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cake by Karim N., Toronto, Ontario

I made Bob the Builder for my son Kaden ’ mho second birthday. He is a big sports fan of Bob the Builder. I used store bought coat mixes to bake the patty and frosted it first with a buttercream. I then colored the rolled fondant and covered the cake. I used black licorice for bob ’ s eyes and used a miniature screwdriver and hammer to add some 3 dimension effects. The watch on Bob ’ s hand was actually put to cover a mistake as the fondant had started to crack slightly. Everyone thought the determine looked cool. To see my son ’ s eyes light up when I brought out Bob the builder was worth every moment it took to decorate it ! patty by Danielle H., Roaring spring, PABob the Builder Cake Picture I used the Bob the Builder Wilton coat pan. I mixed a White patty mix for the cake. For the frost : 1 1/2 cup Crisco, 1/2 cup water, 2 pound powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. vanilla and 1/2 tsp. buttercream season. Cream together Crisco, strategic arms limitation talks, vanilla butter cream flavor and one-half of your water. Blend until incorporated. Add remaining boodle and water. Use Wilton gel colors. cake by Shelly S., Topeka, KSBob the Builder Cake Picture This is the Bob the Builder cake I made for our son ’ s recently celebrated 4th Birthday. The cake was baked in Wilton ’ s 1/2 sheet pan. I besides use Wilton ’ s recipe for icing when decorating. I iced the sides with white interior designer frosting and then began function on the top of the cake. The grass was created using Wilton tip off # 233. I tinted the remaining green icing a dark green and trimmed around the base of the cake. I used brown coloring to create my road and then using chocolate covered graham cracker cookies “ paved ” a dowry of the road and covered the remaining dowry with broken Oreo cookies. I frosted a cupcake with the brown frosting and placed it upside down on the patty. I then covered it with extra crushed Oreo ’ second .Bob the Builder Cake Picture I found “ Bob the Builder ” on eBay and purchased “ Scoop ” and “ Roley ” at our local Target. “ Bob the Builder ” is holding a ‘ caution ’ sign that came with mini-construction vehicles that we already had. Alex loved his cake and had fun “ digging ” in the scandal and “ pave ” the road once the candles were blown out. patty by Angela S., Caguas, PRBob the Builder Cake Picture Use the Bob the Builder pan and deck as per the instructions. I made the smaller coat using a half daydream mold. I used one cake recipe for the Bob coat and about 2/3 of one cake recipe for the one-half daydream. It ’ south frosted with buttercream frosting. cake by Megan M., Fairmont, WVBob the Builder Cake Picture This Bob the builder coat was made for my acquaintance ’ second son for his 2nd birthday. I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate find many pictures of dock the builder ( which was odd ), so I used this effigy that I had seen used for a distribute of cakes ( I think its the Wilton pan supreme headquarters allied powers europe excessively ). I created this painting freehand and I was very please with how well it turned out. Again for all of my cakes, it was buttercream ice.

patty by Cheri P., Blaketown, NewfoundlandBob the Builder Cake Picture This Bob the Builder Cake was my Sons 4th birthday coat. He loved Bob the builder so I decided to use it as the theme for his party and started think of cake ideas. first base I used a big 12×17 pan ( with 2.5 patty mixes ). then I cut the patty and joined it together to look like a triangulum – or a yield sign. I then drew pictures ( or you can use coloring book pages ) of each vehicle and traced it onto the already frosted cake with a toothpick. I then outlined them with black frosting and filled in all the colors. The lower share of the coat was bare so I decided to draw a hammer to tie in with the theme. My son and all his friends thought that this was one of the coolest patty ideas. patty by Andrea R., Calgary, AB CanadaBob the Builder Cake Picture My Son ’ s favorite television show was the Bob the Builder so when his second birthday came around we had a “ Can We Fix It ” theme party. The Cake was made in my largest cake pan ( 9 ten 13 ), the print of Bob I had gotten off the internet, I blow up the word picture, pressed it onto the cake after it had cooled and cut off the extra cake to make the figure. once I was done with the cutting I removed the print painting from the patty and used that to copy the design from. I found it easier to bake the patty the day before and let it cool in the electric refrigerator overnight before cutting and decorating. cake by Debbie B., Wawa, Ontario CanadaBob the Builder Cake Picture Items used for this Bob the Builder coat :

  • 2 cake mixes
  • 3 cans white frosting
  • 1 large rectangle cake pan
  • 2 boxes of Smarties
  • Blue and green food coloring
  • Oreo baking crumbs
  • 2 miniature Bob the builder construction figurines
  • Bob the builder candle set
  • 10 pretzel sticks

Bake the coat mixes according to directions and let cool. I normally freeze the cake to make decorating a little easier. Tint 2 1/2 cans of frosting green for grass and internal-combustion engine entire cake. place Smarties in a road shape diagonally. Use pretzel sticks to form road blocks and between road blocks place a pile of crumbs to look like a soil pile. Place your figurines near the pile of dirt with Bob the builder and candle. In one corner of my patty I made a pond human body lined with Smarties using the amobarbital sodium tinted ice. cake by Annette S., Northern Cambria, PABob the Builder Cake Picture My short male child wanted a Bob the Builder coat. I precisely used some of his little figurines and for the road I used chocolate-covered Keebler graham cookies. I dug a little of the cake out to make it look like the backhoe was digging. patty by Theresa V., AyerBob the Builder Cake Picture My son wanted Bob the Builder cake for his 4th birthday. He wanted me to make a shit truck and being preferably novitiate, I knew that it would be hard to do. I decided to use a fictile plunge truck that he could keep and I filled it with dirt ( made from brownie mix pudding, cookie crumbs, and the hit of the party gluey worms ). adjacent time I would use more worms. I used a shovel to serve and place the Bob the Builder figure on top of the truck. The employment site I made using a square pan and grass topple to frost, I used graham firecracker crumbs crushed to make the road in the center. The workers and construction cone candles were found at a party add store. I used wooden dowels to support the hand truck and keep it from rolling off the patty. I placed them behind each run down and it worked well. Make indisputable they are long enough to go at least half way into the cake. cake by Krystal G., Lafayette, IndianaBob the Builder Cake Picture My son had a Bob the Builder party for his 4th birthday. I made a 9X13 column inch cake, as directed on box. Any spirit will do. I colored vanilla boughten frost with blue, bolshevik, and yellow food coloring until the hope grey shade was achieved. This took a while. ( HINT : Use one or two drops at a time, as making up over-coloring with contrasting colors is unmanageable. ) I crushed Oreos with a Food Chopper and sprinkled on the cake in a “ driveway ” design, ending in a pile of cookie crumbs, a.k.a. dirt down ( it ’ second easiest to trace an sketch of your driveway on the coat with a toothpick, so you make indisputable you get the cookie rotter in the right place ). I found the Bob the Builder characters online. The kids inactive play with them ! I made the “ billboard ” myself with a “ print shop ” type of calculator program. The sign is reversible, taped together, with cut-off straws as “ poles ” to poke into the british shilling the builder cake. You could besides draw, color, paint the sign freehand, if you don ’ t have the calculator software, or are not computer-savvy.

Bob the Builder Cake Picture patty by Shana G., Stouffville, OntarioBob the Builder Cake Picture This Bob the builder cake was a double over layer cake. I had a little perturb with the fill. I used a lemon fill up, but the frosting wouldn ’ t stick to the sides, so I had to put icing about 1-inch around the diameter of the top of the buttocks coat. then I put the lemon filling on the cake. This stopped the icing from falling off of the sides. I precisely drew the Bob the builder face on with a toothpick and then filled it in with the proper colored ice .

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