NAMJOON. You step backward hearing your list being said as Namjoon talks on the phone .
                           `` Yeah, I truly do love her and I can decidedly see a future with her. No ma. Hahaha yes dame she is perfect. Of course I would n't hurt her. No I did n't cook lunch for her. Hey it 's not my blame she wo n't let me near the stove ! ''
                           You giggle as you quickly walk pass. You loved that bungling man. 
                           HOSEOK. You roll your eyes as you overhear Hoseok talking about you to the boys .
                           `` I swear she sleeps like a wild big infantry or something. She literally takes over the whole bed. For case, if I try to cuddle her, she 'll push me off claiming it 's besides hot for that and how she wants quad. But then get all delirious when I try to sleep on the sofa talking about I abandon her. then she be kneeing me all in my back, I wake up with pain in my lower back. then one time she had her hair's-breadth all on my pillow, I woke up thinking it was a damn spider. She sleeps barbarian. I 'm starting to think she 's half cavewoman. I- '' You jump in him playfully punching him .
                           `` How dare you talk about me ! '' You laugh. He smiles pulling you in his arms .
                           `` It 's the truth baby. It 's the truth. '' He grins kissing you .
                           `` Whatever. Keep that same energy tonight when you sleeping on the sofa. ''
                           JUNGKOOK. Tears threaten to spill your eyes as you look at yourself in the mirror. Earlier you overheard Jungkook on the phone with Namjoon talking about you, but not in a good way .
                           "I don't know Hyung. She's beautiful and all but I don't know she's just not like Korea girls. She has discoloration on her face from bad acne scars. She has stretch marks on her arms and breasts and her hair always looks...nappy. Not to mention she's kind of...fat. I don't know, I love her but, she's just not the ideal type beauty wise. Maybe I should've dated a Korean girl." 
                           You shake your head of the memory. veracious now he was out with the boys. You packed an nightlong bag and was going to stay at your parents until you clear your head .
                           YOONGI. You were beyond pissed. Yoongi precisely confessed that he used to go steady your best ally ! But not to you of course, to his best friend ( not bts ) .
                           `` See this is why I did n't tell you because I knew you 'd be bitching ! '' He sighs rolling his eyes .
                           `` You fucked my best acquaintance why would n't I be huffy ! '' You yell. He gets up from his professorship and walks over to you .
                           `` Yoongi I swear if you fucking touch me- ''
                           `` Shut up y/n. Damn it was in eminent school ! long before we even met, let it go ! '' He says getting in your face. You two have a silent stare down before you last give up .
                           `` She did n't mean what you mean to me and never will. She 's happily married nowadays with a child on the room. Do you honestly think she 's still thinking about me ? ''
                           `` No but- ''
                           `` No buts y/n, equitable let it go. Please. '' You pout as he unfolds your arms and kisses you .
                           `` I love you girl, stop acting like it 's the end of the universe. ''
                           `` Whatever. ''
                           JIN. You gasp as you walk in on Jin having a conversation with the boys in your know room .
                           `` badly Seokjin ! '' You say putting your hands on your hips. You overheard him confess to the boys that he put laxative in all of your snacks after you told him he was n't that good of a cook .
                           He gives you an innocent look .
                           `` H-Hey honey. Suga plum. Babykin 's, w-what are our doing home so early ? '' He stutters standing to his feet .
                           `` I OUTTA- '' You cut yourself off seeing the boys widened eyes. 
                           `` I 'll talk to you when they leave. '' You say glaring through squinted eyes .
                           TAEHYUNG. `` What if she says no ? '' You raise a brow, curious as to what Taehyung was talking about. You were previously doing laundry and was taking the basket upstairs .
                           You peek into your bedroom to see your boyfriend on the call. His back turned to you .
                           `` I mean I already brought the ring, what if she does n't want to marry me ? then I 'm gon na look stupid. '' He says pouting although you ca n't see his face .
                           You about jump out of your skin .
                           `` AHHHHHHHHHHH YES ! '' You cursorily cup your pass over your mouth as Taehyung spins around startled. You look at him with across-the-board eyes .
                           `` H-How much did you hear ? ''
                           `` Everything ... .. '' You mumble. He rolls his eyes .
                           `` I 'll call you back dad. '' He puts his hands on his hips .
                           `` This is what you get for being nosy. Come here then I can do this right. ''
                           JIMIN. `` so your x is better than me huh ? Why do n't you go back to the bitch then Jimin ! '' You say walking into him talking with the boys .
                           They all turn to look at you .
                           `` B-Baby I- '' You charge at him but before you can get to him, Jungkook holds you back .
                           `` You 're so hapless ! You 'd rather go back to a bitch that did you wrong just because people approved of her ? You know what sleep together you, I 'll leave ! ''
                           `` Baby wait I did n't mean it ! ''
                           You storm out of the house and get in your cable car slamming the door. You back out and drive like hell out of there .
                           You found yourself at the ballpark at a picnic bench. You soon feel a person sit beside you .
                           `` You okay y/n ? '' You look up to see Jimin 's ally Taemin. You sniff, wiping your eyes .
                           `` What are you doing here ? ''
                           `` Jimin called me on my way from work hysterically crying. He was talking so fast but I understood what he was saying. After he explained everything, I called him a dunce and came looking for you. But you were n't hard to find. '' He smirks .
                           `` I equitable do n't understand, why would he say that ? ''
                           `` Jimin 's very impressionable, very clingy and identical fleeceable. He 's damaged but, for some reason he 's tie to her. The lapp one that destroyed him. I 'm deplorable y/n. '' You shake your head. 
                           `` Whatever. I 'm intelligibly not what he wants. ''
                           `` He does n't deserve you. You 'll find the right guy some day. I promise. '' He says hug you .
                           `` now fix your face and let 's get out of here. ''

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