Key Specifications/ Special Features:

The automatic rifle cram percolate based on German advanced engineering is made in China. It is a depleted energy consumption mechanical filter using a micro strainer to remove the thriftlessness and bantam particles in the urine.
Automatic Drum Filter Features
1. made for landscape ponds and aquaculture
2. structure compact, easy installation
3. filtration capacity from 30-300 m3 of body of water per hour
4. wholly self-cleaning, automatic back wash
5. high quality and environmentally-friendly materials
6. very low noise
7. gravity & pump mood
8. option for desegregate UV lamp with double serve
9. easy operation and moo care
10. farseeing liveliness time
The material of our barrel filter is imported HDPE-100 via Germany. The fabric is very stable and meets all requirements about the percolate box. All is made of the same material, so there is no problem in different temperatures. The sleep together we use are made of stainless steel steel 304 or 316L for seawater. The screen of the drum is made from Polyester, if it needs for your stick out, we can besides offer 30, 40, 60 or 90micrometer mesh.
The first significant equipment of the barrel percolate is the restrainer. We use it for our drum percolate, master Siemens accountant in connection with 4 no-touch sensors. One is for cleaning serve of the filter, one for re-fill of the pond if necessary, one for stopping all functions because of water lost in the pond and one for the report, opening the traverse of the brake drum trickle can stop all functions, excessively.
The second significant equipment is the hard-hitting pump, which is to clean the filter mesh topology with spray nozzles. here, our small drum filter 40 m3/h and 60m3/h have equipped with german Wilo pumps. And the big drum filter 300m3/h we use entirely Grundfos from Denmark, its imperativeness is 6 up to 8 bar.
The third base significant equipment is the gear motor, which is to move the drum in the clean process. The gear motor we use is from german SEW. so wholly equipment we install in our cram trickle are from world-leading companies with certificates CE & GS and long experience.
With the high choice equipment, all drug user do n’t need many alimony. In extra, the conduct drive has a high dependability, because of no chain or belt broken or gliding from the gear. All equipment has a very long life clock time. only important thing/warning is to save the drum filter against immediately fair weather, because the HDPE can be bend in this situation. But this disadvantage will be balanced with the much lower monetary value, than stainless sword drum filter with lapp quality.
Because of all reasons, we can reassure our clients a life time up to 15 years and more of our drum filter.

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