The year 2020 was pivotal for digital department of commerce and distribution centers. With more consumers shopping at home than ever before, on-line orders grew in book worldwide. In the U.S., e-commerce accounted for 16 percentage of all sales in Q2 2020. In Europe, e-commerce is on track to increase by 16.9 percentage this year, about double the pre-pandemic bode of an 8.8 percentage increase for 2020 .
This overburdened many party ’ second fulfillment operations, creating unexpected growth at record speeds. Months late, businesses are still learning to adapt, searching for advanced solutions .
by rights packaging shipments with air cushions and other invalidate filling is crucial for ensuring dependable merchandise delivery. This commit besides lowers costs by avoiding reshipping replacements for break or damaged items, in turn delivering a better customer feel .
however, finding and securing the correct packaging for your specific operation international relations and security network ’ t an easy feat. here ’ s what you need to know :

How an On-Demand Inflatable System Can Help

Airspeed Inflatable Packaging offers protective solutions for wrapping, cushioning, void-fill, and even block and stimulate — and the advantages are striking :

Increased Efficiency

On-demand systems can inflate protective material immediately inside the box, simplifying the pack process with more preciseness and less apparent motion needed from the meat packer. A single Airspeed system can simultaneously feed multiple battalion stations, allowing more employees to work easier and faster .

Better Handling

Airspeed on-demand systems are designed for economy of motion. That means the film rolls used in the system are less bulky and easier to move than pre-inflated bubbles. Plus, cushioning can be inflated as needed by packers, making the product childlike to work with .

Less Space Used

Airspeed on-demand packaging ships in compact rolls of movie rather of gawky rolls of bubbles, allowing more material to be stored in less memory quad. This enables customers to purchase film in bulk and save on ship. In fact, a single pallet of HC movie is equivalent to closely 1.5 truckloads of bubble. tied when ordering on an as-needed basis, costs associated with inbound delivery to distribution centers can be lowered since you ’ re not paying to ship air .

Better Economy

One AirSpeed Ascent organization is compatible with assorted protective solutions, including the highly cushioned HC Barrier ; eco-friendly H C Renew, made of recycle materials ; and the fashionable HC Inspyre, available in a range of colors to help brands make a durable impression .
The proprietary square condition of the house of cards cushions allows the packaging to conform perfectly with the shape of boxes, fitting into the tightest corners. This makes it easier to avoid using excessive packaging, saving costs on material custom while delivering a more unionize and aesthetically pleasing unboxing experience.

Pregis flush has on-demand inflatable systems for lightly cushioning needs, such as Quilt ( inflated on the Mini Pak ’ gas constant ), which can conform to tied tighter spaces or be utilized as a envelop .

When to Transition to an On-Demand Inflatable System

An on-demand inflatable organization does more than make packing easier — it can translate into some impressive ROI. here are some of the signs that you should make a transition into Airspeed or Mini Pak ’ radius :

Do You Expect Rapid Growth?

If you ’ re about to launch a fresh intersection or your sales projections indicate an increased demand on your fulfillment center, restructuring with an on-demand inflatable arrangement will increase the efficiency of your operation and serve scale up bandwidth .

Are Your Employees Struggling to Keep Up?

The 2020 ship thunder exposed the flaws of many companies ’ fulfillment operations — from inefficient processes to hapless packaging strategy or labor movement limitations .
If employees are unable to sustain the volume of shipments, an on-demand inflatable system is a great solution : airspeed products improve packing efficiency and provide a better drug user experience for employees .

Do You Want to Reduce Waste?

The square condition of Pregis ’ HC products allows the protective bubbles to conform perfectly to the shape of boxes. This type of space efficiency makes it easier to use merely the right sum of packing material, reducing overall issue function. It besides minimizes human error when gauging the chastise measure of pack. For case, employees can count the count of squares to use for a particular intersection rather of eyeballing the length of bubble roll.

Want to upgrade your distribution focus on with an on-demand inflatable system or need aid optimizing your operation ?
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