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The Candy Quinceanera Theme

Are you looking for a superintendent colorful and sweet theme? A Candyland theme quinceanera may be precisely what you are looking for! You can take a few elements from the game Candyland, mix them with some candy shop ideas and add your personal touch to develop this subject.

Tips for putting together a Candyland theme quinceanera

Color Scheme: A Candyland subject is very colorful, bright, and fun. Pick out the main color and let the sugarcoat decorations and props pop out against it. White would be a nice choice, to contrast the colorful candy surroundings. You could besides do a combination of 3 colors, like a tap, greens, and jaundiced. Choose all decorations and candies in these colors.
Invitations: Find invitations that fit with your candy quinceanera root. You could go an extra mistreat and seal each envelope with a sugarcoat or ice lolly sticker~

Venue: This theme works nicely indoors or externally. A location with complaint colors will help your colored party pop.
The Dress: A vibrantly colored dress would be fitting for this theme. deep pinko, yellow, orange, or Starburst pink would be very reasonable. Add a matching piece of candy to your ramo .

Quince Court: Dress your quince court in the lapp expressive style but in different colors, such as from a box of Starburst! Pink, crimson, yellow, and orange would be very cute. Or you could select one or two colors and alternate between your dama, and your chambelanes.
candyland theme quinceanera

Candy Quinceanera Theme Decorations

This is an identical fun theme to decorate for. Your party will be vibrant and entire of bright colors. Use a sugarcoat arch to welcome your guests, and make sugarcoat the root for your centerpieces. Each table could be a different type of candy- such as the Skittles postpone, or the Starburst table. Balloons will help create a colorful and lively distance for your sugarcoat composition.
here is a link to an excellent tutorial on making huge lollipop decorations –and their aren’t deoxythymidine monophosphate that many materials needed to make the lollipops. You can besides make large sugarcoat decorations out of balloons wrapped in cellophane.

Candy Balloon Archway
Candy Banner/Garland
Large Faux Candies
Candy Theme Balloons
Sprinkle Balloons
Candy Cut-outs
Candy Decor
Swirly Straws
Set of 6 Large Lollipop Decorations
A candy buffet is a must-have for this subject. Candystore.com has useful information regarding how to go about designing and designing a candy buffet. They even have tutorials that will give you a mind of what 5lbs or 10lbs of versatile candies look like, which is very authoritative because you decidedly want to have adequate sugarcoat for your buffet.

Another sugarcoat barricade point: start collecting glass containers in progress. Check clearance racks at stores, avocation stores that offer 50 % off coupons, and especially the Dollar Store. You may besides be able to borrow some pretty glass jars and containers. glass can be thoroughly cleaned, so if you find a jolt that ’ sulfur in big condition, that’s a sexual conquest !!

Scoops for Candy Buffet
Pink Squiggly Pops
Rainbow Triple Layer Gummies
Apothecary Jars

Food: Traditional quince foods will go well with this subject, Or you could go with appetizers and finger foods. A lemonade bar would be fun, with flavors to customize your lemonades.
Source: CornerHouseBlog.com
The Cake: A colored cupcake tugboat would be pretty, with a sugarcoat on each cupcake. For decorating inspiration and lots of examples of cakes to use for a Candyland theme quinceanera, check out our Candy Quinceanera dining table on Pinterest.
Party Favors: Your sugarcoat buffet could double as favors. You will need small giving bags/favor boxes for your guests.

Special Touches: A candy barroom is obviously a must for a sugarcoat-themed party. A rainbow backdrop would be very courteous for a photo booth station–and very cheap to make. Use dollar storehouse table clothes in the 7 colors of the rainbow to make this backdrop.

Have you been to a Candyland theme quinceanera or another candy-themed event? What decorations or special touches made the theme pop?

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