Of class, you ‘ll get the best results with a fully charged sandbag accelerator. however, once it is charged, it will last for a couple of months before you have to plug it back in to recharge it. If it ‘s been a month since you death charged it, it will hush work fine. It may not be a charged as it can be, but it will still provide the necessary juice you need to protect yourself .

Test Firing the Charge of a Stun Gun

It ‘s important to test open fire your stun artillery sporadically. You can tell the difference between a charged one and one that is not. The fathom of the electric crackle will not seem as forte or as potent on a stun accelerator that needs recharging. Remember to only test fire your unit for one moment at a time. Test arouse longer than that can damage a stun gun because the electrical discharge is not going anywhere .
besides, if it has a flashlight function on it like a set of stun guns do, you can see the brightness of the light. A dim light tells you to recharge .
The effect of a stun gunman comes from the power of the batteries ( either regular or rechargeable ). The better or more charged the batteries are, the more juice the device will have to do its occupation.

Purple Runt Stun Gun It is well to have a wide charge on your sandbag device but you don ’ t need to obsess over it. periodic test burn and regular recharge will keep it in full running for self defense .
If you have a full commit, you can use your device many many times. Just make certain to charge it up when you get a chance .

How Long to Charge a Stun Gun

generally, you need about 8 hours to amply juice up. Follow the instructions you received with your Stun grease-gun to get an claim time to keep it plugged in. many models have an index light that will switch from bolshevik to green when it has a full cathexis. Once the abstemious changes, you know you ” re full to go and ready to defend yourself.

You do n’t want to overcharge either as that could damage the battery and shorten its life. Remove the sandbag gunman from the wall mercantile establishment when the time has passed or you can see the indicator sparkle has changed to inform you that it ‘s fully topped off .
The inner batteries on flashlight stun guns are modern and high-tech. They can hold power for long periods of time and be fully recharged many hundreds of times before they wear out.

properly taking care of your inner batteries by following the commend times for recharge is the best way to ensure your self defense tool will last you for years to come .
As constantly, if you have any questions about anything, please contact us and we ‘ll be glad to help .
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