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Offering quick pitch on casing elevators ( one joint, tubing, pipe, side door )Single Joint Elevator - Topview Trans

Single Joint Elevator

TI Mfg 2-3/8 ” tp 30 ” 5 Ton Single Joint Elevator. opinion DetailsSJX Single Joint Elevator

SJX Single Joint Elevator

The SJX elevator has two hinges that enable easy habit with most Casing Running tools as it opens from either side.

view DetailsSLX Ton Side Door Elevator

Side Door Elevator

Texas International Oilfield Tools ( TIOT ) offers conventional english door elevators in two ( 2 ) different types : SLX and SX. watch DetailsSX 500 Ton Side Door Elevator

SX Side Door Elevator

Texas International Oilfield Tools ( TIOT ) offers conventional side door elevators in two ( 2 ) different types : SLX and SX. see Details150 Ton A Series Center Latch Elevator

A Series Center Latch Elevator

TI Mfg, TA150 A Series, Elevator shown -In-stock, ready to deliver horizon DetailsFront Y Series Slip Type Elevator 1

Y Series Slip Type Elevators

Texas International Oilfield Tools ( TIOT ) offers “ Y ” center latch, slip character manual elevators for tubing ( YT, MYT ) and casing ( YC, HYC, MYC ). position Details8.625'' API Bowl 100 Ton

10-3/4″ 150 Ton Bowl

Texas International Oilfield Tools stocks the 100 Ton 8-5/8 ” API Bowl and the 10-3/4 ” 150 Ton API Bowl. Both sizes come with standard 4 ” wick.

scene Details200 Ton Hinged Casing Spider

13-3/8″ 200 Ton Hinged Spider

The Texas International Oilfield Tools LTD manufactures the 200 Ton, 13-3/8 ” Hinged Casing Spider. scene Details500 Ton Hinged Casing Spider

36″ 500 Ton Hinged Casing Spider

Texas International Oilfield Tools ‘s Hinged Casing Spiders are used during casing handling operations when cementing equipment will not clear a closed spider or rotary table, casing will not pass or clear a close up spider or circular table, or where it is preferred to not place big casing string loads directly on synchronous converter mesa bearings. see DetailsPneumatic Hinged Casing Spider 36

Pneumatic Hinged Casing Spider 36 ” • 500 Ton

TI Mfg, 200 Ton Hinged Casing Spider 13-3/8 ” with bushing reducers. view DetailsProTech Thread Protectors by ConTech

ProTech Thread Protectors by ConTech

ConTech manufactures Casing Thread Protectors ( for 8 polish, buttress and bounty threads ) in size from 4-1/2 ” to 16 ”. scene Details


Our casing equipment and handling cock choice includes a assortment of casing elevators, casing spiders, tubing elevators, slip type elevators, drill pipe elevators, single joint elevators, safety clamps, synchronous converter hand slips, forged links, forged liaison extensions stabbing guides and thread protectors. The casing elevators for sale on our web site are grouped by their tonage, size and styles, but they ’ re all used for hoisting oilfield casing, tubing, drill pipe and drill collars. They besides all own a variety show of guard and convenience features including : condom latch, lock identify pins that fasten directly into the elevator halves and lifting eyes that are strategically placed to avoid unwittingly picking up the tubulars. other than our own agate line of Texas International manufactured elevators, links, safety clamps and slips we stock and distrubute ProTech thread protectors manufactured by ConTech These thread protectors were developed to cursorily latch with their non-ferrous alloy latch fabrication. The ProTech Thread Protectors are the dependable, and most durable defender available on today ’ s market. Texas International Oilfield Tools stocks a large inventory of used reconditioned and certified tongs, handling tools and equipment .

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