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April 11th, 2017




Brighton, England




Video blogger

Who’s there? Where are they?! What do you want from me?!
–Chase Brody, Dark Silence

Chase Brody is an change ego created by Jacksepticeye himself. He is the fifth oldest ego, presently the second youthful. He ‘s an tidal bore, playful, and energetic young man who runs his own side vlog called “ Bro Average ”. His first appearance was in his own produce video, “ Teabag Edition | Bro Average ” or his fresh name adaptation “ Jacksepticeye Power Hour – Chase Brody. ”


No, baby, no… No, I know, yeah, I’m trying, okay? I’m working. I’m trying to get all the shots, just… Look, just don’t take the kids.
–Chase Brody to Stacy, The Jacksepticeye Power Hour – Chase Brody

Chase adores success, commodity wit, and fun and does his best to portray these values to his viewers. unfortunately, he has a tendency to hide his real emotions behind his performances. He despises to be seen when he ‘s vulnerable and tries his best not to involve those he considers “ barren ” in his personal problems. identical little is known of his backstory and personal life other than his birthday ( April 11th, 2017 ), friends, and family life. One of his good friends is Dr. Schneeplestein, who once saved his life. He struggles to make ends meet with his family and has an insalubrious relationship with his wife, Stacy, and her family. He can frequently be seen attempting to do his best reassuring her over the call ( despite what Stacy ‘s sister suggests ) and begs her not to take their children with no avail.

To this day this alter self has not even been taken over by Antisepticeye ‘s influence unlike Dr. Schneeplestein and Jack. Chase is identical caring about his friend Dr. Schneeplestein and his godhead Jack that he goes so far as to call out to Jack to get him to wake up while he is unresponsive due to Anti ‘s takeover, leading him to further natural depression about his ongoing home situation and the indicate kidnapping and/or murder of his children by Anti .

Video appearances

This one’s called “The Tea Bag”!
–Chase Brody, The Jacksepticeye Power Hour – Chase Brody

Chase first appears in his first ( and only ) episode of his vlog “ Bro Average, ” published on April 11th, 2017. Throughout the video recording, Chase attempts to do low-quality whoremaster shots, such as “ The Tea Bag ” ( throwing a tea bag into a mug ), “ The Easter Egg Hunt ” ( throwing Cadbury Eggs into a box ), and “ The Roar of the Lyon ” ( shooting the box with a Nerf gun ), celebrating loudly when he ultimately makes a guess. The music constantly changes throughout the video, the deed of the song being displayed every time it ‘s changed. At about 2:46, Chase gets on his telephone with his wife and tries to reassure her, and begs her not to take his kids. alternatively, she tells him she wants a disassociate. When he attempts to tell the kids he loves them, they hang up, Chase sobbing afterwards. As the base position gradually worsens with Chase entirely growing increasingly agitated and upset, he continues to hide it behind a cheerful smile while in front man of the television camera. At the end of his vlog, he announces that he hush loves his wife and does n’t want her to leave before purportedly committing suicide. This is, however, followed by him opening his eyes so viewers can see that he is however alert. It is unknown if he intends to settle his family conflict or let Stacy and his children move on. On May 7th, 2018, Chase ‘s voice is heard in the video recording “ THEY ‘RE HERE | Stories Untold – chapter 3. ” fair before the end of the video recording, the viewers begin to hear whispering while Jack is sharing his thoughts about the game and then his voice become muffled as he says “ Ooh … This is good ”. then under overlay of a black screen, the viewers hear : “ Jack … Jack ! This is chase ! You need to wake up ”. Afterwards the radio sounds out in Morse code “ WHERE AM I ? ”
On May 11th 2018, a television titled “ TIE – A game About Depression ” presumably shows Chase speaking about how he is only allowed to see his children at the weekends and referencing how his best supporter is in a coma ( probable referencing the events of “ KILL JA̶CKSEPTICEYE ” ). The video later ends showing him drinking whiskey, crying and stroking a photograph. Before walking away, he places his cap atop the photograph .
Toward the end of the video “ Dark Silence, ” Chase walks around his theater in the center of the night, with alone a flame as a light. He hears his kids screaming and goes to investigate. He suddenly finds what appears to be Antisepticeye, bathed in bolshevik light standing in the doorway way. Anti begins to walk toward Chase as he screams, “ WHERE ARE THEY ? ! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME ? ! ”
A special video premiered on October 13th, 2019. The video begins with a shoot of a vacate detect which Chase sees before going to his car. Reminded by a photograph of his wife and child, [ 1 ] he screams in frustration and drives aside. Upon arriving in a afforest in a depopulate area, he places the photograph against a pile of rocks and drinks whiskey. All of a sudden, Chase then finds himself in a car park, looking about, confused .

other appearances

Chase appeared in the inspire short “ JACKIEBOY MAN BACK IN JACKTION ! ” In the video “ L A U G H, ” Chase appears in a fanmade clip with Jack ‘s “ LAUGH ! ” time on circus tent of it, but alternatively of saying “ joke ! ” it says “ CRY ”. Jack responds by saying, “ Poor Chase. It ‘s gon sodium be all right, you ‘ll get your kids binding soon. ”

In the video “ This Is n’t funny ! “, Jack reacts to a “ Super Smash Bros ” fan edit of all of his change ego. In the winnow edit, Chase appears, with the caption “ wants to see the kids ”. In “ DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS | Bio Inc Redemption # 2 ”, released in June of 2017, Jack names one of the victims ‘Chase Brody ‘, before proceeding to kill the character to complete the game. In “ Do n’t Make Eye Contact ” Chase briefly appears in a vision aboard Anti, Dr. Schneeplestein and Marvin The Magnificent .

Videos featuring Chase Brody


  • Chase’s side vlog “Bro Average” is a parody of the YouTube channel “Dude Perfect.”
  • Chase co-hosts Bro Average with a puppet named Chad.
  • In Bio Inc. Redemption #2, Jack names a patient “Chase Brody,” mentioning that it sounds like a douchebag’s name.
  • In Bio Inc. Redemption #5, Dr. Schneeplestein mentions that Chase has returned to his family, but it is unknown if things have settled.
  • Most of his children’s names are unknown.
    • One of Chase’s kid’s names was revealed to be Grayson.
    • He may have an older son named Trey.
  • In HOW TO BE BEAUTIFUL! | Douchebag’s Chick, Jack says the name Chase Brody.
  • Jack said in a panel that one of Chase’s guilty pleasures are tea bags.
  • In his PAX West 2018 panel, Jack revealed plans to give each of his egos a backstory and warned that Chase will have a heart breaking story.
  • For his February 2019 Charity Livestream, Jack released ego socks. One pair was black with a yellow heel and toe cap featuring a Chase patch on the side.
  • On April 11th, 2019, Jack posted a picture of Chase on his Instagram staring into the reflection in his door, with the caption “Where are they…”, as it was the ego’s birthday.
  • The pile of rocks in CHASE is called a ‘cairn’, which were used historically for burial purposes.
  • The vacate notice’s case number in CHASE is 14052018, referring to the same date when Dark Silence was released.


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