Child Care Creative WordPress Theme Free Download v2.23

Child Care Creative – Shop and Kids Theme (ThemeForest) Free Download

It’s a great idea if you are looking to purchase the beautiful Child Care Creative – Shop and Kids Theme. Hopefully, it would be great if you can get it free.

We have recently purchased the latest version of Child Care Creative – Shop and Kids Theme from ThemeForest. And want to share it with the other people who wish to use this theme for children’s and kids’ blogs.

It is a highly custom and fully optimized theme according to your need, just download it and upload it to your theme folder and enjoy.
This is a completely original theme, please use it, share it, and spread it.

Chil Care Creative is originally designed in Australia, by a few world’s greatest designers. In this theme childhood and naughtiness can be seen so clearly, that every kid when see it, feel too attached and familiar. And that is just unresistant for the kids, they even pretend to study, online with this kind of rich designs and ease of use with the theme.

Download link
Child Care Creative WordPress Theme Free Download

Installation Guide of Child Care Creative Theme

Shortcodes List

Shortcode examples in the Child Care theme

Here are some examples of the shortcodes in this theme.

Shortcode to create Banners, Banner Shortcode Examples.

[banner]Banner Example[/banner]
[banner title=”Specials”]Banner Example[/banner]
[banner title=”Specials” link=”Click Here” linkhref=””]Banner Example[/banner]

Fancy Posts / Portfolio Shortcode

[fancy_posts category=”childcare” columns=”3″ max=”3″ order=”DESC”]
[fancy_posts category=”childcare” columns=”2″ max=”4″ order=”DESC”]

Show/Hide Content
[[togglebutton]] Click here to show the content [[/togglebutton]
 [togglecontent]] Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. [[/togglecontent]

Ticklist list item shortcode

<li>Vestibulum aliquet</li>
<li>Enim sit amet bibendum venenatis</li>
<li>Dolor risus ornare orci, ac mollis</li>
<li>Lacus lectus dictum tortor</li>
<li>Nunc vestibulum augue a metus.</li>

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