighting anymore ? '' You whined. `` Err.. Babe.. your ... '' He pointed at your brassiere. `` WHY DID N'T YOU TELL ME. '' Struggling, you pulled up your brassiere and did not dare to look at him. `` Hey, where 's my bottom ? '' `` Here~~ `` He hold it in his pass and smirked. `` What the sin Jimin ? No more hugs and kisses anymore ! '' You yelled at him as you tried to snatch it bet on. `` Fine. You know I ca n't live without them.. ''
                           vanadium : Taehyung was watching the television while you were having your good afternoon shower. `` Omg baby ! It 's Song Joong Ki on the screen ! '' He shouted cheerfully. `` OMG WHAT. '' You quickly washed off the shampoo and dashed out to the living board, forgetting about your clothes. `` Where ? ? '' You said happily. `` Ahem ... baby, I think you forgot something~ '' He would smirk at you. `` electronic warfare ! Go away, you crackbrained twist ! '' You ran off while covering your fluster front with his laughs behind you. He indisputable knows how to make you embarrassed .
                           Jungkook ( He 's still a cunning, innocent fetus in my eyes ^_^ ) : You were changing into your pajama when Jungkook actually wanted to enter your room. not thinking that you would actually be changing clothes, he opened the door without knocking. right at this consequence, you were changing your shirt and both your jaw dropped. His eyes widened and he bit his lips in embarrassment. `` Omg balmy ! Go away, you 're a pervert ! '' Without being chased off, he promptly ran off and you ca n't help but to feel that he 's such a cutie .

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